90 Bpm Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine | Bottle Shrink Packing Machine | Bottleling Plant
90 Bpm Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine | Bottle Shrink Packing Machine | Bottleling Plant
February 26, 2024
Chatpata Ber Achar jo har khane ka swad badha de |
Chatpata Ber Achar jo har khane ka swad badha de |
February 27, 2024

Steel Manufacturing Process: Coal & Coke

February 27, 2024

Steel Manufacturing Process: Coal & Coke

February 27, 2024

Steel Manufacturing Process: Coal & Coke

Coal is a mineral consisting mainly of sedimentary fossilized carbon with smaller amounts of other elements, such as sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and more. Coal is found under the earth crust as lignite, or brown coal — the lowest ranking coal, bituminous coals and anthracite. It is extracted either from underground by shaft mining or at ground level by open-pit mining.

Coal is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide and is also used in the production of metallurgical coke as blast furnace fuel. Some smaller blast furnaces can utilize charcoal as a carbon source, but the larger blast furnaces require the strength and durability of coke.

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Coke is produced by igniting bituminous coal under reduced oxygen conditions in oven batteries specially designed for this process. The coking process generates the following main volatiles as byproducts: coke oven gas, tar, ammonium sulfate, benzol, toluol and naphtha.

A coke battery is made up of multiple ovens. Coal is crushed and blended prior to being charged in a coke oven. A larry car charges the individual oven with the blended coal. In the coke oven, the coal is heated to 1,800°F for up to 18 hours. During that time, the volatiles of the coal are driven into the offgas and a pure carbon form called “coke” remains. The coke, when exposed to oxygen, will immediately ignite and begin to burn. When the coke is pushed from the oven into a railcar, it is quickly quenched to cool the coke and stop the burning process. The cooled coke is then dumped onto a coal wharf where it is taken to a facility to be screened and sized prior to being charged into the blast furnace.

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  1. This is a video of a battery in a coke oven plant.

    The coke oven consists of multiple ovens each with 2 doors on either side of the battery.

    The machine on top of the battery is called a larry car. It's job is to fill up the ovens as you can see. The product “cooks” for 24 hrs.

    When it's done cooking it has to be taken out of the oven.

    A pusher machine removes the door and their is a door machine on the other side that's not pictured that pulls off the door on the other side.

    The pusher than pushes out the product to the other side into what's called a hot car.

    That hot car then goes to the quench station to cool off the product.

    After that the hot car drops the product off at the wharf

  2. So I guess coke is "coal charcoal", in the same way you can get more heat from wood if you convert it to charcoal first.

  3. weird comment section, buncha bots

  4. @Fcutdlady says:

    Heres what i see . I may not have the right technical terms, but this is the jist.
    Coal is loaded into the coke oven and, for want if a beter word, cooked until it becomes coke . It is pushed out of the coke oven into a hot hopper and taken to the quenching tower where it's cooled by water . The hot hopper moves out of the quenching tower, and the coke is released for loading into a train to take it where it's needed .

  5. What software do you use to create animation?

  6. @HAK_CENTRE says:

    Superb got the operation

  7. @gunasri457 says:

    How to get the contact num for this i need carbon coke

  8. My ballsack can narrate better than this guy

  9. Why are all those turds in that tank

  10. @llll7396 says:

    Thankyou for such a direct and comprehensive dialogue which explains exactly what is happening during the animation, so detailed and helpful, amazing

  11. Excellent voice over thank you

  12. @slob0516 says:

    I wasn't sure what was going to happen to the black things, but when they turned red I knew everything was going to be alright.

  13. A coke battery is like working in hell, fumes, heat, smoke, tar, you name it. The by products are very toxic and the piping is made out of lead. I was apprenticed as a welder at Youngstown Sheet and Tube and pulled maintenance shifts in the battery. The workers on top of the battery wore wooden shoes!

  14. This process is killing the earth

  15. So this is how you make black cheetoose , i see


  17. that some funny looking soda

  18. @army0910 says:

    I don't understand whats going on and why…you heat it up then cool it down then throw it out ….ummm What?????

  19. @brian5606 says:

    After the coke is dumped onto a coal wharf how is it transported and what's the building called where it is taken to be screened and sized.

  20. Like show the coke oven gas too,

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