We are a Chinese manufacturer of margarine, shortening and mayonnaise production equipment.
We are a Chinese manufacturer of margarine, shortening and mayonnaise production equipment.
March 7, 2024
Food Packing Machine | Butter Packing Machine | Multihead Butter Packing with D Cut
Food Packing Machine | Butter Packing Machine | Multihead Butter Packing with D Cut
March 8, 2024

The BEST Pasta & Sauce To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

March 7, 2024

The BEST Pasta & Sauce To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

March 7, 2024

The BEST Pasta & Sauce To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

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By popular request, here is my full review of almost every pasta and pasta sauce they carry at the grocery store. It’s really important that pasta is made from whole grains, because enriched wheat pasta has no nutrition and is a simple carbohydrate. Whole wheat and whole grain pastas are made from complex grains and are not only better for you but won;t spike your blood sugar nearly as much. Pasta sauces need to be made with real ingredients, have no added sugar, and use high quality oil, like extra virgin olive oil. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…and Art! XOXO

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  1. Best tasting and no sugar “Mutti” is really good

  2. What about jovial pasta????

  3. Rap’s is our number 1 favorite, we stock up on it every time there’s a sale

  4. @tedrao1393 says:

    Don't talk about pasta, Bobby. Pasta is healthy in moderation. You're just making money by making people paranoid. Also, it's pronouced "Ray-oh's," not "Rrraow's."

  5. @Alex-om6wo says:

    That Walmart's closed 😭

  6. Love the way you both care about what we eat your the best I never realized how much poison I was eating thank you guys🥰

  7. Watch using the Italian accent..could insult some of us..

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  9. @mmcgahn5948 says:

    Rao was just purchased by Campbell Soup so make sure to check the ingredients for changes

  10. @brianh2287 says:

    Victoria is by far the best and it's only $5.48 at Walmart. So yes, Walmart does have an excellent sauce since it carries Victoria and RAOs with have very few but natural ingredients.

  11. I use lentil pasta phew

  12. @HP-jm3zb says:

    If you can't eat a good brand of Italian pasta, dont eat any, just eat lentils and chickpeas alone, and make your own sauce with Mutti Pasatta tomatoes, all the orhers are crap.

  13. Newman's Own looks good. Why no review?
    Organic Tomato Puree (Water, Organic Tomato Paste), Organic Diced Tomatoes in Organic Tomato Juice, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Basil, Organic Onions, Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Spices, Citric Acid.

  14. I ALWAYS check the sodium level! Be aware if that is important to you. It is crazy high on most of those bottled sauces.

  15. On my bucket list "Grocery shopping with Bobby Parrish"…oh how enlightening!!

  16. Almond milk is not milk

  17. How about whale wheat barilla pasta?

  18. @lynns3367 says:

    You poor sheltered snob. Yes you eat pickled pigs feet directly from the jar, just like pickled lambs tongue! Don't condemn ethnic food.

  19. That's Ray'OS marinara

  20. @jackh5654 says:

    What about the it’s skinny pasta on Amazon?

  21. Almost 99% of foods are bad for you in the store. So sad.

  22. HI!You are the best when it comes to Americans, but you could learn a lot from the average Spanish, let me know if you’d like me as your guest in one of your videos. It’d be super fun!!! you’d be surprised!!! Much love and thank you for your awesome videos!!!

  23. @mjjuntunen says:

    You don't even talk about the amount of sugar. No credibility.

  24. @Tess9588 says:

    I grew up with authentic southern Italian cooking 24/7, and I can tell you right now that any serious follower of the Mediterranean diet does not eat pasta made from beans and lentils, and very rarely eats whole wheat pasta. The pasta was always imported from Italy made of Durham semolina wheat, without additives, and it was a rich golden color. It was absolutely delicious, and the sauce was always homemade, either from garden tomatoes which were especially grown for this purpose or from certain brands of canned plum tomatoes. I have pasta around two or three times a month and I would never dream of substituting one of these other pastas for regular Italian pasta, unless I was wheat intolerant. Any Italian will tell you that they count on their nourishment from all of their meats, cheeses, and multitude of vegetables and fruits that are also served with the meal.

  25. …thee best Gluten Free Pasta
    TINKYADA…made in Canada

    Best Spaghetti texture, aftertaste.
    Best Lasagne noodle.
    ….make ur own marinara sauce, know your ingredients, keep it simple. Fresh Basil, garlic, hunts tomato sauce or Mutti

  26. @63jlward63 says:

    It's just so easy to make your own but I never buy the jarred stuff

  27. @John-yf4ie says:

    For over 40 years my dad had worked in a Italian Deli type shop where he made their own special sauce. Every couple weeks he would make a large container of Italian sauce for many different dishes. At Christmas he would spend time at home making Meatballs using the same sauce. All our relatives couldn't wait to sit at dinner enoying his meatballs as a side dish with a large Ham he would bake! He passed away 5 years ago and we all tried to make he same sauce but not the same. Last year we purchased the RAO sauce. It tasted great but contained too much water. I later found out RAO was purchased by Campbells Soup and the sauce was not the same. Last week a older lady said she had the same problem and was told to try Mutti Sauce. To my suprise it was fantastic .but needs a little more zest. We bought some Puree and added some Parsley and it's now how favorite, close to my dad's but still not the same!

  28. @yb4194 says:

    They say brown rice is not good. White rice if mafe on yhe US is good. Some ssy rinse the rice & others say refrigerate it 12 hrs before you use it.

  29. It's so easy to make a simple marinara that is really good. I don't get the appeal of jarred sauce.

  30. Wait. You're going out to get good food and you're walking into a WalMart? I', outta here.

  31. wild because my Barilla pasta's ingredients and labelling are different in Canada. Ingredients: Semolina (wheat) Durum wheat. Contains: wheat Front of packaging reads: Premium quality pasta, NOT Enriched Macaroni Product

  32. Another thing about GMOs…the flour used in pasta is GMO based if it's made in the US a lot of the time (like the common Barilla in the blue box). Imported stuff from Italy (like DeCecco) doesn't. My mom, who has an acquired gluten sensitivity, doesn't experience the same reaction from DeCecco pasta as from domestically produced stuff.

  33. Are you Legit Italian? 😂😂😂

  34. Sending love from the south side of Chicago

  35. If you want healthy food or nutritious food look to other types of food . Pulse pasta does not taste the same as durum wheat pasta which is what they eat in Italy . If you served lentil or chickpea pasta to an Italian in Italy that would not go down so well . If you want a healthy tomato sauce, make your own . Make a big batch , then freeze it . There are tons of recipes on You Tube or online it’s pretty easy . The secret with pasta is portion control and how often you eat it. You should avoid massive portions unless you are an athlete or do a lot of physical work and only eat it a couple of times per week in my opinion .

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