CFT Group - Jam Filling Line
CFT Group – Jam Filling Line
December 7, 2023
Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce (Easy Recipe) - Gordon Ramsay
Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce (Easy Recipe) – Gordon Ramsay
December 7, 2023

Tips & Tricks: How to Pickle Damn Near Anything with Sous Vide

December 7, 2023

Tips & Tricks: How to Pickle Damn Near Anything with Sous Vide

December 7, 2023

Tips & Tricks: How to Pickle Damn Near Anything with Sous Vide

Preserve any vegetable or fruit quickly with this sous vide recipe for low-temperature, ultra-crunchy pickles:

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  1. Can you donut this way with meat sauce? Thank you

  2. How high should the brine be to the top of the jar?

  3. Can they be normal jars like jam jars or have to be special jars?

  4. @kjbell9713 says:

    Can you pickle hard boiled eggs this way?

  5. Do you have any references/research to back up the claim that these pickles are shelf stable?

  6. Can I follow these steps to pickle eggs?

  7. @rh8528 says:

    R they pickles with no vinegar?

  8. @terrypogue says:

    When you have a very tall water container to use for sous vide but the max water line on joule is 8 “ how do you do taller jars? Sit joule on a jar of veg and clip it onto the side of the water container?

  9. Would this work with stock syrup?

  10. Do you put them in and then turn the sous vide on or do you put them in after the water is up to temp?

  11. @nt895 says:

    I am going to do this with my raw milk:)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! can you please tell me if this method is recommended as tested and safe by the USDA? I ask because people in the canning community want to try this method as far as I know there is no information on this method so "yes" or "no" at this point is anybody's guess. Guessing in food preservation is not a great idea. Also you state that these jars last for ever. That is misleading, nothing is good on a shelf forever and the seals on those jars certainly will not last forever. What is the longest you have let a jar sit that was sous vide before opening? Thanks for any help you can give.

  13. Can I do hard boiled eggs this way?

  14. @sun_bug_ says:

    Anyone have thoughts about the temperature and shelf stability of these? This method kind of goes against other canning guidelines.

  15. Il est très sexy!!!!!! ♥️😍

  16. Please people sterilize the jars first and the lids! The dishwasher on high is good and uses canning jar tongs to lift the hot jars, if the lids don't "pop" put them in the refrigerator after they cool down.

  17. @ape69 says:

    Hi chefs, what's the reason to sou vide vegies for pickling? Compare to traditional method? Thanks!

  18. Lol why dont u just pickle them raw?

  19. @WaltKirspel says:

    Would it insure a seal if you use the Foodsaver Mason Jar attachment before cooking?


  21. Can I do this in a bag?

  22. The receipt is great but I could really do without the loud crunching and chewing on camera!

  23. Will this work with eggs? Shelf stable?

  24. @scyence says:

    I think that people who complain about sous vide are the same people that haven't tried doing it. I think this since I was one of those people. Saved my pennies, gave it a try, and what do know? I love it.

  25. @mananaurora says:

    When ChefSteps inevitably makes billions off Joule, whoever directs Grant's biopic will probably get Noah Wyle to play him.

  26. Please tell me how to make pickles (fruit or vegetable) using a pint 16 oz jar. Would the temperature still be 140F and for how long? The sous vide cooker I just bought only has a bath depth of about 4 inches and I plan to use the wide and squat pint Ball Elite canning jar. that is only 3.5 inches high. Or is there another type container that I can use that will stay sealed under water, be no taller than 3.5 inches but be wide enough to hold up to a quart? I'm so glad I found this video and the GREAT chefsteps website. That site is a REAL WINNER. I'll have to explore the rest of your videos here on youtube.

  27. Do potatoes count as vegetables?

  28. @dacs67 says:

    Tryied it tonight along with my turkey they came out pretty darn good. Tried my own brine, a lot of pickling spice, salt sugar and balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Can't wait to have them with my turkey tomorrow for bird day. I M gonna work on the brine more but the technology and technique is on par😊😊😊😊

  29. @kd1s says:

    Just got my Joule today. I'm doing a test run – poaching an egg. Can't wait to see how it comes out. I'll be sous viding everything.

  30. Just in case everyone needs to know. Grant has been replaced by PeeWee Herman.

  31. When will Joule be available in Canada?

  32. why is a quart jar so important. I did a few in smaller and it seems to work just fine

  33. Is that white soup pot from Le Crueset? Or what is it? 😊

  34. can we pickle vegetable without any sous vide cooking

  35. @therusstren says:

    hurry up and sell this joule in aus already!!!!!!!

  36. Anova > Joule any day of the week.

  37. @roizdoci says:

    dude, please, close your mouth while chewing…

  38. Love all of the sous vide videos and can't wait for my Joule…anything to help keep the kitchen cooler during the blazing southern summer without sacrificing food awesomeness levels is a plus.

    Question….same procedure for weck jars?

  39. Australia! Need joule for Australia!

  40. @jimmy202500 says:

    this channel is becoming an infomercial

  41. I would suggest changing the name from "ChefSteps" to "SousVideChefs", would make more sense…

  42. Can you please do a video on "do's and donts" for Joule? Im about to buy joule but would like to know what I cant do with or to it.


  43. next video: "how sous vide cured my arthritis"

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