The Science Behind Mayonnaise and its Preparation
The Science Behind Mayonnaise and its Preparation
January 1, 2024
Two Stage Mechanical Homogenizer
Two Stage Mechanical Homogenizer
January 1, 2024

Use Your KitchenAid Mixer to Cut the Time it Takes to Prepare Tomatoes for Canning

January 1, 2024

Use Your KitchenAid Mixer to Cut the Time it Takes to Prepare Tomatoes for Canning

January 1, 2024

Use Your KitchenAid Mixer to Cut the Time it Takes to Prepare Tomatoes for Canning

How to use the Fruit & Vegetable Strainer attachment of the Kitchen Aid Mixer to reduce the time it takes to prepare tomatoes for canning. No blanching! No peeling!

This method is perfect for preparing tomatoes for sauce, paste, spaghetti sauce, taco sauce, salsa, and more!

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Buy the Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Attachment here:
Buy the Food Grinder Attachment here:

(Note: KitchenAid no longer sells this attachment as one unit. Now, you must purchase the Food Grinder AND the Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Attachment both. Still, having used this for a decade and counting, it’s well worth the investment, in my opinion.)

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  1. @rod22lt says:

    Hi. Thanks for the vid. I love tomato juice and my mom said she has tons of tomatoes this year so I was thinking of buying this (I already have the professional and grinder)

    My mom is a traditionalist and cuts, blanches then puts the tomatoes through some kind of huge cone shaped sieve to normally make tomato juice. It's a huge amount of work. Do u think this makes good juice? Could we follow what u did and not skin and blanch? How does the tomato juice get thick? Thanks for any advice. Rod

  2. @cwhooooo says:

    Thank you! I was debating whether I should invest:)

  3. @jewels2149 says:

    Wish I had seen this last year because I had Several gallons of cherry tomatoes. That I had to process. This year. Somehow I have.
    Several gallons of baby romance which I never even planted, but they are thriving! Thank you for this video, Jill! I have had that attachment for years but never knew the process.

  4. @chkchkpap45 says:

    Oh my lord it kills me at how many dumba$$ women dont underatand the best part of the sauce yall tryin to get is in the "garbage". You NEED to run that through at least twice if not three times!! You're getting rid of the best part!!! Goshdang yall killin me.

  5. Jill, thanks for this video! Have you ever had liquid drip from the piece that screws the attachment onto the mixer head? Should that ring be tightened until you can't see the grooves that it is screwing onto. I couldn't get mine to go all the way.

  6. Thank you so much for demonstrating how to use the KitchenAid mixer for tomatoes! I used mine today for about 6 pounds of tomatoes and it really worked.

  7. @Jdngls says:

    Once the seeds and pulp come out of the machine. . . Can the seeds be seperated from the pulp, fermented and then used as next year's seed? Would seed be damaged by the process? Thank you for the answers! 🙂

  8. Can you do a video on spaghetti sauce with the grinder?

  9. Where is the proper wood plunger … ?
    You are Showing a dangerous
    bolt tightened tool … ultimately causing a huge problem ….!

  10. Can I share my tried and true method with you? I let the tomato meat fall into a large bowl with a strainer on top. If you let it rest a lot of tomato water will drop through. You end up with tomato meat. I spoon it into a canning jar with a sprig of fresh basil, minced garlic and citric acid. Cans up beautifully.

  11. 200 degrees in oven. Maybe overnight.

  12. No, it’s not trash. Try it.

  13. Please let us kow if you use any of our comments. Please try the dehydratin hem into powders. It works and no waste.

  14. Don’t throw those skins away. You can dehydrate them and turn into powder for soups and other dishes. Your daughter would like to learn this process also. You won’t be sorry. So flavorful.

  15. I run the "trash" through a second or even a third time. You'd be surprised how much sauce is left in it after the initial process. One word of caution though; if you try to run it through more than one or two more times the seeds might clog up the cone.

  16. Could this be used to make jellied cranberry sauce once the cranberries are cooked?

  17. Great video and tutorial. I use my KitchenAid for everything I can. Adorable helper. Tell her this grandma waved back.

  18. I wish that I had seen this video when you first posted it! It is a game changer! I put off getting the sieve/strainer attachment because I already had the metal grinder attachment (the sieve/strainer attachment doesn’t work with it.). After my first batch this year, I broke down and purchased both. Yesterday, I did batch 2 with the Kitchen Aid. I was working with a combination of fresh and froze so I cook them first. The fresh get cored and quartered. The frozen (cored before freezing) get dumped in a sink of how water (it cools quickly so the tomatoes are easy to handle). I skin them at this point. The skins easily slip off with almost zero pulp still attached. (I had a few yellow tomatoes that had too much pulp still attached to the skin, so they went in the pot skin and all). After the tomatoes had all softened up, I put them through the strainer. The strained product was beautiful, but I wasn’t thrilled with the waste-it was too wet and had too much pulp for my liking. I ran it through the strainer a second time and was thrilled with both the strained product and the waste. The waste is truly waste and is off to the compost. I’m sold. This “gadget” ( as my husband refers to it), is a winner!

  19. Thank you, yet another wonderful use of my kitchenaid AND the millions of tomatoes coming out of the garden at the moment.

  20. Jill, I am a true beginner. My husband wants tomato juice and I want sauce. My question is what the next steps are the the two things. Boil what you get out to make sauce and can what you get out to have juice? Can I heat jars in the oven and heat the tomatoe juice/sauce and can them that way?

  21. Thank you so much! Great video and can’t wait to see more you have out. You’re daughters cute too 😉

  22. @AmbachtAle says:

    I am going to try this with persimmons! Thanks for the video.

  23. My Amish paste tomatoes get gigantic too. You probably didn’t mix them up!

  24. Your daughter is THE CUTEST!

  25. Hi, Jill! Do you have a link to buy all of these parts? Thanks!!

  26. Thank you. I just got my Kitchenaid and all the attachments because we cook, bake, can so much. I was able to get rid of so many other individual kitchen gadgets because this does everything lol

  27. Thank you!!! This worked as well as it was demonstrated in your video. Great instructions.

  28. Omg! So wish I had this about 2 weeks ago. I think we’ve canned about 1000 tomato things in August. All blanching, skinning. Hell I just left the seed. This is going to be great next season.

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