November 24, 2023
How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide
How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide
November 24, 2023

The Complete Guide to Fermenting Every Single Vegetable

November 24, 2023

The Complete Guide to Fermenting Every Single Vegetable

November 24, 2023

The Complete Guide to Fermenting Every Single Vegetable

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It’s August but why am I thinking about winter? Well for thousands of years that’s what humans did in order to survive the colder months of the year. It wasn’t until very recently with the invention of refrigeration and the explosion of the modern food industry have we’ve departed from the ancient food preservation techniques that were used to preserve and eat nutrient rich food all year round.

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Well it turns out, we actually adapted to eat preserved food and not just fresh food all year round. Fermentation unlocks certain nutrients that aren’t available in fresh food that can provide major health benefits by consuming them in your diet.

In this video, I’ll be focusing on one specific fermentation technique called lacto fermentation (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut) that converts starches in your food to lactic acid. By learning a simple formula of salt and water, you can pretty much take any fresh veggie you find in the market and preserve it to unlock incredible flavors and health benefits in your food!

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  1. A R says:

    What's has not been really mentioned but is important is the fact that some veggies let out water (salt breakes down cells) so do leave some space for the water level changes. if you ferment cabbage eastern eurpean kind ( lactofermened insted of sauerkraut), you do not use water but just salt, white cabbage, carrots, peppercorns, bayleaves, no addition of water nesessary, but the mix nedds to be kneaded a bit before putting into jars. For the georgian kind of "red cabbage" (beetroots, cabbage, chilis, garlic, sellery) sellery sticks with leafs are obligatory, otherwise the taste is much blander.

  2. Nice Dane Burman clip! Love your vids. Didn’t know you skated. 😀

  3. The Phantom says:

    For my bookmarks..! 😅 @9:57, 10:16, 10:38, 12:25. Tomatoes@ 13:30. Spicy Bell peppers@ 14:57. Carrots@ 16:08

  4. Lit Path says:

    0.025 is 2.5% not 25% 🤓

  5. Marian Lund says:

    why do you layer ingredients instead of mixing them? When taking out a spoonful to eat you would only get one ingredient.

  6. I guarantee our great-grandparents never measured anything like that😊

  7. here iis a tip build your kitchen b4 you do your video on fermentation did not watch all boring and off target

  8. bless me ! says:

    For first commers ..Try at first dipping it in a sweet Mayo or a sweet ish dressing

  9. bless me ! says:

    Is a Pink ish colour mould on top is it edible or not dear…Ok

  10. hawar dilgur says:

    My veggies got very soft?
    15-23 Celsius?

  11. Mister Smith says:

    10:51 or….divide total weight by 40. (= 2.5%)😉

  12. Erica 547 says:

    I’m obsessed with fermentation. My recipe that worked for me perfectly, (especially fermented cucumber)….fill the jar with veggies, pour and weigh water. Use 3.5-4% salt ( non iodine) of the water weight. The flavor is perfect. Add dill, horseradish root, bay leaf, spices of course…
    When I have leftover brine I use it to make salad dressing.

  13. Came for the fermentation… Got the woodwork.

  14. badly edited video bad music, too long too slow. thumbs down.

  15. your background music is turning me insane .

  16. Syl Dallas says:

    Nobody really answers when I ask questions, but here hoes.

    Once I have finished fermenting, can I vacuum seal (not presseure can) the jars and store the ferment in a cool dark space?

  17. Corn is very bad for you even if it is organic you should look into Lections very bad for you digestion and so is any wheat products just food for thought I feel I have to pass it on to help others I have not eaten corn in 30 years I just wish I had known about all the other off of wheat for 5 years I still have problems but my health is so much better check it out you might find something that helps

  18. Moksha Gujar says:

    Do we need to keep the weights while putting them in the fridge ?

  19. claire vinet says:

    Excellent video for making fermented veggies!
    Thank you for this treasure.🥒🥦🌽

  20. Hi says:

    Suggestion: Don't heat the water to 60°C-75°C

  21. Trevor Levor says:

    Buddy, amazing education thank you

  22. Really begins at 6th minute. Actual recipes at 13th minute. Fermentation Stages 18:18.

  23. Thank you my brother its a lot of help i have no hint how to work out fermentation in an easy way.

  24. Marian Cook says:

    I really appreciate you for bringing awareness of Lupus for all Lupies, sufferers or warriors. Once a warrior of SLE and Tmau/Body odor smell, the struggle was real. living with the symptoms especially the pains, flares-ups, fatigue & outbreaks wasn’t easy.. Natural Smoothies, supplements, remedies and natural diet protocol of DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME youtube channel completely puts me in remission for months, till I was completely cured..thanks DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME on utube, No more foul smell, Sle lupus & it’s symptom especially pains,fatigue,brain fog,flares-up..🙄🙏🙏

  25. Jojo Gee says:

    Excellent explanation, nice work.Keep it up.I will wait for more videos. I am in Pakistan.

  26. Can you use sea salt instead of iodized salt

  27. How many months would you say they will last like 2 months?

  28. Thanks for making this whole process much less daunting. I appreciate your content. Much love.

  29. Owen_K_123 says:

    Hi. Thank you for all your videos, I'm learning a lot!!! I'm trying to work some fermented food into my family's meals but they are not receptive to sauerkraut. What are your kid's favorites and is fermented fruit as healthy as fermented fruit, specifically apples?

  30. Mark Berman says:

    Trying my first project and at day 6. Everything is submerged, no mold but pretty cloudy. Is this normal/ok?

  31. Ghosted says:

    You take the weights out when you transfer them to the fridge?

  32. Vivek Gogate says:

    Can fermentation be done in plastic jars…..😢😢

  33. Carmen Lucas says:

    At what point do you take the weight out of the jars?

  34. Ramen Noodle says:

    Bro, you spent so much time talking about your sponsor, your new kitchen, whatever that I can't be bothered to watch the gd video.


  35. lifehack says:

    You are Amazing!!! Thank You so much for this clip!!!!

  36. Well I put up 2 quarts of radishes today by fermenting with .025 salt formula ! i went a half gram over on the salt on one bottle , so we'll see what happens I didn't chop up the radishes because they weren't very big mostly the size 1" and smaller < I'll let you know how it went two weeks from now !

  37. Linda Morgan says:

    Wow you are brave not to put the jars on a brine collector cookie pan plate etc and to leave the lids just sitting on the top crooked and so loose. For that few of jars I just loosely tighten and flip it over daily to get the top of the veggies wet and burp it. Never get kalm or mold at all. Oh just finished watching and YUP FAIL with your stupidity. Have you not done this before? If you have you should of known better. Not try to be a teacher with bad advice. Another youtube pretender just like the city folk " Homesteaders " getting views while we learn through their bad adice and mistakes. Arrogant generation just ask your elders how to do it properly and quite wasting time with experiments and trying to get technical or reinventing the damn Wheel

  38. Carmen Lucas says:

    How long do you keep them out in room temperature before you move them to the fridge?
    Also, have you done any fermenting with vinegar?

  39. I would have went with the inverted vertical grain douglas fir recycled from regentrifried old growth timber innercity victorian itailinette flooring. Herringbone pattern.

  40. Dale says:

    man you are amazing I am gonna do it, many variations, there is a problem with veggies, if you eat them raw you have a lot of vitamines and minerals but they will be very hard to digest. cooked loses those nutrients but it is easier to digest, so this is much much better, it transforms the food into something what is easy to digest, keeping the value of nutriens and even unlocking another different nutrients and has better taste.

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