strawberry jam recipe | how to make homemade low sugar strawberry jam
strawberry jam recipe | how to make homemade low sugar strawberry jam
November 27, 2023
25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming
25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming
November 27, 2023

Super easy 1-2-3 pickle recipe Cucumber, carrots & onions

November 27, 2023

Super easy 1-2-3 pickle recipe Cucumber, carrots & onions

November 27, 2023

Super easy 1-2-3 pickle recipe Cucumber, carrots & onions

This is a super easy pickle recipe for anyone to do at home! It follows a common formula used in Sweden where sugar is used instead of salt. You can also choose to add some salt to the mix as well if you want to.

For one jar of about 1 liter in size you need:
1 Cup of 12% vinegar
2 Cups of sugar
3 Cups of water

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Fill each jar with herbs and spices to your liking and any vegetable you might want. Don’t forget to turn the jar upside down afterward.


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  1. A lot of people are commenting on the amount of sugar. Remember, this is a traditional Scandinavian recipe. Pickles come in many different forms and variants and sugar is most definitely a common ingredient for some cultures and styles. If you are interested in a recipe with no sugar or sweetener as an option, check out my latest video where you don't have to use any sugar at all! 🙂

  2. Jango says:

    Can you please make a video about how to EASILY include pickles in meals? is it an appetizer before the meal? Is it a side dish (like meat & potatoes/rice and vegetables)? Is it a garnish? is it part of a salad? I'm not looking for complicated recipies that include pickles. I have pickled cucumbers as a snack but I'm asking how to use pickles (any pickled vegetable) in a meal. Buying fresh vegetables in the winter (I'm in Canada) will become too expensive; so I'm looking to use pickled vegetables in my meals. Thanks

  3. Apple&me says:

    No salt in carrot and onion jars? Just wondering

  4. How abt pickles without fridge if made in big quantities as fly fridge is always full of stuff

  5. Clem W says:

    How long can the veggies last being pickled this way?

  6. vegs and fruits are all packed with sugar… especially sugar cane or raw cane sugar juice with fresh ginger… Mangoes… and watermelon's and so on even Tomatoes, Carrots, and so on… Sugar does not make you FAT… what makes people FAT is the CRAP FAST FOODS that are all laced with Artificial Chemicals your boy has no clue what to do with this except store it all around your body… All these Corporate Companies are also all Adding in E-Numbers??? and also Artificial chemical Flavouring enhancers so you buy more of their crap…

    But hey most people DON'T care they just shove things in their mouth whether it's good for them or not… a lot of people around the world rely on these companies to provide their chemical laced foods… or some GMO Veg or Fruits… and some Seedless thing… ???

    They all want your money and are feeding you CRAP… so if your FAT and HUGE like a JUMBO… then its your dam fault… as you eat their crap… grow your own… at least you know what your eating…

  7. How long we can use these bottel..without refrigerator

  8. Mashallah ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😅😅😅i am your friend and subscriber 💝 💓 💖 💕 ❤️ 💗 💝 💓

  9. nice tips very interesting content have a wonderful day

  10. john mariyan says:

    From johnmariyan kanthaloor kerala very useful video

  11. Nirmala 1964 says:

    Thanks for sharing so simple and nice👍

  12. priya bhat says:

    Very perfectly explained,👍..Thank u

  13. Adv. Anoma says:

    Or how many days can i store them???

  14. Hadijah Amal says:


  15. Kunal Dass says:

    Just tried it. Lets see how it turns out.

  16. LS Food Life says:

    I never thought what the quarantine would do to me. But now I'm sitting here turning into a person who just pickles things

  17. In the USA the government only lets the public use 5% vinegar! The land of the free! 😂

  18. Liz McLean says:


  19. Thanks for sharing this🙏❤now i know the idea how to do it and how to preserve in this way..

  20. JUN CACHO says:

    Can i no adding of sugar sir?

  21. What size jars are those for the pickles?

  22. Jeffrey says:

    So simple . Good for health .

  23. Mommy A TV says:

    Amazing idol ❤❤❤

  24. How long will they store

  25. Thank you for sharing

  26. I bet those pickles were so flavorful 🤤

  27. Nita Tamani says:

    What type of vinegar you use ??white Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar? Which one should I use?

  28. Defyiant says:

    Wonder what size were those mason jars

  29. Nicole RAIN says:

    I love this video. I started eating raw foods a couple of months ago and I am always searching for new ways to make the food healthy, delicioys and interesting. I am glad I came across this video. I am going to try all of these….and I have subscribed to the channel. Thank you so much!

  30. How long is this good in the fridge for?

  31. I cant wait till the gardening season kicks off then Ill be pickleing non stop. Nandoes have a pickled carrot salad mix, called rainbow salad bowl. I will be trying it next time i harvest 🙂

  32. Paul says:

    This may have already been mentioned, but I do recommend knife skills. Well done video though. Thank you

  33. Super Excellent work 💯👍
    Thanks for sharing 😊

  34. ZABERDAST recipe
    I will definitely try this recipe 😊
    Looking so perfect 💯👌👍
    Best wishes 🎁🔔stay bless stay connected New🤝✅💫

  35. kamojet says:

    I understand the fact that sugar can be used for preserving. But I'm one of those people that doesn't like any kind of sweet pickle. I hate sweet relish. If the mustard pickles are overly sweet then you ruined them. Don't add sugar to your pickled beets… they already have lots of sugar! But it's all good. If you're eating them then make em the way you want. Just don't tell me they're awesome cuz I'll be lying when I agree with you…

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