VFFS Food Packing Machine with Vacuum Device
VFFS Food Packing Machine with Vacuum Device
November 17, 2023
Sezmak Process Tomato Processing Business Plan Tomato Paste Plant Manufacturer Exporter Turkiye 2024
Sezmak Process Tomato Processing Business Plan Tomato Paste Plant Manufacturer Exporter Turkiye 2024
November 18, 2023

User Flow Diagram Tutorial – MASTER Breakdown of UX Method

November 17, 2023

User Flow Diagram Tutorial – MASTER Breakdown of UX Method

November 17, 2023

User Flow Diagram Tutorial – MASTER Breakdown of UX Method

User flows are like task flows – but on steroids. The power of this UX design method is the fact that it helps you see the sequence of steps that a potential user of a product would take, in order to complete a task. The user flow looks at every step throughout the process, including scenarios where the user could branch off and take a different direction. Knowing how to draw these diagrams will help your entire team think through and plan the development work. Helping you save costs, resources, time, and mitigate future user confusion and pain points. If you’re just getting into UX and product design, this video will help you see how actual UX work is done. And if you’re already a designer, there will be a couple of gems for you to pick up along the way too!

▬▬▬ Video Chapters ▬▬▬
00:00 – Introduction
01:02 – Define the User & Their Pain Point
02:00 – Brainstorm & Ideate
04:32 – Symbols
05:14 – Creating the User Flow Diagram
09:36 – Final Words

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  1. osomo Tomiwa says:

    your teaching technique isn't really clear

  2. Thank you so much your helpful.

  3. Wiz says:

    Super Helpful and well explained💯

  4. kabir covers says:

    Simple and easy to understand video it is . Thanks for making this video, it is very useful.

  5. Thanks man, just found your channel and I'm already hooked! Thank you for the useful information – I'm just starting out on UX flows and this is magic

  6. Donald Ogah says:

    This video was sooooo helpful. I've been a bit confused about accurately creating user flows, but after seeing this, it's been simplified. I've subscribed to your channel also cause I'd love to get more value from your wealth of knowledge. Thanks 😊

  7. Mr.I says:

    just curious, why the "click" is symbolized as an input (parallelogram)? i am quite confuse, isn't that "click something" is a process which should be symbolyzed with rectangle?

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorials you've been posting on your youtube channel. I'm in the beginning of the learning process of UX Design, and this (and other) video (s) have been helping me immensely. Thank you so much!!!!

  9. Jimbei says:

    I don't understand the user flow in the point of already a member…then condition No to verify with number why is that?

  10. Shan Khan says:


  11. Can I skip using parallelograms altogether, Its causing confusion. Also, I have seen in certain cases parallelograms aren't used.

  12. Hands down the best video on user flows. I have a question.
    Shouldn't continue with apple, continue with google and continue with facebook, be a parallelogram cause we have to click on it? I didn't quite understand why you used rectangle for them?

  13. thank you!! it really helped watching you do it, I also watched your task flows vid anc it clarified a lot!! thanks <3

  14. I love how he speak like a rapper 🙂

  15. This is great! Love that the onboarding is simple and clear. Would you consider creating a demo for a more complex user flow and task flow?

  16. If Andrew Tate was a UX designer*

  17. Hi! This video and your answers to the comments helped me a lot. Until this tutorial,I was lost and didn't know how to proceed. Thank you so much. ☺🌸🌸

  18. Rowan Arafa says:

    Is that the end of the userflow or should i also make a userflow for the other steps like when the main page opens and if the user pressed on a product etc..?

  19. Alex says:

    Lol. Bro!! I love how concise and clear you sound!! Please keep ‘em coming…

  20. Brian M says:

    Muchas gracias por éste video señor!🙏

  21. Thank U so much !!!!!

  22. Franco Grech says:

    Thank you so much for this! What are your thoughts on screen flows and will you do a video on how to do them?

  23. Obrigada por esse vídeo. Sentia falta de um vídeo como esse, explicando e mostrando realmente como fazer um user flow. Os Significados de cada símbolo. Sempre é muita teoria e nunca prática. Mostre mais a prática mesmo. Sei que pode parecer besteira ou simples pra quem já conhece, mas para quem é principiante, as vezes não se sabe extamente por onde começar!
    Obrigada mais uma vez!

  24. Just asked to do one and I was like OK. Now I thank the heavens for this tutorial, you rock my man!

  25. thank you for the video 🎉🎉sir, I have some questions. can u help me? what is the difference between user flow, flowchart, user journey, user story? and how to create it all?

  26. I would advise you explain each symbol and its use cases rather than just the names. Good video

  27. Thank you for this channel ♥️

  28. BC says:

    Just discovered your channel. It's a gem, thanks for sharing. Think it's especially nice how you demo real life scenarios and even workshop constructions like this flow diagram setup. Straight and to the point tuts. I'm smashing the like button like mad:)

  29. It's really cool.

    Which software is used in this video for user flow diagrams?

  30. very informative but i aspect to you, you can provide a lot's of videos produce in the relavant

  31. winterbear says:

    I rlly appreciate your videos so much, so helpful keep up the good work! so clear and well explained!

  32. Sir, there is no better video tutorial series than this focused entirely on user experience design, would like to learn more about user journey mapping, competitive analysis in ux. Thanks a ton!
    Peace and love from India!

  33. Enjoyed this video. Hope you pick up more subs.

  34. Great video, please keep them coming!

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