Shocking Ketchup factory! 😰💔😱🥫🍅 #awesome #viral #story #shocking #egypt #ketchup
Shocking Ketchup factory! 😰💔😱🥫🍅 #awesome #viral #story #shocking #egypt #ketchup
December 2, 2023
Tomato ketchup packing machine   Sauce Sachet Packing machine Coimbatore
Tomato ketchup packing machine Sauce Sachet Packing machine Coimbatore
December 2, 2023

The Capsule Machine, How to fill 00 capsules a fast and easy way

December 2, 2023

The Capsule Machine, How to fill 00 capsules a fast and easy way

December 2, 2023

The Capsule Machine, How to fill 00 capsules a fast and easy way

The Capsule Machine, filling 00 capsules the easy way.
Looking to buy a capsule Machine ? Well here I show how to use one. This Machine makes 24 capsules, I like this device, it makes loading capsules easy.
I bought the machine off of E-Bay. Paid $19 (no link)
UPDATE ….. Here is a direct way to order the Machine
Tell them you saw it on this channel.

I STILL USE MINE TODAY. This is my all time go to capsule filler.

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I use these capsules the most…

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  1. @vinzetti22 says:

    All this for cayenne pepper pills

  2. is there a way to buy it for a factory? electric or something.

  3. How do you know much total (weight) you squeeze into each capsule?

  4. Can't fine it anywhere. Wonder if someone took it off the market?

  5. Where can I find this machine, please

  6. If you have a 00 capsule machine you need 00 capsules in order for it to work. If the capsules fall out then they are to small.

  7. But there is no merge plate??? When I place the side with the small capsules and turn it upside down over the other ones, they fallout….

  8. @DeenDonna says:

    Thank you for making this video. I needed a refresher. I’m actually doing cayenne pepper as well…

  9. @mrhanky5555 says:

    Literally fell asleep

  10. @Indydi says:

    Those are huge! I was hoping to be able to make small capsules…

  11. @edsewetoob says:

    Just got one of these. Not impressed. When I try to join the top (small) capsule ends to the filled bottom caps (larger), the top caps fall out before I can even get them onto the base to join the halves. I spend over an hour futzing around with this thing, made a mess, and ended doing my caps the old-fashioned way, as I have been doing, filling them by hand. I had high hopes for this thing.

  12. Do u ever have issues with capsuls not releasing or crushing when u press the top n bottom together.

  13. Thank God, I finally looked for a video. I was making a mess, filling the both sides, then putting them together. You made it look so easy, simple and clean. Thanks!👍

  14. Theseasonorg explains the whole bible God bless

  15. Liked and Subbed! ❤

  16. Everyone complaining about the laundry 😂 I was in a trance while watching! Would love all videos to have this background noise 😂😂😂
    Thanks for the video! And for bringing my cortisol down! You're a legend.

  17. 😲😲😲😲😲!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯
    Mannnn, this person just filled all those in the same amount of time as I fill just two size 0 capsules 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #takemymoney

  18. THANKS A TOOOOON for this video👍🧡👍🧡👍🧡👍🧡👍🧡👍🧡👍🧡👍❗️❗️❗️

  19. Did you weigh the cinnamon?

  20. @dannyj3351 says:

    Thank you for making the video.

  21. @PsychoFisho says:

    Turn off the damn clothes dryer when you are making a youtube video, dang it !

  22. @RenN1990 says:

    What is the capsule maker called?

  23. @Dakiniwoman says:

    wow… that is a lot more work than I thought it would be…

  24. What manufacturer did you use. My tops fall out when I turn upside down

  25. @taberc9787 says:

    You literally didn’t show the most important part. The part I wasted my life watching this video to find out. How do you get the tops to NOT FALL OUT

  26. @DJTREO650 says:

    Where can I buy this machine..the site is down.

  27. And just like that! Magic! Honestly, I’ve kept your video saved because I need to refer to it every time I use my “machine”! Without this vid for reference, I’m totally flummoxed. Definitely NOT “intuitive” I’d say ( but that’s probably just me😣) Thanks so much for sharing with us, very much appreciated!

  28. @ovhome6841 says:

    Great videos. Thanks. But the link for this 24 pill capsule machine is not working. Please provide name of manufacture or working link. Thanks

  29. I thought I knew how to use this until I received one. I did have an inkling, but thank god you put this "how to" out there so I didn't mess everything up. Thank you.

  30. @Cmizz1 says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Sooooo Simple ………. Soooo Brilliant !

  32. Can you get one for size 2?

  33. I'm going to order me one of these thank you for the "how to" 😁

  34. What size is smaller , 0 or 00 or 1

  35. Thank You!! This one is a lot better than my old model, but I wasn't sure how to use it. Appreciated!

  36. What a game changer. Thank you so much for making this video, it was very helpful

  37. 👍🏽thank you for the video 🙏🏽

  38. @Jan2010new says:

    Just found out there's such a thing. Came to YT to see how it works. Thanks much!

  39. @kc329191 says:

    Great video! Thank you for making it!

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