How to make Jam at Home I घर पर बनाएँ मिक्स फ़्रूट जैम I Pankaj Bhadouria
How to make Jam at Home I घर पर बनाएँ मिक्स फ़्रूट जैम I Pankaj Bhadouria
November 14, 2023
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DIY MAYONNAISE ! 4 ingredients only | How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise Super Easy
November 15, 2023

Why 4 Tbsp. Of The World’s Most Expensive Soy Sauce Costs $125 | So Expensive | Insider Business

November 15, 2023

Why 4 Tbsp. Of The World’s Most Expensive Soy Sauce Costs $125 | So Expensive | Insider Business

November 15, 2023

Why 4 Tbsp. Of The World’s Most Expensive Soy Sauce Costs $125 | So Expensive | Insider Business

Kamebishi’s 20-year-aged soy sauce is the most expensive soy sauce in the world, sometimes selling for $125 for less than 4 tablespoons. The soy sauce has been made using the same family recipe since 1753 and follows the traditional mushiro koji method, in which each step takes years to complete. For comparison, most popular soy sauces can cost less than a bottle of water, and other aged artisanal soy sauces generally cost around $40. In 2001, Kaori Okada, the 18th-generation owner of Kamebishi, left her career in the travel industry to save her family’s struggling company using a combination of traditional methods and new innovations. Here’s why Kamebishi’s 20-year-aged soy sauce is so expensive.

Editor’s Note: At 0:24, an image of Kamebishi’s 5-year-old soy sauce is shown while the voiceover speaks about its 20-year-old soy sauce, and at 2:13, an image of wheat is shown while the voiceover refers to soybeans. In both cases, the voiceover remains factually correct. At 4:10, the video misstates how the steamed soybeans are tossed with the koji and barley. They are tossed together by machine, not by hand.

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0:00 Intro
1:14 Bean steaming
3:29 Koji preparation
4:33 Mushiro koji method
6:25 Moromi aging
9:15 Pressing
10:40 Future of Kamebishi


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Why 4 Tbsp. Of The World’s Most Expensive Soy Sauce Costs $125 | So Expensive | Insider Business

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  1. Guess my grandpa ain't gonna be able to try the 50 year old soy sauce

  2. I think Japanese culture is beyond comprehension. Along with German culture. It's a shame we went to war with these two cultures. Genius people. Food out of this world

  3. XenoFireStar says:

    Is there going to be any liquid left after 50 years? It seems solid as a rock already.

  4. hubruh says:

    8:49 are those dead mice in the mixture???

  5. 月老mundi says:

    With all due respect I think the price kinda defeats the purpose of soy sauce

  6. Sav says:

    A little piece of Japanese history. I'm glad she decided to try and keep the family business going.

  7. CrashingNeon says:

    Am I crazy or is there a dead rat on one of the batches at 8:48? Lmao

  8. Van Medya says:

    everything is over hyped in japan

  9. That process is really amazing 👏 👏👏

  10. imashaaark says:

    At 2:14 That's wheat, not soybeans. Its purpose is to add another layer of aroma and increase the sugar content of the mixture to help the fermentation process and to give the final product a thicker feel.

  11. Tam Nguyen says:

    everyone work there will get lung disease cause the way they wear their mask.

  12. MlemBleps says:

    You're choosing to do this. I'm not going to pay a massive premium because YOU decided to make a product that requires a lot of time and effort to produce. You either want me to have some good soy sauce or you want to make money. Altruism isn't a thing in capitalism so it can't be both.

  13. Yeah, The "What would happen if I fall/jump into the giant bucket" question was needed. LoL

  14. Skill Issues says:

    I have their 7-year freeze-dried, their liquid 6-year and their liquid 3-year. Personally i prefer mitsuboshi horikawaya nomura for taste.

  15. J2 Shoes2 says:

    whatever floats your boat

  16. Lu Lu says:

    For those looking for good quality, mass-produced soy sauce in supermarkets, look at the ingredient list. What you are looking for is soy listed before wheat. The soy % should be at least 20%.

  17. japanese soy sauce is always the best than anything produced locally in your country (outside japan). go get imported brand from japan. definitely worth the extra dollars. when i tried to cook easiest japanese dish with it (chicken teriyaki) it's just tasted different than soy sauce from local brands. like important part of the dish seems missing.

  18. Mr Ch33seHed says:

    So the sauce you buy now started production in 2003 😯

  19. I don't know whether the surface material in those aging vats will get into the final product and probably it won't, but I have to say that if those are dead mice at 8:47 it is more than just a bit off-putting.
    But I love the process, the obvious rarity of the sauce and the magic of waiting this long and then be blown away.

  20. Dave says:

    That guy knows his chin diapers!

  21. Zaya says:

    pause at 8:48 there's dead mice in there helping the fermentation.

  22. BrokenRecord says:

    I watched a show on making soy sauce about six months ago and just bottled my first batch.  
    Six more months and my one year will be done.
    I did a tasting: LaChoy, Kikkoman, Yamasa and mine – The first two are basically inedible. I think Yamasa beat me out in complexity, but was similar in its balanced salt. I'm not saying that you spend $125 for an ounce, but The garbage on most store shelves 🤢

  23. Elvenkind says:

    7:37 I wonder how many Japanese on average have fallen into the soy sauce vats on average during the centuries. Here in Norway we have recorded in the sagas people drowning in big batches of mead. Locally it's called "dying happy".

  24. Elvenkind says:

    3:01 Oh, wow, tell me more with that voice, describing how the soy sauce is so… soaking… and… steaming… making sure the beans are soft… and… ready…
    Oh gosh!

  25. example: here is no reason why to not monitor the temperature by modern technologies…. i like this style "we do all in same way as it was X hundreds year ago"… but after all… well… if you are doing things for few people who pretend to be cool by spending money for this expansive things – then its fine. but if you want to do something for normal people – you need to face the fact, that effectivity is important

  26. Not Gayming says:

    there is a zero percent chance that 55ml weighs 99lb

  27. hybredmoon says:

    These things are fascinating, but I always find myself wondering who was the first person to look at a tub of bean paste that had probably been forgotten in a warehouse somewhere for years and go "im gonna drink that".

  28. mena gill says:

    Only Japanese people can eat. I would never go near as seeing the process. They need to clean the places where they are preparing the stuff.

  29. kleinebre says:

    8:01 asking the important questions.

  30. kikomans is the best soy sauce, not this overpriced soup

  31. J. Z. says:

    Is it just me or were there two dead mice on top of the 50-year old soy sauce?

  32. It's all marketing. Cheap Balsamic vinegar is often processed for 12 years. Products sell for the price that people are willing to pay, period.

  33. Noise says:

    I needed to cranck up the volume like a lot to hear the whispers of this lady….

  34. Mike Will says:

    How has no one commented on the dead rats @8:48 bruh

  35. Babak says:

    it was not soy bean you showed us! it was wheat!!

  36. Big Balls says:

    Thats basically wine

  37. Strange Law says:

    8:01 That was… weird…

  38. Wiggle Room says:

    Some say its aged for six millennia.

  39. not spam says:

    Scroll to 8:48 to see tekashi69 chilling

  40. G Ω W says:

    Why the hell everything in Japan is so expensive?!!

  41. Hey whats with the fibres on top of the most aged moromi at 8:32?

  42. rolie25 says:

    Because it’s the worlds most expensive soy sauce.

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