January 2, 2024
How To Can Pickled Peppers ?Autoomatic  Pickled Pepper Filling Capping Labeling Production Line(New)
How To Can Pickled Peppers ?Autoomatic Pickled Pepper Filling Capping Labeling Production Line(New)
January 2, 2024

SMALL BUSINESS HACKS FOR SAVING MONEY |small business budget friendly packaging hacks|free packaging

January 2, 2024

SMALL BUSINESS HACKS FOR SAVING MONEY |small business budget friendly packaging hacks|free packaging

January 2, 2024

SMALL BUSINESS HACKS FOR SAVING MONEY |small business budget friendly packaging hacks|free packaging

Here are my top favorite small business hacks for saving money!


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  1. I looked up the tape roll. It’s actually 300 feet for $29. Noeli said 30 ft in the video. That is a great deal especially after the $10 discount. Sticker Mule also runs flash deals every week, so keep an eye on your emails.

  2. You have helped me so much❤ Thank you!!!

  3. It is so incredibly nice of you to try to help others like this. Thank you so much

  4. Nice creation I'm looking to do a creation

  5. Thank goodness you brought this up! Truly, investing has changed my perspective on how one can succeed in life; working multiple jobs isn't the optimal way to attain financial freedom and unfortunately, we discover this later in life. Currently earn as much as 10 grand weekly and this has improved my financial life. Great piece!

  6. great deal on the custom tape and it was as easy as you explained and standard shipping was free.

  7. @marymackxox says:

    Bro! I wish I would have seen this b4 the holidays. Thank you! So much helpful info!

  8. For the crinkle paper get a shredder. Not to expensive & frees up ur time from cutting.

  9. After designing the business card on Canvas, what did you use to print it out on?

  10. Great video, thank you for the information

  11. Thank you for sharing!!

  12. @jioh8091 says:

    the problem is, those free UPS label is for just ups user. not usps user as you.
    Ups offer free shipping label for their user. not for usps user.
    that is stealing Noeli.

  13. I love them all. You can also order online if you do not have one in your area or state. Thanks for sharing!!❤😊

  14. Hi can u let me know what kinda printer you use for your business card

  15. Thanks for the hacks and tips.

  16. @ltetobago says:

    7:56 Dollar Tree does sell crinkle paper 😊

  17. "Years later", lol 😆

  18. @yolig1841 says:

    What printer do you use that works with parchment or wax paper?

  19. I've tried the Dollar tree crinkle paper. I don't really care for it, I'd like to have softer and bigger crinkle pieces.

  20. Loved the Avery idea! Thank you!

  21. Where did u buy that printer can u send link

  22. Could I ask what paper you need to do glass cup transfers?

  23. @barbra429 says:

    Did you do a tutorial on making the thank you cards?

  24. Hi where did you buy your pink dispenser?

  25. @barbra429 says:

    Yes, can you please do a tutorial on how you make these items.

  26. @dannabiPARK says:

    Love the video! However sadly it was not helpful for me since my business isn’t something you can ship… but perhaps i can apply the tips in a different way
    Thank you anyways!!!

  27. What label printer do you use?

  28. Hey, Noeli I just subscribed to your channel. AMAZING!!!!! Your channel is definitely an asset to small business owners. I have added most of your suggested items to my Amazon cart. However, I was unable to find the gloss paper for print thank you cards and labels on your Amazon wishlist. Could you please send me the link?

  29. I mainly hear people about Pro Create but since I own a Samsung tablet and not an Apple one I can't use Pro Create. I am mainly looking for an app where I can create designs in with text and where I can trace over photo's that I myself put in there (kind of like line drawings) so if anyone might know something, you would be a huge help. Is Canva good for that or does it not offer the features that I am looking for?

  30. thank you so much for these tips <3

  31. @Amber-247 says:

    I just tried to locate the HubCity Graphics store but can’t find a website that actually matches the one you showed in your video. Can you share the website link please? Thank you so much for your video, btw! 🙂

  32. How did you come up with your logo for your brand?

  33. All you DIY’s were helpful

  34. For crinkle paper, you can outsource from uline or have a paper shredder do all the work. You can shred old light weight boxes to be eco friendly too!

  35. I saw a lady take cardboard boxes and run them through a shredder for packing material. gonna try that Hit up your neighbor who gets all those Amazon boxes.

  36. @lovice43 says:

    Great video, beautiful 💯thanks

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