Kissan Jam की सच्चाई। How kissan Jam is made in factory #shorts #foodie #foodblogger #recepies
Kissan Jam की सच्चाई। How kissan Jam is made in factory #shorts #foodie #foodblogger #recepies
November 18, 2023
Industrial Tomato Washing Machine Price|Tomato Processing Machine|Tomato Sauce Production Line
Industrial Tomato Washing Machine Price|Tomato Processing Machine|Tomato Sauce Production Line
November 19, 2023

The Untold Truth Of Vlasic Pickles

November 18, 2023

The Untold Truth Of Vlasic Pickles

November 18, 2023

The Untold Truth Of Vlasic Pickles

If you asked people to name one pickle brand, almost everyone would say Vlasic. The company has been around for over 100 years, and their stork is one of the most famous food mascots, but there might be a lot you don’t know about the pickle company. In fact, they didn’t start out selling pickles at all, but they quickly saw how much money they were making off of them and decided they were a pickle company. In addition, the stork is a relatively new mascot, all things considered. Let’s take a look at the untold truth of Vlasic pickles.

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  1. Mine had worms in it. Gross.

  2. alina elric says:

    i prefered vlasic when pinnacle foods group made them. now since conagra took over theyre nasty. when vlasic was done by pinnacle the inside was neon green when u cut into one and just looked so good , now that conagra does them when u cut into one of theirs the inside is a sickly white 🤢 gross sounding right? and if that wasnt bad enough they taste really werid too.
    clearly conagra does NOT know how make pickles!!😤
    Ive called their consumer service number multiple times and they do NOTHING fix their crappy pickles 😩🤬😠👿 why wont they do anything? i guarantee they will make more money if they make better pickles instead of them continuing to make shitty ones

  3. さらたん says:

    日本でも安くで販売して欲しい 🥲

  4. UB Roberts says:

    Eating one now. They are delicious!

  5. GinaR. says:

    But classic pickles don't have any live probiotics in them because they are pasteurized!

  6. FishChampion says:


  7. Vlasic is better than ANY other pickle brand for sure! I love all of them but I REALLY REALLY love vlasic pickles

  8. Sky says:

    Love Vlasic, 🥒 Classic!!

  9. Patte says:

    Some pickle companies ensure that every jar is full of pickles. With Vlasic, in every case, some jars are full of pickles, while others are 75% brine and only 25% pickles. This is terrible quality-control.

  10. Garri Usero says:

    Hi pickle fans! I would like to ask for your opinion, this is my first time to try vlasic pickles. What is the best pickle to use for a burger? 🤔 Is there a difference with vlasic while kosher dill pickle vs bread and butter chips? Besides the literal name. 😅 Thank you in advance!

  11. Trae G says:

    Thumbs up if you ate a Vlasic while wayching this video😛🔥

  12. Zesty dill gang stand up

  13. aikidoboynj says:

    "You ganna eat yourrrrrr" 😆

  14. Vlasic pickle began in MI during the 1940s not 1912. The father began a creamery after moving to the US in 1912. His son later expanded the business and got the idea to make pickles and bottle them in the 1940s, not 1912.

  15. Cgul 805 says:

    Who else needs a damn pickle after watching this? 😵🥒🙋🏻

  16. Claussen pickles ALL THE WAY.. THE BEST! Vlasic Kosher Spears are being MODIFIED!!! They are DISGUSTING!! The skin is hard like a plastic rubber. Just look at them.. they are modifying foods to create a longer shelf life, but that can't be all. Like the flowers sold in Grocery Stores that look so perfect, they look fake… Modified & Nasty. God doesn't like it. Stop playing God, people!

  17. Abby Normal says:

    Vlasic pickles quality has gone straight down the sewer. I used to love the crunchy, salty yummy pickles my parents bought from the refrigerated section of the grocery store. I haven't been able to find the brand in the refrigerated section for decades. Today, I found the brand "on the shelf". I tried it this evening and I was appalled and disgusted. The moment I bit into the Kosher wedge I nearly gagged. The skin was barely "crisp" and the rest of the pickle was nothing but mushy. What the HELL happened to this company's pickling practices? My grandmother, and I am certain, the ancestors of the current owners, would be rolling over in their graves if they knew what is currently being produced. I'm sorry, but my once beloved Vlasic pickles now nauseate me and are not even fit for the compost pile.

  18. Tyler says:

    Say hi if your here eating a pickle.

  19. I miss the hamburger 🍔 pickles that were the size of a hamburger bun!!

  20. Sara Richard says:

    Now there nasty AF . They changed there recipe and its 😖

  21. goose says:

    Bro just get mt. Olive lol

  22. Bill Zardus says:

    Does anyone know why Vlasic is now selling 16 oz of Polish dill spears in a 24 oz jar ???
    The first thing I do when I open a bottle of spears is to put them in a much more narrow 16 oz jar.
    I have noticed recently that when I do this now, there are no extra pickles left over in the larger jar.
    Why are they still selling these pickles in a much larger jar than they need ? I don't need all this extra pickle juice.
    The jar is literally 50% bigger than it needs to be and is also annoying to try and fit in our refrigerator door.
    WRZ 2021-08-08

  23. Misleading video. Vlassic pickles are NOT fermented.

  24. Hiddengemz95 says:

    Love pickles 😭😭😭

  25. Dan R says:

    Why don't they say "pickle" on the jar????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. beetos says:


  27. Jan Zebuski says:

    I LOVE pickles- all kinds- but can't remember the last time I had Vlasic pickles. I'm for Claussen all the way!! It's the crispy pickles & the brine- yummy! Always keep the remaining brine for coleslaw, potato salad….😋

  28. As a grocery worker and a pickle lover I can confirm, these pickles taste aweful and sell rarely in canada

  29. I hate pickles…but don't hate me for it, it just means there are more in the world for you.
    It was fact to me that storks were responsible for babies and pickles as a child

  30. I like sour pickles so those don't satisfy me.

  31. Snerts says:

    Clausen > Vlasic. Not even a competition

  32. Wanda Arnt says:

    We drink the pickle juice too

  33. Exu Caviera says:

    Not a popular brand in Canada. Never seen a commercial growing up (in the 80s). Was unaware of the brand in general until about 10 years ago.

  34. MsKatie says:

    I worked for Vlasic in City of Idustry and was very impressed how the plant worked. Bravo. Since working for them, I never ate any other brand of pickles. I trust Vlasic more.

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