What Are Pickles? | The Science of Food! | SciShow Kids
What Are Pickles? | The Science of Food! | SciShow Kids
November 21, 2023
Gelgoog Automatic Tomato Ketchup Production Process Solution
Gelgoog Automatic Tomato Ketchup Production Process Solution
November 21, 2023

Shortcut for Canning Tomato Sauce

November 21, 2023

Shortcut for Canning Tomato Sauce

November 21, 2023

Shortcut for Canning Tomato Sauce

This shortcut was suggested by one of our viewers. I tried it. I liked it. Now we are sharing it with you!

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  1. I need to ask a question if I may that is that I bought canning lids from the Roller Tree store They have a tad lids and I turn it over and its a clear white seal on the bottom have you used these before and what do you think because I am going to test run a few jars just to see can you answer me back oh and buy the way I ever much like your teaching on canning that's why I trust your judgement thanks

  2. Wendy Rimmer says:

    The skin and seeds make great tomato paste!

  3. Bdoodee says:

    You don’t blend the seeds and skin because they’re bitter. Bad advice unless you don’t mind ruining the taste of the finished product.

  4. Ample Angel says:

    Not a shortcut, but easier on a disabled prrson like me…i still cut the tomatoes and run my thumb around the insidr to remove the seeds. Then toss into my crock pot. It can cook all day with fear of burning and keeps me off my feet

    After a few hours i hit it with my stick blender right in the pot.

    When its reduced by half, i cool and freeze it to can another day when im rested.

  5. only me says:

    I blended mine but put the liquid into the crockpot to simmer and stir. This gets the air out of them. I plan to hot pack this afternoon.

  6. Rather than using the blender, I recommend an immersion blender!

  7. I highly recommend "For Jars" snap lids! Everyone I know using them have had 100% seal rate. The usual companies that have the majority of market share seem to be cutting corners to make even more money!! I will stick with For Jars canning lids!

  8. Have you tried the Forjars seals & rings. Even just the seals would probably be better than the ball ones that they are producing now! The quality of the ball lids just doesn't seem to be there anymore. LOTS of failures, even from best-practices canners😕

  9. Anna Livings says:

    There is a you tube video where @amyharris demonstrates how to water bath can using the instant pot. You may already know about this however I wish the IP water bath canning would be of interest if you demonstrated it too.

  10. nilsyn747 says:

    By cooking tomato, the lecithin from the skin and seeds is destroyed, otherwise it can cause some, digestion problems.

  11. Barb Shelton says:

    I enjoy watching your channel so much. You remind me of my Aunt Jewell, you could be sisters! Beautiful sauce. Thank you for showing us this method. I laughed when you were surprised by the blender speed.

  12. Saoirse says:

    Thank you for the short cut! ForJars seal pretty well. Peace

  13. another tip when canning green beans add 50-100 mg or IUs of Zinc to each jar as the Mennonites do, it will retain the bright green color of the green beans without damage to the beans.

  14. How long do you can your tomato sauce?

  15. The only reason I use the food mill is some people have trouble digesting the capsin in the seeds and skins.

  16. I tried the blender method today and it’s amazing! Smooth and thick and so much less waste – I got at least another pint from it. No seeds or skins at all.

  17. LynxWolf says:

    If you use a colander sieve you can get rid of the air whipped in the sauce and any seeds or skins not blended, I use a sieve all the time to get a smooth sauce. :]

  18. G JACKSON says:

    The seeds seems to make the sauce lighter.

  19. Joelle Spice says:

    An immersion blender works too! Less mess. I do all my cream soups using the immersion blender.

  20. Carla Habeck says:

    I seldom have enough tomatoes at once to can so accumulate them in the freezer till I have several gallon bags full. Once I'm ready to can I pour boiling water over them in a big dish pan an the skins slip right off. I dehydrate the skins and proceed with making sauce to can from the tomatoes. You could also let your pureed tomatoes sit for a time to alow water to settle out before jarring up.

