Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant - 2 | Keri Cutting | Raw Mango Half Cutting
Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant – 2 | Keri Cutting | Raw Mango Half Cutting
November 29, 2023
#flowchart main rules #HACCP Training with example Part 9️⃣
#flowchart main rules #HACCP Training with example Part 9️⃣
November 30, 2023

The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts

November 30, 2023

The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts

November 30, 2023

The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts

The best minute you watch all year 🤯 3 Ingredient Italian Tomato Sauce #shorts

Italian Tomato Sauce. Tomato sauce day also known as “sugo” day is the most important and special day to my family. This sauce is what I use in every single one of my recipes and the most requested tutorial over the years. Gathering and making sauce to last us a year is a tradition that I hold so close to my heart. This Italian sauce making tradition, has been a tradition for generations. Steve and his family are from Cardinale, Calabria and have been making sauce this way for decades. His uncle (zio) Iginio is from Trento, Italy and he also made sauce this exact way as well. This is by far the most incredible sauce which we use for soups, stews, and use as a base when we make pasta with meatballs, with ribs, cutlets, and many other recipes. Traditions are extremely important to me and in Bulgaria we have many that we follow. We have been preserving and canning food for as long as I can remember. In Bulgaria, we never had any fancy machines like we do today, so we always did everything by hand. We would make jam, string bean soup in jars, pickled veggies, fruit compote, vegetable spreads, and so much more. Tradition means everything to me, and I hope I can inspire you. I know that every family makes sauce differently depending on the region, so please let me know how you make yours in the comments and share your tips with our amazing community on here so that everyone can learn. Our sauce truly tastes like liquid gold, so I hope you make it and enjoy.

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3 bushels of Roma Tomatoes – or San Marzano
basil for each jar
salt to taste – some families leave out the salt completely
45 wide mouth one litre mason jars
wide mouth rings and round lids

✨You can find the full printable recipe with tips and directions on my website which is linked here:

Or you can search for “sauce” in the search tab on my blog and it will pop right up 🌐

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  1. So beautiful. So clean and bright red !!😊

  2. Very red colour tomato sauce…love it

  3. What do you call this machine please 🥰

  4. What is used for preserving them

  5. @gb1984yt says:

    Takes confidence to do that all dressed up in white

  6. we don't remove anything from the tomatoes, and we don't add salt. for the rest everything is the same

  7. Is there anything you can do with the seeds and peels besides planting the seeds I want to make use of everything from my next shipment of tomatoes 🍅

  8. @nayeem3905 says:

    What's the shelf life?

  9. Luv the video….how long can the tomato sauce be stored

  10. @k55182 says:

    What are their life span to be healthy,

    Cause i had tried them but they get fungi just in 4 days😢😢

  11. Those Fruits look Perfect! are they Marzano Tomatoes? also Why boil the jars? It helps infuse that amazing looking basil?

  12. Why you boiled those glass jar?

  13. Çok iyi 🎉 deneyeceğim ❤🍅

  14. How long can we preserve it?

  15. What is this machine name, tomato sauce machine?

  16. @ED80s says:

    we do it slightly different. we wash tomatoes first and then cut off stem and cut in half to ensure no rot on inside then we cook tomatoes and then pass through machine

  17. Honestly, this seems like such a cool weekend activity to do with family and/ or friends 🥹

  18. @ntheq3982 says:

    How much salt….. What %

  19. @asiaone999 says:

    4 INGREDIENTS …the tomato sauce machine

  20. @gcfuel415 says:

    what is the shelf life?

  21. What do call that machine exactly?

  22. In india…they sun dry the tomatoe pieces in summers… in india, canning is not much used.

  23. any have link for that machine?

  24. 4 ingredients.. you forgot micro plastic

  25. Love Italian food and Love Passata

  26. @judsonkr says:

    OMG I bet that is good.

  27. If you flip the jar around, you need special acid proof lids because of some chemicals in ordinary lids.

  28. This minute was kinda mid honestly. Not the best by a long shot but wasn't the worst either.

  29. @BVaccaro88 says:

    Only basil and salt or do you add other ingredients?

  30. @chljurado says:

    Where did you get the mchine.machine.. please

  31. @windforce22 says:

    How long will they last in the fridge?

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