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October 1, 2023
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October 1, 2023

The Best Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Make (Restaurant-Quality) | Epicurious 101

October 1, 2023

The Best Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Make (Restaurant-Quality) | Epicurious 101

October 1, 2023

Creating restaurant-quality tomato sauce at home can be a game-changer for your Italian cuisine. In this video, professional chef Lish Steiling shares her expertise to help you unlock the secrets and techniques necessary to elevate your tomato sauce to professional levels of deliciousness. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in the video:

Video Title: The Best Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Make (Restaurant-Quality) | Epicurious 101

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Video Chapters:

0:00 Tomato Sauce 101

  • Introduction to the art of making restaurant-quality tomato sauce at home.

0:22 What’s Pomodoro Sauce?

  • Explanation of Pomodoro sauce, which is a classic Italian tomato sauce known for its simplicity and fresh flavors.

0:39 Chapter One – Prep

  • Detailed guidance on the preparation phase of making the tomato sauce.
  • This likely includes selecting the best tomatoes, herbs, and aromatics.
  • Proper techniques for washing and handling the ingredients.

2:12 Chapter Two – Cooking

  • Dive into the cooking process, where the magic of tomato sauce begins.
  • Chef Lish Steiling shares the secrets and techniques involved in creating rich and flavorful tomato sauce.
  • This segment may include the sautéing of aromatics, simmering, and proper seasoning.

5:22 Chapter Three – Saucing The Pasta

  • The final chapter focuses on using the prepared tomato sauce to elevate your pasta dishes.
  • Chef Lish demonstrates how to achieve the perfect balance of sauce and pasta for restaurant-quality results.

By following the guidance in this video, you’ll gain valuable insights and techniques to create a tomato sauce that rivals what you’d find in a high-end restaurant. It’s an opportunity to elevate your Italian cuisine and enjoy the deliciousness of homemade restaurant-quality tomato sauce.

Video Duration: 00:06:40


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  1. Susan B says:

    I agree it’s magic! Thanks for explaining the difference between marinara and pomodoro!! 🍝

  2. Danny Ve says:

    I like to live on the edge, I reuse the same spoon over.
    great video

  3. Kosumdohchi says:

    Once again, if I'm not mistaken, this video was about making tomato paste.

  4. Lish thank you 🎶🎵🎉🤗

  5. Ryan kirk says:

    Why does my sauce evaporate

  6. Lunicious says:

    Thanks Steve-O 🙂

  7. noyer noy says:

    No no no.. pls onion must be roasted with garlic and carrot in the oil.. then remove garlic and carrot.. the in ready

  8. What? Canned Tomatoes? You just said no need to grab tomato sauce jar yet uses cans hahaha.

  9. And where did the black pepper go?

  10. Lack refinement, as too "tomatic

  11. TR81 says:

    She looks kinda familiar to me 🤔

  12. David says:

    Saying you’re a professional chef doesn’t mean much to me. It doesn’t mean it’ll taste delicious.

  13. Brad Heiner says:

    Thank you Now I’m hungry

  14. I'm sure it tastes grate but… what a waste of ingredients… 🧀🥕🧄🧅

  15. Jay Milanoff says:

    This was just a pleasure to watch, respect <3

  16. Great to see a beautiful Italian recipe made with such love! I'd like to make a couple of suggestions : add all the vegetables together in the olive oil without salt to let them caramelize and boost their flavour, and try to avoid blending the tomato sauce because you blend the flesh together with the seeds which can bring some light bitter flavour. Ad majora! 😉

  17. Amy D says:

    holy garlic…

  18. 4:27 вы собираетесь выбросить этот кусок пармезана?!?!

  19. lucaskobain says:

    I was skeptic at first, with all those big chunks! but I gotta say, this, I must try.

  20. jhlfsc says:

    That was SOOOO much garlic for only ONE can of tomatoes though!

  21. This is a shameful display of a chef who understands nothing about Italian cooking. Has she never heard of soffrito? Parmesan put in the mix? All that garlic? Have you ever been to Italy? Cook for 20 minutes? Utter rubbish

  22. Matt Edge says:

    Lish is so lovely!! Please make more beautiful videos – this recipe has revolutionized our classic movie dinner night. Thank you.

  23. M L says:

    never trust a skinny chef

  24. This was wonderful. Thank you!

  25. Brenda Wood says:

    The most delicious sauce is Marcella Hazan.s

  26. Abboy Topan says:

    noooooo….!!! you used blender, you're gonna blend the tomato seed also..

  27. J BB says:

    The best chef, the best sauce for a side dish of pasta. I serve this with baby back pork ribs. Delicious!!!

  28. Zeest Anwar says:

    Where's the spice? Where is the seasoning?

  29. mikail irwan says:

    why are the captions all at once at the start

  30. What are you doing ?
    I hope you don’t give that soup to your guest like that !😮

    You bite that carrot and put it in again !😮

    same with your hands 🙌.

    Not clean or hygienic.

    I wouldn’t want to eat that !😮

  31. Noah Aubert says:

    I never knew Ellen Degeneres cooked.

  32. Che schifo noi non usiamo l aglio pazzi ignoranti anglosassoni tornate nelle caverne bestie

  33. I've made this twice and it's amazing, but makes sort of a small amount of sauce. If I wanted to double it, does anyone know if I should double the onion/carrot/garlic/basil?

  34. hi says:

    Lish is this type of woman that is just cool with everything
    She's awesome, gives of this kind of chill vibe

  35. MrKennefff says:

    I like to use smaller cans of tomatoes… Somehow they taste better

  36. mia1624 says:

    Thank you for the recipe!! It was delicious!! ❤

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