Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant - 1 | Keri Cutting | Raw Mango Conveyor Belt
Mango Pickle (Aam Ka Achar) Manufacturing Plant – 1 | Keri Cutting | Raw Mango Conveyor Belt
November 26, 2023
Shawarma Mayonnaise recipe/ Mayonnaise Restaurant style/easy recipe...
Shawarma Mayonnaise recipe/ Mayonnaise Restaurant style/easy recipe…
November 27, 2023

Pruning an Overgrown Tomato Plant! ✂️🍅🌿// Garden Answer

November 27, 2023

Pruning an Overgrown Tomato Plant! ✂️🍅🌿// Garden Answer

November 27, 2023

Pruning an Overgrown Tomato Plant! ✂️🍅🌿// Garden Answer

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  1. Can you use any of the cut branches?

  2. Marie Tighe says:

    Why dont you put the green tomatoes in a window to ripen in the sun I do x

  3. Thank you! Would love to see it a few weeks later.

  4. Wonderful information. Thank you.
    What state do you live at? Region?

  5. Marvin ***** says:

    I love your video ❤ you show so much great information for a beginner like me and you put dedication into it, very nice to watch

  6. Garden Girl says:

    Ok… you can’t tell us you’re gonna do fun things like make corn dogs and NOT show us!! Haha. Hope they turned out great and super enjoyed the video

  7. I let mine go too. I want to prune them. Is it still ok to cut off branches with tiny green tomatoes and just concentrate on the bigger tomatoes?

  8. Lisa O says:

    The development of this land has been amazing. And the spiders would have freaked me out too…..

  9. Kelly Gibbs says:

    I am so in love with your pond. Aquascape did an awesome job. I bought a hoselink and I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Kelly Gibbs says:

    Your benches are lovely, fantastic pepper harvest. I’m surprised how many black widows there were.

  11. Georgann says:

    Thanks for showing me , helps a lot❤🦋

  12. Cat Funk says:

    You can root the suckers for a later crop of tomatoes.

  13. M Brad says:

    thank you so much, I have some out of control tomato plants that now I can attend..thanks!

  14. R N says:

    She's got an orange fluff butt that likes to help too. My cat loves "helping" in the garden.

  15. I do what you are doing, but for some reason the bottom my leaves are turning yellow and brown, why? We been having a lot of rain lately and I can not keep up with going to the garden every day.

  16. I watched this then confidently went out and did a hard prune on my bushy plants! So happy with results and I shared with my bf as we are both retired and trying our hands at gardening! Thank you for making this video! I may have actual fruits from the garden this year! ❤

  17. You can also root the tomatoes being pruned for a second crop

  18. This is an Excellent video…

  19. The first tomato plant was beautiful, but, it had fruit you could barely see and if you only have one root system and stem, it will probably be too much of a strain on the plant. So, what I have done is start the plant early, indoors, prune the lower leaves, and transplant it diagonally outdoors, deep in the soil, so, it produces multiple stems and root systems. Then, prune it so I can get to the fruit, and, so it isn't too out of control.
    Those last three plants looked like Charlie Brown Christmas Trees. So much space around them and such little foliage. Maybe they will produce good size fruit, and grow tall, but, I would not be aesthetically pleased and feel sorry the plant.

  20. Franz Inauen says:

    With the 'suckers' you can make new tomato plants. Just put them in water for about 10 days and wait till they get roots, then put them in the soil somewhere. Replace the water daily. Warm water is better then cold water.

  21. SL Hemp says:

    This was an excellent demonstration. Thank You.

  22. All of mine are out of control.. time to get busy! Thanks for showing me "the taming of the monster plant"

  23. Hi chance I just moved back home I was in FL. And I went to plant a tomato 🍅 plant and because it's nothing but sand it die on me so.i just moved back in October and I have two tomato plants growing in the front bed out side 🙃 the last time I was here if you put both your fist together that is how big they where I had two plants I worked at a garden senter to where i could pick them up when they went not on sell but spring time i kept them pruned but i moved back to Ohio and I'm just seeing if i starting over again see what/if I remember what I'm doing our refreshing know that I had soil that I can grow in I hope I can do /grow like the last time I was here keep up on the videos Chace.

  24. Sara Davis says:

    I noticed the Boss came around to inspect your work.😻😻😻🍅🍅🍅

  25. Robin Baker says:

    Really helpful, well explained information. I have an innate passion to garden but lack the skills to make one productive, this video is very helpful.

  26. Art R. says:

    Don’t forget you also open up the plant to sunscald

  27. Wyatt says:

    let plants grow naturally you typically dont need to prune or trim a tomato plant your just taking away from yourself usually

  28. buzzcut13 b says:

    Best tomato video ive seen. You can clearly see what she's doing and explains fully why.

  29. You did a fantastic job explaining and showing why we need to trim our tomato plants! Thank you!

  30. Thank you! My tomatoes have gotten way out of hand and now I feel more confident on how to prune them correctly!

  31. Wow great video! Thankyou

  32. That cat is looking for a place to take a crap😮😮😮😅😮😮😮😮 f JB 😊

  33. This is incredibly helpful!! The weather has been so odd this year including in my zone which is literally on the line between 6A & 6B (half of the property in each, which strikes me as funny for some reason), that my tomato plants went from two months of stagnancy at around a foot or so to exploding over the past three weeks of alternating torrential rains and 75-85°F sunny days so that I now have a vastly overgrown garden of 4-5 foot square tomato trees with a ton of medium-ish green tomatoes crowding out their companion pepper plant BFFs. I pruned a couple of them last night, but this morning when I surveyed my tomato barbering, I was quite dismayed by the extent to which it seemed like I'd cut off more than I left alone. I'm very relieved to see that what I did isn't far off from what's shown in this video – I just have to prune off more from the bottoms and sides of some.

    Thank you for sharing this!! I subscribed based on the usefulness of this one video alone.

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