THE TINY 10ISH #1 - Most Popular Ketchup Brands in the World
THE TINY 10ISH #1 – Most Popular Ketchup Brands in the World
December 19, 2023
multipurpose vacuum sealer - vacuum packing machine- food saver machine how to use it
multipurpose vacuum sealer – vacuum packing machine- food saver machine how to use it
December 19, 2023

What is it? Immersion Cooling in 60 seconds

December 19, 2023

What is it? Immersion Cooling in 60 seconds

December 19, 2023

What is it? Immersion Cooling in 60 seconds

Two-Phase Immersion cooling is a new type of cooling technology for data centers. In a two-phase immersion cooled system, electronic components are submerged into a bath of dielectric heat transfer liquid, which is a much better heat conductor than air, water or oil. With a low boiling point (56°C vs. 100°C in water), the fluid boils on the surface of heat generating components, and rising vapor passively takes care of heat transfer.

In contrast to submersion oil cooling, two-phase immersion cooling liquids are clean, environmentally friendly and non-flammable. No pumps and jets are required to keep hardware cool. Circulation happens passively by the natural process of evaporation and without spending any extra energy. It is this simplicity that eliminates conventional cooling hardware and results in better cooling efficiency. Compared to traditional air, water or oil cooling, this passive process results in the use of much less energy.

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  1. Lower maintenance requirement because it is even cooled, but when you have to finally to get to the hardware, the effort is much higher.

  2. Im build new pc for myself and rly think about to submerge this pc in tank with that liquid.

  3. New? phase change immersion cooling has been a thing for over 40 years. Look at the Cray 2 for instance.

  4. @3702251a says:

    Solid state cooling is here!

  5. 3m novec is available now in a spray but is absolutely expensive about 16 cans to fill 3 gallons costing 60$ each U.S

  6. I need it for my PS4🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Yall need to start putting actual part numbers on your equipment.

  8. acrylic will eventually crack because of the heat under heavy long usage. if it doesn’t give it some time.

  9. notice they will never talk about durability.

  10. 먼지도 안끼겠네

  11. @franklidgad says:

    GREAT TECHNOLOGY!! I can see people using their fish aquariums for this. Bye bye Nemo!! 🤣

  12. @franklidgad says:

    We need this in a self contained unit just for the GPU. I sure any gamer can attest to losing a GPU or two in their life. How many cards have been toasted because of lack of cooling supplied by the manufacturer. I really believe this is done on purpose by graphic card manufacturers to get you to buy more cards when they die. Of course being how crazy GPU prices are now nobody can afford a new GPU. 🥴

  13. Doe's gigabyte not have enough money to pay for the edits to be done properly?

  14. Shut Up and take my money

  15. @CoreQ says:

    forgot to mention this fluid is 530 bucks for 20L.

  16. @crapisnice says:

    no info, probably are toxic petrol based chemicals. there's coconut oil with low corrosion compared with sulphur petrol mineral oil. coconut oil can be used with bio additives to lower acidity, humidity, etc. also there's no need to fill the tank with dielectric fluid but use passive cooling with a water tank underneath where the oil cools travelling in hoses

  17. @RuinerNet says:

    I'm imaging being the guy who has to maintain this thing, what does it take to pull one of those boards out of the goo and tinker on it? Do I have to completely reinstall it back to test it? What if I spill some of this stuff on me, or get it in my mouth? I need to know because this is awesome regardless. 🙂

  18. this is beautiful. Well crafted cases could be designer pieces

  19. @mvandrei says:

    how about fixing the eGPU 3090 liquid cooling driver so we can actually use it?

  20. This is so awesome!!!

  21. @passey89 says:

    How about just producing more graphics cards?

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