Protein powder filling capping sealing labeling machine line
Protein powder filling capping sealing labeling machine line
March 8, 2024
Amish Rhubarb Jam Recipe ~ Open Kettle Method
Amish Rhubarb Jam Recipe ~ Open Kettle Method
March 8, 2024

Quick frozen food pouch packing machine

March 8, 2024

Quick frozen food pouch packing machine

March 8, 2024

Quick frozen food pouch packing machine

Quick frozen food pouch packing machine

automatic weight packing machine
This automatic pouch packing machine is suitable for various kinds of solid products in different industries. Like food, chemical, medical, agricultural, mechanical, ect. Its multi-function perfomance enable widely usage to meet different packing requirements.
It’s suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material , such as : Potato Chips,Snacks,candy,pistachio,sugar.
fruit and vegetable packing machine is suitable is suitable for fragile or frozen grain,such as chips,puffed,frozen meatball,frozen dumplings etc.

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II.The major performance and structural feature.
*Imported PLC computer control system with human-machine interface; touch screen is simple and
direct-viewing in operation;
*precise positioning with servo film transporting system; excellent complete machine performance and nice packing;
*minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function;
*supported with metric device, the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from me asuring, feeding, filling, bag making.
*The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements.

Packing speed : 25-80 bag/min
Bag size : (L)50-250mm (W)40-150mm
Bag making mode : Pillow-type bag, standing bag, punch
Range of measuring :Max500ml
The maximum width of packing film : 320mm
Thickness of film : 0.04-0.08mm
Air consumption : 0.3m3/min 0.6Mpa
Main power/voltage : 2.2KW/220V 50-60Hz
Dimension : L1300×W820×H1400mm
The weight of switchboard : 250kg

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