3 ingredient Mango Jam Recipe | Homemade Mango Jam | Yummy
3 ingredient Mango Jam Recipe | Homemade Mango Jam | Yummy
December 6, 2023
Perfect Italian tomato sauce made from scratch with San Marzano Tomatoes.
Perfect Italian tomato sauce made from scratch with San Marzano Tomatoes.
December 7, 2023

The Magic Of Citric Acid: How To Passivate In-house

December 6, 2023

The Magic Of Citric Acid: How To Passivate In-house

December 6, 2023

The Magic Of Citric Acid: How To Passivate In-house

Learn how to passivate your own CNC Machined Stainless Steel Parts.

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0:00 DIY Passivation Setup
1:47 Passivating Stainless Steel
4:16 Titans of CNC Store
4:46 Passivation Acid Bath
7:42 CNC Shop Caught Fire
8:42 Thank you!
9:07 Passivated Stainless Steel Parts
10:44 Bloopers

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  1. Nice demo. Do you water-rinse in between the cleaner and the acid? I didn't see that step.

  2. @21mejia25 says:

    Now I know what Passivation is! Thanks!

  3. @MurkinYuh says:

    Love the videos that feature Tyson, he's the man! Always so clear and concise! Appreciate every video you guy release, there's always something I can apply how I do things in the shop.

  4. its not a induction heater its a immersion heater. dont mean to be annoying all the best

  5. @mrbimsky says:

    Im not pro, but can i use baking powder + water for passivation?

  6. There are OTS kitchen devices with stainless tanks and redundant boil-dry protection. Maybe a rice cooker or a kettle would be a good size for you (not talking to the Titans here, unless they go to an industrial kitchen shop). Some of them will have suitable thermostats for that 120-160F range too.

  7. A simple float switch with low water power cut off would have prevented the fire. 50 bucks or so

  8. @KB-dd9xr says:

    Citric acid is used for skin peels so I would at LEAST wear gloves and rinse off well after this. Save your skin some surface burns!

  9. @RPrice_OG says:

    Passivation isn't just for aerospace. If you are a home brewer or even a professional brewer then you may want to passivate all your pretty stainless stuff. I did this a couple years ago and it was extraordinarily hard to find someone to sell and ship the acid to me. I hope that this product will be available to hobbyists at some point.

  10. @cdrom1070 says:

    lol be careful with those heaters. You know what they do, I had one that started bubbling because of corrosion. So what happens if they get a breach in the vessel, then you have water enter the inside, turn into steam, and cause a steam explosion. 1ml of water expands to like 4 liters of steam IIRC. I have seen pictures of aquariums that looked like they had a fire cracker inside of them. I suggest you use a hot plate and a glass non chinese lab beaker… any chemicals mildly corrosive are no bueno for that POS aquarium heater. Glass beakers are super nice so long you are gentle.

  11. @dutchr4zor says:

    Can you do a video on dimensionally stable anodising of aluminium?

  12. Does passivation alter the final dimension at all? like a coating might for example

  13. It is amazing to see Tyson's development from clearly having a lot of autistic traits, to really increase his social skills.
    Great example!

  14. Why not just use a Sous Vide stick for heating and you get circulation at the same time

  15. @VenturiLife says:

    That ending though.. haha

  16. How about passivization with phosphoric acid such as Ospho? I use Ospho all the time for any iron item that is bare iron.

  17. I would sign up for a class given by Professor Tyson 😂

  18. @willbe7442 says:

    I love tysons videos.

  19. Always love your videos Tyson , and how you break it all down in simplicity

  20. @mjodr says:

    Even though citric acid seems safe because everyone loves to use cute photos of oranges and downplay it like "hey, what could go wrong?", concentrated "industrial grade" citric acid products like this and Citrol are SERIOUS stuff. They are one of the best solvents I could possibly find in weeks of research. They aren't exactly splash it around and get it in your eyes and mouth kind of stuff.

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