#1 Food Processing Machines Manufacturers – [Namkeen Making Machine Available At Low Price]
#1 Food Processing Machines Manufacturers – [Namkeen Making Machine Available At Low Price]
December 17, 2023
Bottom Press Springs Test for Food Filling Machines
Bottom Press Springs Test for Food Filling Machines
December 17, 2023

What To Know Before Buying Duke’s Mayonnaise Again

December 17, 2023

What To Know Before Buying Duke’s Mayonnaise Again

December 17, 2023

What To Know Before Buying Duke’s Mayonnaise Again

All mayonnaise is not created equal. You can’t just go grab any jar off the supermarket shelf and expect it to transform your turkey sandwich, brighten your BLT, or magically elevate your egg salad. There are better mayos than others out there, and if you ask many a foodie or pro chef, they will tell you Duke’s mayonnaise is the only one worthy of unscrewing the lid. But whether you’re a die hard Duke’s fan or a curious mayonnaise connoisseur, there’s always more to learn about this delicious, creamy condiment. Here’s what you need to know before buying Duke’s Mayonnaise again.

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  1. @MashedFood says:

    What food do you love to add mayonnaise to?

  2. once i had dukes i never wanted to go back

  3. I'm a convert. I've used best foods my entire life but once I had dukes it was game over for bf

  4. @Allen-rv5dd says:

    I hadn't had Dukes in years, moving from the south to the PNW. When I had some (on a french fry I think) I was immediately transported on my Mamaw's house in the 1970s, in her linoleum kitchen with the little fluorescent light over the window, looking out over the corn patch. It was such a visceral memory – and I never looked back!

  5. I have to have family ship it to me in NY

  6. Duke convert about 5 months ago, and will never go back.
    Noticed the shrinkflation in the video. The jar in my fridge is 30 oz, while jars in video are 32 oz, and one jar said. Still 32 oz.
    Anyways, addicted to Dukes.. so glad to be in the south!!

  7. There is mayo and there is Dukes. Nothing else compares.

  8. I am a mayonnaise addict, and have been for about 60 years. I will put mayonnaise on just about anything. I have tried them all and Dukes reigns supreme above all others.

  9. I so so so hate Dukes it is so nasty, and i have to add apple cidear vinegar and sugar just to taste it! it is so so nasty… But the Grossest is Kewpie…. The true Southern Mayo is Blue Plate but wow do I hate Dukes as a southerner! it is so so so so so so so gross!

  10. @TxDan100 says:

    dukes? no…hellmans rocks

  11. @EhsanMusic says:

    We don't have dukes mayo on the UK. Hellmanns is the way to go, heinz tastes too much like vinegar

  12. @wmrra1123 says:

    Duke's is hands-down the best mayonnaise…

  13. @Expinupgirl says:

    Why did I need to watch this before buying Duke's again?
    A*holes. Stupid advertisement. I buy Duke's anyway jerks

  14. ‘Vegetable’ oil is extremely poisonous and is one of the primary links to Alzheimer’s and dementia and other inflammatory diseases. Big pharma estimates the aging generations will have a 40% increase in dementia/Alzheimer’s. Vegetable oil is falsely marketed as healthy but Scientists have been warning about it!!! Fruit oils ARE healthy and have omega 3’s while most of our food is stuffed full of vegetable oils as a filler ingredient so we’re getting far far too much of it and it’s hard to remove from the body. It affects our brain so much bc our brain is made primarily of fat and is getting almost only poisonous vegetable oils and very few omega 3’s. Look into it! 🙂

  15. I put mayo in my scrambled eggs, spaghetti sauce. Chocolate pudding, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and ice cream sundae!

  16. @Chet73 says:

    Dukes rules. Best mayo ever

  17. I will say I absolutely love dukes mayonnaise but I hate there tarter sauce

  18. Duke's was made in my hometown now has expanded to mauldin as far as my knowledge goes been eating it since I was little tried other Mayo's including the one that causes the battle Hellmann's and honestly other brands are just funny tasting like some are too sweet some too tangy some just taste really empty plus duke's is very versatile not only in recipes but old school chocolate cakes as well and their sauces are pretty good especially the Georgia sweet heat and Carolina gold

  19. @leo-qu5jt says:

    Fun video guys!I like mayo very much, but some jars are not easy to open, I have a stainless steel jar opener named GTAGGEE, which can be easily opened


  21. @Mrshoujo says:

    Duke's mayo has no sugar nor is it flavored with mustard. This is important as 1 friend is allergic to mustard and usually can't enjoy mayo as all the other brands use lemon or mustard. Duke's is just better.

  22. @jcflyer6213 says:

    Bought it today, tastes like plastic!

  23. Every other Mayo is mid

  24. @b3ans4eva says:

    I saw Duke’s Mayo is available in New Zealand now, but I found out about it from LGR.

  25. Just brought today for the first time, gonna make a sandwich wrap tomorrow for lunch 😋

  26. @angd4889 says:

    Dukes heavy Mayo has corn syrup and high fructose corn Syrup so yes it has sugar

  27. Yes they are superior mayo out there and it ain't Dukes… Dukes i so so so so nasty compared to Blue Plate May which stands out, for me to eat Duke's I have to dd sugar cause it tastes so nasty! Give me Blue Plate anyday! Dukes suks so so so so bad!

  28. @clachapelle says:


  29. ohhh Nelly- what a great mayo.

  30. dont' get me wrong. dukes is a good mayo. but hellmans is king.

  31. My 1st choice for mayo will ALWAYS be Duke's. I use it in mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, cold salads (tuna, chicken, pasta, egg, potato, etc), bake with it, etc. Anything that call for mayo, I only use Duke's. Most importantly, I use it on sandwiches. Nothing beats a good old Duke's and tomato or banana sandwich. Hell, it's so good, I've eaten sandwiches with Duke's mayo and nothing else. Lol

    2nd choice for mayo would be dog shit.

    3rd choice would be every other mayo.


  32. @sentrand says:

    Tried it
    Didn’t like it

  33. Nothing but Dukes…. In the South…. On a tomato sandwich. Or fried bologna sandwich… Only…

  34. Dukes mayo replaces milk O.o !?

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