Tomato Sauce Processing Machine In-Plant(Canned Tomatoes Manufacturing Process)
Tomato Sauce Processing Machine In-Plant(Canned Tomatoes Manufacturing Process)
December 6, 2023
DIY Powder Filling Machine using Arduino || Very Accurate
DIY Powder Filling Machine using Arduino || Very Accurate
December 6, 2023


December 6, 2023


December 6, 2023


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SHOW TO MAKE MAYONNAISE | Easy & Cheap Homemade Mayonnaise | PK Kitchen

Sure, homemade mayo is absolutely the easiest thing to make…but we have to have some fun with it! Combine it with other things like Miso, chili’s, or whatever else you want. Seriously, have some fun.

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Shopping list:

Dijon Mustard


1 egg
6-7 ounces of oil (varies 1 Oz per egg size)/ 180ML
1 teaspoon Dijon/ 5gram
Pinch of salt
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  1. @CHEFPKR says:

    NOTE: You can leave out the mustard (but it tastes better with it!)
    Description updated to include metric.

    Big thank you to My Patreons for allow me videos like this to happen!

    Anyone who signs up for Patreon in January or February will have their name slapped on my new PC BUILD!

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  2. Thanks for the link CHEFPK.

    Had a hard time finding the video for some reason.

    Ended up making a Spicy Turkey Sandwich for the waifu. I was inspired by the low budget video you did recently and went to the local farmers market and got some veggies and grabbed some turkey from winco, made the spicy-mayo from scratch and assembled the sandwich. But maybe next time I'll make some sourdough bread too, got a video for that?

  3. I make my own mayonnaise, never buy it. A friend: 1 second I spend in the kitchen is hell, so, no, not making my own mayo. And that's the point: it's not a question of quality or price. People who hate cooking see even the simplest of cooking attempts as the worst kind of torture. They HATE it with all their hearts and no amount of convincing arguments in favor of quality or savings will ever change their minds. Because it's not that. They… just… hate… cooking and everything related to it, except eating.

  4. Hm… I don't have that kind of hand blender/immersion blender thing. Which means if I want to do this, I'll have to buy that device first…

    checks price Hm… OK. There's some affordable ones. Maybe I'll give this a try.

    Not that Amazon one though. That's a bit much.

  5. the mayonnaise industry has been successfully thwarted

  6. @danc4046 says:

    Welp…let's see if we can make bacon Mayo by subbing in some melted bacon grease.

  7. I really want to make homemade mayonnaise, but what stops me from making it is fearing that is made with raw eggs, but nonetheless i stumble on that kind of videoz and wonder what people do with raw eggs before making mayonnaise or what kind of eggs they use to not fear about consuming it. Any suggestions?
    P.s. sorry for bad English, because I'm not a native with this it.

  8. When I try to make mayo I always follow the recipe but it turns out watery please help

  9. brave of u to assume i can afford eggs and oil also mayo is 1 buck here so thanks id rather buy lmao

  10. Can i make mayonaise without mustard?

  11. You know you can use your cold mayo trick for hot mayo – AKA hollandaise? Instead of a single whole egg you need two egg yolks (no whites). Instead of hot mustard you need lemon/lime juice and a teaspoon of water. Instead of cold oil you need a stick of melted, piping hot butter (cooked on high heat until no longer foamy). The rest is the same – add your salt to the yolk and citrus and pulse a couple times to blend them together, then slowly add the piping hot butter while blending the egg. The hot butter will temper the egg yolks as you blend, leaving you with a nice, clean hollandaise with no muss, no fuss. Just make sure the butter is fresh out of the hot pan – it's still a touchier technique than the cold mayo version.

  12. Don't got that blender thingy so not possible for me sadly lol

  13. @olbaze says:

    Next up, how to make mustard and grow your own olive trees.

  14. @AydensVids says:

    I grew up eating only homemade mayo, I didn't realise how many people don't know how to make it!
    Its so easy to make and way cheaper and tastier than buying it!

  15. @catala2542 says:

    uuuuu im excited to try this i wanna see what hapens with a bit of sesamy oil i also wanna try black garlic and another with balsamic vinegar 😀

  16. @ktvindicare says:

    I really need to get myself an immersion blender. Or any blender for that matter, my kitchen is just so damn small I can't fit half of the tools he uses in it.

  17. @Al-ce6ur says:

    I always make my mayonnaise in bed, it's so good and amazing.

  18. @karmo2260 says:

    Is mustard necessary?

  19. Keto mayonnaise probably has less sugar , lots of brands have hidden ingredients. I'm glad I'm not keto tho as keto is stupid unless you have an underlying and a Dr has recommended it

  20. @mud8445 says:

    Yo, came from alex's vid

  21. can i use extracted pig oil😂😂

  22. The mayo I buy I can keep in the fridge forever but how long will this mayo keep?

  23. Its basically raw eggs, so no. Im not about to get myself a nice amount of tasty salmonella,

  24. Hah.jokes on u i dont have tge blender

  25. This video was the start of my spicy honey truffle mustard sauce experiment.

  26. how come u skipped out on vinegar or lemon juice?

  27. How much is that blender gonna run me though?

  28. $1.19 for a jar of mayo at Aldi.

  29. You are the best. I was already thinking about buying some mason jars for my pickled red onions in lemon juice. Now I'm totally making my own mayo from now on. Now to find a good hand blender!

  30. @pooppet1768 says:

    Add spring onion for a top tier mayo 🙂

  31. yes i can finally make myself Avocado or peanut oil Mayo as Im mildly Allergic to Vegetable oil so it makes my Nose Itch and Burn when I eat Vegetable oil foods Like Canola oil. RIP Restaurant french fries

  32. @Ryocko says:

    Aoili. I made a roasted garlic mayo with olive oil. And I eat this In like a week and a half. I dont like mayonaise that much but summer is 1 of those times that I dont wana cook. lives in Arizona

  33. Oil? Got it.
    Eggs? Got them!
    Mustard? Okay!
    Blender? Uh-oh…

  34. @wenskun8765 says:

    Can i do it in a blender.
    Thats all i have.

  35. I would use avocado oil for the oil component and add sriracha in place of mustard, maybe chives too.

  36. I don't have an immersion blender, our kitchen and house is really tiny and not much storage but I'm sure a food processor will work fine. dad uses that thing for almost everything and it works out more or less.

  37. now according to isekai I'm all set to open my own resturaunt

  38. @wakrusgumbo says:

    I love your videos, I follow a lot of cooking channels.

    This one legit changed my life. I watched Alton Brown's mayonnaise show. His was just complicated enough to make me say "Huh! I oughta try making that some time!" and then I did it once and it turned out too runny. This? I'll never buy mayo again. It amazes me too because people for some reason think it's difficult.

    I did a Red Curry Mayonnaise. My Sandwich Game is definitely Upped.

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