Opening lid mixing of food sauce making machine mayonnaise manufacturing equipment vacuum emulsifier
Opening lid mixing of food sauce making machine mayonnaise manufacturing equipment vacuum emulsifier
October 27, 2023
Making tomato sauce from garden to canning jars
Making tomato sauce from garden to canning jars
October 27, 2023

What You Didn’t Know About How Mayonnaise Is Really Made

October 27, 2023

What You Didn’t Know About How Mayonnaise Is Really Made

October 27, 2023

What You Didn’t Know About How Mayonnaise Is Really Made

Mayonnaise has a reputation for being a boring condiment, but that’s only true if you fail to go beyond the surface. Not only are there tons of flavor combinations and seasoning techniques that can absolutely add major flavor to it, but mayo also has an absolutely fascinating history. Two countries are still beefing over who invented it to this day!

Then there’s the science. Mayonnaise is made using a particular chemical process that ensures it stays smooth and creamy instead of separating into its component parts. Once you know the secret, you can even make it at home. This is how mayonnaise is really made.

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Making it at home | 0:00
The art of emulsification | 1:17
The industrial process | 2:21
All in the eggs | 3:35
Battle of the brands | 4:25
A lighter option | 5:57
Spicing it up | 6:57
Awesome sauce | 8:01
Aioli vs. mayonnaise | 9:08
Murky origins | 10:20
Its name | 11:31

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  1. Mashed says:

    What is your favorite brand of mayonnaise?

  2. NICOLE NEW says:


  3. The vinegar kills all the bacteria in the raw eggs.

  4. MrMarcodarko says:

    never met anyone who ate miracle whip. I still dont understand why you would over mayo

  5. Hellman's and Best Foods is one in the same, just depends on which side of the US it's sold.

  6. Miracle whip no longer uses high fructose corn syrup and I grew up with and it is all I will eat, regular Mayo gives me bad gastric issues. If I am dining out I always specify NO MAYO!!!

  7. I like Miracle Whip, in certain items. I also like
    Kraft Sandwich spread. NEITHER are mayo.
    (Sandwich spread is basically MW, with pickle
    relish and other ingredients mixed in.)

    I prefer Kewpie, as my mayo of choice, thanks
    to Sam Zien.


  8. I used to like Miracle Whip!

  9. Vegan Mayonnaise?? UGH…Vegans ruin everything they touch.

  10. John Parisi says:

    Yes, but which mayo is best with Peanut Butter.

  11. I like the mayo Publix deli uses.

  12. Space Ted says:

    I have made mayonnaise using beans eg chick peas instead of egg. I t`s just like a thin hummus but you can add salad cream, chillis, garlic, cheese etc. It`s lovely with olive oil and you can use gram flour which is chick pea flour, instead of chick peas.

  13. Does the sound of Port 'Mahon' suggest that at least the identity of mayonnaise came from Mahon-naisse?

  14. Best Foods. No Miracle Whip ever. It's just rancid mayo.

  15. Brian Moody says:

    Learn something different everyday.

  16. Nobody beats Hellmans!

  17. MrRandom says:

    My favorite is Hellmanns and Dukes is my backup, Kraft in my opinion is the worst

  18. Erntaku says:

    IMO Japanese Kewpie mayo is the superior, store bought mayo.

  19. Why is Hellmann's called Best Foods in the western United States?

  20. LizzieAnn451 says:

    I’m a mayonnaise freak——-
    Blue Plate is DEFINITELY the Best!

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