Frozen Food Packaging Equipment | Delkor Systems Industry Overview
Frozen Food Packaging Equipment | Delkor Systems Industry Overview
December 9, 2023
Mayonnaise Recipe/ Commercial Mayonnaise/ Restaurant Style/ Easy Recipe/ Baba Food RRC
Mayonnaise Recipe/ Commercial Mayonnaise/ Restaurant Style/ Easy Recipe/ Baba Food RRC
December 10, 2023

This Pickle Expert’s Secret Ingredient? Her 3-Year-Old Brine – Eat China (S1E7)

December 9, 2023

This Pickle Expert’s Secret Ingredient? Her 3-Year-Old Brine – Eat China (S1E7)

December 9, 2023

This Pickle Expert’s Secret Ingredient? Her 3-Year-Old Brine – Eat China (S1E7)

In Sichuan, people use pickles to balance out their spicy, oily food. We went to the countryside to learn how to make Sichuan pickles-and it’s surprisingly easy, if you’re patient.

This is the seventh episode of our 13-part series on Chinese food called Eat China. In the next episode, we’re moving onto the cuisine of Jiangsu and Shanghai.

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Host and Producer: Clarissa Wei
Videographer: Nathaniel Brown
Editors: Caron Che and Nicholas Ko
Mastering: Victor Peña

Special Thanks: Chengdu Food Tours

Music: Audio Network

#cooking #chinesefood #sichuan

Video Duration: 00:07:56

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  1. That was very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing!👍🙏🏼🥰

  2. @evanh9301 says:

    Sichuan pickle is one of my favs, omg so tasty

  3. I come from Sichuan,I like Mala 麻辣 the most .

  4. So awesome! 👏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

  5. If you look at recipes for what she's doing, they mention percentages of salt. This lady, having done this for decades now, just knows how much salt to plop in. I'm envious!

    This was so interesting. Thanks for posting this – I learned a lot!

  6. I grow Celtuce, love it in my gardens.

  7. How do you maintain it as the water level goes down inside the jar? Also is there a time limit on how long things can be in the jar… Like do you have to fully empty it of stuff between topping up?

  8. @tubaengin says:

    It looks great! Would ot be ok to use a regular jar? We dont have that water sealed jars here in Türkiye..

  9. @a9udn9u says:

    This lady must be wealthy

  10. @a9udn9u says:

    Sichuan paocai is the best

  11. "Good hands." Nahhhh, if I ever do this, I'm using biolab sterile techniques. There's no way I'm gonna risk contaminating a multi-year project!

  12. @markb8944 says:

    I love this. . . you have to have the hands for it. . . I wish that they gave the ratios for the brine. is it 2% or 4%. How much alcohol is added. A Recipe would really help.

  13. @6:13 it isnt oxygen escaping, its C02 from the lactobacillus eating starches and making c02 as a byproduct. I realy want to get one of these jars and get some aging programs going!

  14. @Burak-ls5yd says:

    7:28 We do the same in Turkey. It’s something like “your hands will give the flavor”.

  15. How is that jar called? Everytime i try to Buy it online i only find masón jars

  16. @bekuma says:

    I love your channel. I'm a part of this somehow. These are all true, all wonderful foods and wonderful meals. Thank you for producing and sharing with the world.

  17. So the term 'pickles' in this video is translated from 'Pao Cai' which is this brine type of 'pickle' even tho there is a plethora of other types of 'pickles' or 'cai' in China and in Sichuan. She even says 'Pao Cai hands'

  18. Sanghai accent spotted lol

  19. How can i purchase this kind of pickle brine

  20. This is fascinating, I want to try it to show my respect to my chinese friends' culture

  21. Can you make the brine without alcohol?

  22. @voidhaseyes says:

    thats nothing on yt here, theres a mother with a 16 yearold brine. get out size

  23. why is she taking it out with her hand!?!??

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