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December 2, 2023
Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant - 3 | Keri Cutting | Mango Cubing Machine
Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant – 3 | Keri Cutting | Mango Cubing Machine
December 2, 2023

Simple preserves: How to make blackberry Jam and Jelly!

December 2, 2023

Simple preserves: How to make blackberry Jam and Jelly!

December 2, 2023

Simple preserves: How to make blackberry Jam and Jelly!

Simple preserves: How to make blackberry Jam and Jelly! Come along for today’s food friday here on the farm as we take wild blackberries and make blackberry jam and jelly! Hope ya’ll enjoy
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  1. I have the same Seiko. Nice watch

  2. Hi Josh, thank you, I have never made jam or jelly, but now I will try my hand at this.

  3. Silly Boy! You need to have a bucket, or container, tied round your waist; 2 hands pick better than one, and your wasting time by having to hold the container. Use your tools.

  4. My absolute favorite! Of course I don’t have access to wild berries so I have to rely on the supermarket and they don’t know the differences between jam an jelly. I want jam and every time I but jam it’s jelly so the next time I bought jelly and darn it all it was jelly! So disappointed cause I want JAM!!!

  5. In regards to Poke Salat berries and leaves, and actually the stalk as well. I'd heard a lot of wives tales about Poke Salat throughout the years. But as it is with a lot of things in life at some point you find out or realize that not all of what you had heard is true. (Kind of like hearing things about people. Sometimes it's not true.). The plant contains an enzyme that is an irritant to the digestive system and in an excessive amount can potentially cause serious health complications. And, like other things such as poison ivy (and physical work sometimes 😂) some people have more of an adverse reaction than other people. That is why people should start out on the minimal side whether eating the leaves, the berries or the stalk. The leaves are best when they are par boiled and drained, preferably for 3 to 4 times to remove as much of this irritant enzyme prior to the final cooking, which should be done as you would your favorite greens. I choose to cook mine like spinach or mustard greens. They cook up like spinach and mustard so it takes a lot to "make a mess". Some people also choose to add beaten eggs near to the end while the leaves are cooking while others choose to add crumbled or sliced boiled egg to the finished dish. I leave my eggs to fry for breakfast or a good sandwich. The berries have been used to help with the difficulties of arthritis by some people for more than a century. Should one decide to try this out it is advisable, again due to this enzyme and the differing amount of irritation it causes to some people's digestive system, to start with eating one ripe berry a day for a while to see its affects and to what degree and then gradually increasing the number daily. But DO NOT CHEW THE SEEDS! They contain the most condensed amount and strength of the irritant enzyme. I've never had any adverse effects from the leaves or berries. A person can gradually increase the number of berries ingested up to 8 berries a day. However, it is not recommended to go over 8 berries a day. But that's not saying that one can't or that it would prove problematic. The berries can also be picked when fully ripe and frozen allowing for the availability during there "off season". The Stalk. The Stalk has been harvested by many people, especially in the Appalachians, from live growing plants. The stalk is then cut into sections and ground or pulverized. It then, usually, is mixed with corn meal and seasonings and fried much the same as you would salmon patties. Some people also add chopped okra to it. As with other food items and recipes the possibilities are limited only by ones imagination and personal likes and dislikes. In these days and times a lot of people are going back to doing and eating a lot of things that have either been forgotten or set aside for years. IMHO too many people have lost touch with things from our past and especially along the food categories. I realize that I'm a little late to this party with this comment but if anyone ever reads the comments here and ventures to read this long one I hope that you try Poke Salat sometime. And I hope that you enjoy it.

  6. easy to follow recipe, but definitely too much sugar. Just got done making blackberry jam. Next time, I think I'm gonna cut back on the sugar by 1/3 and see how it goes.

  7. @dmark6699 says:

    Reminds me of the old song Poke salad Annie by Tony Joe White.

  8. From Healthy berries to unhealthy sugar laden diabetes recipe

  9. I make this all the time, but you made it a little hard for yourself by adding the sugar and then filtering…..I heat the berries and then strain overnight……next day add the sugar to the juice and then heat and bottle……You'll find the filtering so much easier this way…..Best wishes from England….

  10. Sure it ain't dewberries? Same family but wild thorny version

  11. Hi…… Thank you 🎥👍👍👍

  12. There’s no harm to have the occasional bug. It’ll help your immune system.

  13. Where’s your elderberry?

  14. Sumac also makes a type of lemonade.

  15. Jam, or jelly? Simple difference. As a rule of thumb, If it has seeds, pulp or skins, it’s jam. If it has been strained, so none of the aforementioned is in it, then it’s jelly.

  16. 💖 love learning Thank you

  17. You can make a sumac sun tea with the seed head that is lemony in flavour. Also raspberry leaves make a great tea.

  18. That’s the same way we make
    Grape jelly. Gramma called it “grape sunshine”

  19. @jmjbedpa says:

    you are so awesome. Simple living. Love it and live it. Thanks so much for ya video's, educational, professional and love the humor. Keep up the awesome living.

  20. Awesome! I love wild blackberries. When I lived in Illinois we had them in our yard and in our neighbors yard and another neighbor was the pastor at the local church and his wife and she would make a deal with us. We go pick a bucket of blackberries and bring them to her in the morning and then we go fishing and come over that night for a fish fry and fresh blackberry pie. It was pretty awesome.

    They are amazing, once they’re established they grow like crazy. We used to cut maybe a third of them down every year so we always had some but they grew back so fast we had to be careful they didn’t take over the entire yard and we had enough to easily fill a 5 gallon bucket without much effort. I love having the wild plants. We had pear and peach trees and when we would goMow and work in the yard we just grab peaches and pears and blackberries. When I was a little kid my uncle in Illinois had a huge farm and he would take us out on the tractor and he had spots where he would grow tomatoes or different fruits and vegetables and he would just carry a salt and pepper shaker with him in a little leather holster and we pull over and just grab Big juicy tomatoes off of a wild vine and pour salt on them and eat them when they were still hot from the sun and it was amazing. If I had a decent size property I would definitely get some blackberries and other varieties and plant them where they could grow naturally. And I’m sure you can attest to the fact that they’re going to taste better than anything you can buy from the store coming fresh off the vine and wild like that. I’ve tried to make cobbler’s and pies out of stuff I bought from the store and it’s not even close.

    You don’t have to take the bugs out, that’s just free protein. Lol

    When you were talking about the difference between jam and jelly by straining it and how you need to let it solidify if you take it just before it solidifies you basically have syrup as well. You could strain it early and make some syrup and then put what ends up in the cheesecloth back let it cook some more and make the jelly and then the rest would be pretty much preserves right?

    Lol I like to cooking videos as well.

  21. 👍🇺🇸Awesome video Josh! Beautiful bushes full of berries. God is good & has blessed us so very much & knew we’d enjoy the fruits immensely! Your peeps are gonna love ya even more for such a delicious heartfelt 🎅Christmas gift!🇺🇸

  22. @48wilber says:

    I know you're truly doing it right,,,, when you have a boil over!!!!

  23. I spent hours in the blackberries growing up in North Carolina and I had the chiggers to prover it.

  24. Can I be family for the holidays lol

  25. Just watched your video on covid with the MD from So Dakota. Could not leave msg. Cause it was disabled prob due to few mins ago. Would have liked any and all options instead of just talking about vaccines. Perhaps next time?

  26. great video thanks for sharing

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