  21. I am so confused. Everything I have read concerning tomato products instructs us to wash core and PEEL the tomatoes. You have, to the best of my knowledge always followed safe canning practices. Now, suddenly it's ok to blend up the skins and seeds into the sauce. I get that it's easier… but the bacteria that could be on the skin is now in the bottled sauce. I don't think I have ever seen you modify a procedure simply because it's easier. I apologize if I have missed an important point or reason behind the decision. Your videos have been the highlight of my return to canning after a 30 year break. Things have certainly changed since I helped my mother as a young girl, and since I made it up as I went along as a young woman. Now I'm 71, have a new freeze dryer, 2 new electric pressure canners and enough enthusiasm to make up for make up for my lack of stamina. Heart failure, stage 5 kidney disease, a start of dialysis, and a near fatal recovery from bone infection have slowed me down. I am in the hospital as I speak. Thank you, again, for all you do to educate and inform on so many topics

  22. Well I jumped in with all of my questions and concerns. Water bath canned (17) 1/2 pint jars of tomato sauce with no problems. Couldn't have done it without your classes. This is a very labor intensive hobby. I am amazed by how many large and expensive items one has to have on hand. And then!!! Where can you store all of that stuff? I had so many tomatoes that I had to use two large pots for processing the jars. My cherry tomatoes are 4 times the size of yours so I cut them in half. And I used a food processor instead of the blender. Mine is too small. It worked like a charm. Loved the Joseph Joseph – thanks. That makes for a very long day for a lady older than you. Thanks for all of your classes.

  23. Pam Johnson says:

    I clean my tomatoes and half them. Then into the blender. Now pour into your kettle. Cook down to the consistency you desire. I add 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp sugar for each quart and process.

  24. If I do a batch of 1/2 pints how much raw tomatoe do I need to start with? How many cups or pounds? And how many jars will fit in a 23 quart canning pot. I hope to use the pot & lid but not the pressure part of my Presto.

  25. Lisa says:

    bought a 3rd party $56 tomato strainer for the kitchenaid mixer. Tried pulverizing with seeds and the color/texture/flavor just wasn't there for me.

  26. i couldnt help but chuckle when you got SURPRISED, !! your expression was a Kodak moment for sure! im dating myself here, younger people have never heard that expression before, hee hee, I love watching your videos, i learn something new EVERYTIME! THANK YOU soo much, camera man to,lol. your both AWESOME

  27. make tomatoe powder!!

  28. This method was a disaster for me, and I’m trying to figure out where I went wrong. I heated the sauce before blending. Is that where I went south? I learned to can last year and never had any problems like this. I practice safe canning methods and even used testing strips to make sure water bath canning was safe. Two Superb lids popped off in the beginning of the process. I used citric acid instead of lemon juice. Could that be the problem? Can I cook the sauce back down since clean, boiling water got in two jars or just discard that sauce and freeze the jars that the lid didn’t come off? Many thanks.

  29. I just love watching you. Your a amazing teacher! And I love your laugh. Thank you

  30. I forgot— are u pressure canning? I want to recan #10 cans of tomatoes, but I've been searching for hours and can't find results, I want to do them for long term storage.

  31. maybe if u let it sit for awhile the air will dissipate so it doesn't separate? just thinking

  32. ronald davis says:

    Put your ripe tomatoes in a gallon baggie and freeze them til you get a lot of tomatoes then you can do a large batch, freezeing them doesn't change the flavor or anything also to thaw them put them in water.

  33. shelley gray says:

    Would this also apply to salsa? I just made a batch of Mrs wages mild salsa and used my immersion blender to make it restaurant style. Do I need to adjust my processing time? Someone told me I couldn't safely can it because I blended it up.

  34. SHEEP SEVEN says:

    I don't like the blender it separates after sitting on shelf

  35. SHEEP SEVEN says:

    Hi you need a high speed blender like yours 😢 so the food mill is very effective at removing seeds

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