Liquid Cooling Technology: Efficient and Silent Cooling System for Data Centers | Schneider Electric
Liquid Cooling Technology: Efficient and Silent Cooling System for Data Centers | Schneider Electric
November 20, 2023
Push Pull Pickle Line-3D Animation | Butech Bliss
Push Pull Pickle Line-3D Animation | Butech Bliss
November 20, 2023

Sealing Machine Band Sealer

November 20, 2023

Sealing Machine Band Sealer

November 20, 2023

Sealing Machine Band Sealer

Band sealers are very versatile, therefore it can seal thermoplastic bags of any size, length, and thickness up to 500 micron The maximum seal width is 10mm. The variable conveyor belt speed is adjustable to accommodate materials varying in thickness. The conveyor belt can be raised or lowered and in some models, even tilted to the desired angle. It is equipped with an imprinter, or an ink coding system to record words, dates, and codes with each seal. Band Sealers speeds are considerably faster than intermittent types of sealing, it is ideal for projects which require higher production rates and minimal space and costs.


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  1. Ruth Olaitan says:

    Where can someone get and how much is it pls

  2. How to get this machine and how much the price

  3. Hi. Do you still have the machine and the price please

  4. Hussain Gill says:

    What is the price and how can I buy it please send me the details

  5. Daniel Tsado says:

    How much is the machine?

  6. Rk Kitchens says:

    How rate machine bro

  7. Handygh TV says:

    where can i buy this machine in Africa ?

  8. Rara Zaa says:

    harga berapa untuk kemasan beras 5kg bisa kah . konveyernya kuat ndak 🙏

  9. Where to get some to buy
    How much cost of it

  10. எனக்கு இந்த மிஷின் வேனும் நம்பர் கொடுங்கள்

  11. Mouna Rhi says:

    Price ? Do you ship to Canada ?

  12. Baal gyan says:

    Lol video fast macin slow

  13. Dagost Union says:

    nice one. please how much

  14. shahid ali says:

    Available in Pakistan and what the price?

  15. پلا سٹگ چیپی والا بیگ جسمیں پیپر شیٹ رکھی جا تی ھیں مشیں کی قیمت اور ڈیلی پروڈکشن کپیسٹی کے بارے بتایں لاھؤر میں چاھیے

  16. How much this machine ?

  17. Kese kharid skte h ye please btsye

  18. PR SUNDARRAJ says:

    How much price. minimum how many unit please telling sir

  19. Bakit pumupotok ang fuse ng press machine?

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