How its made:  KETCHUP! How its made KETCHUP HEINZ!
How its made: KETCHUP! How its made KETCHUP HEINZ!
October 31, 2023
Jam peanut butter packaging machine Vertical packing equipment
Jam peanut butter packaging machine Vertical packing equipment
October 31, 2023

The Future Of Trees Is Liquid

October 31, 2023

The Future Of Trees Is Liquid

October 31, 2023

The Future Of Trees Is Liquid

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We love trees, but the main problem is that they aren’t exactly travel-sized. However, new technology wants to bring the fresh-air benefits of trees to places that the real deal just can’t thrive, like dense urban areas!

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Hosted by: Savannah Geary (they/them)
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  1. I really think the main issue is that some people try to sell/see these as replacements for trees when it should really be sold as a replacement for boring city benches. Why not have a city bench that's also cleaning the air? How many city benches have you walked past in busy downtown areas that could've been cleaning stuff up? The perspective really is everything, and when you highlight the bench aspect, it does a lot to help people understood their role.

  2. Fahad Khan says:

    "A Tree can absorbs up to 150kg of carbon per year. Which sounds great until you realise that's not even as much carbon as is produced by a single car burning through one tank of gas".

    How's that? There's no way a tank of gas produces 150kgs of CO2.

  3. elrd3 says:

    I would actually like have one of those indoor

  4. caposton says:

    Could these be used in terraforming Mars?

  5. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    Made with HARPA AI

  6. Mark C says:

    Yeah, not into this. Their own marketing claims one of these things only replaces one adult tree in terms of CO2 conversion – significantly less than even a single tank of gas. If you want to reduce emissions in cities, pursue policies that get people driving less – walkable urban design, robust public transit, safe bike infrastructure, eliminating parking minimums. Any other approach is frankly a waste of time and money.

  7. fireyf says:

    I was actually thinking about how algae could be used for carbon capture and then this popped up in my recommendations. There really are so many applications for this technology. And algae reproduces so quickly you can get a lot of it quickly. A lot of people are commenting about this sounding dystopian. I think not using everything we can to fight climate change sounds more dystopian. I don't think anyone is talking about replacing trees, just using these where you can't have many trees or in conjunction with trees.

  8. Hello, we are a student researchers from the Philippines and we are very interested about Liquid 3, we currently in need of respondents from Serbia, preferably from Belgrade. Can we ask you questions about it? It would be our pleasure to have your responses. Thank you very much we would appreciate your help.

  9. tunamelts says:

    People thinking they have a better handle than nature on how to do things is kind of why we are here in this pollution and carbon-addled situation. This seems like a useful device but I'm really disappointed at how trees specifically and natural processes in general are characterized as inconvenient to humans in this vid. This planet accommodates us, not the other way around.

  10. that_G_EvanP says:

    I think these are a great idea. Why is everything trying to make at an either/or thing. You cant out these in places where trees simply won't grow. I can see them being used as walls for bus stops, support for signage, or large ones covering the roofs of buildings. No one is saying to cut down trees to install these. I also dont think people realize just how much better algae is at absorbing CO2 than trees. We need every bit of CO2 absorcion we can get and I, for one, think these sound like a great idea.

  11. Babe wake up, trees 2.0 just dropped

  12. Adam H says:

    My only critisizm of the prototype is that glass tank needs to be way out of reach of the common public. We are barely a civilized society, we can't be trusted to not grab a sledge hammer and just smash these things for god only knows what reason. Not enough attention at home I assume. Perhaps raised lamp like design would be more apt.

  13. I've been saying why do we live above land it makes no Sens More room for farms and trees And statues in middle of farms or flower patches to mark stores, houses, buildings with trees everywhere else, could you imagine it

  14. sloe_doe says:

    this is cyberpunk af!! this is awesome!!


  16. It's a cool concept, but trees aren't just benefitting us 🙂 They also serve as habitats for multiple animals and organisms. I like street lamps and my phone charged, but I also like birds… sometimes.
    Like other have stated, maybe indoors or in a power plant is fine, but moderation is key. Less trees is less biodiversity over time, which may also affect us.

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