20-min Marinara Sauce (pasta & pizza)
20-min Marinara Sauce (pasta & pizza)
November 26, 2023
#HACCP Training with example Part  1️⃣ (Orange Juice 🍹🍹🍊🍊) in very simple
#HACCP Training with example Part 1️⃣ (Orange Juice 🍹🍹🍊🍊) in very simple
November 26, 2023

Simple Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

November 26, 2023

Simple Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

November 26, 2023

Simple Blender Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Nothing beats a good eggs benedict for breakfast, and a key for any eggs benedict is a good Hollandaise Sauce. Here Jocelyn makes a simple and easy to make Hollandaise Sauce you can make in your blender.

#hollandaisesauce #eggsbenedict #cooking
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  1. Thomas Reedy says:

    Hollandaise or lemon custard ?


  2. Suzie Kiehn says:

    Loved your educational video. I am curious how you reheat your leftover hollandaise? My husband bought me an immersion blender for Christmas and I tried to make this but it was an epic fail. Hence my watching tutorials. I didn’t drizzle the butter but rather put everything in together and blended. AWFUL!!! I’ll try your method next time. But how can I reheat the sauce the next day? Thanks Just found your channel and love it.

  3. Sophia L says:

    Great recipe and video! Thanks 🙏

  4. Tosh T says:

    Yup. Easy. I’ve made it only a couple of times because I don’t make a lot of Benedicts at home. However I do do béarnaise more often for steaks, fish, chicken, etc.
    Excellent demo, Jocelyn.

  5. weird question. April was at a friends house the other day, and they gave her 5 Lemons right off a tree. They are very orange (yes they are lemons) does that mean they aren't ripe yet?

  6. Brent Wilde says:

    Dam Mark is a lucky fella!To make a great recipe gotta have the trial and error. I make salsa seems like it never comes out the same twice in a row.

  7. Bill Green says:

    If you were making 1/4th this volume could you use a hand blender?

  8. Sherry Hibbs says:

    Never knew this was so easy! Thank you!

  9. I love Lemon,sorry Mark doesn't 😆 😆 I'll eat it.

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