The Cheese Vat is an essential machine in cheese production, designed to efficiently heat milk and facilitate the cheese-making process. This versatile equipment plays a pivotal role in creating high-quality cheese products. Here are the technical specifications and key features of the Cheese Vat:

Technical Specifications:

  • Bidirectional Mixing: The Cheese Vat’s mixers work bidirectionally. When rotating clockwise, they act as mixers, while counterclockwise rotation serves as a cutting mechanism. The cutting knives are designed with both vertical and horizontal orientations for precision.
  • Heating with Dimple Plate: Inside the vat, a dimple plate (heating wall) is incorporated for uniform milk heating. Steam circulation within the heating wall achieves efficient heating. The steam has a test pressure of 3 bar, with an application pressure of 1.5 bar.
  • Steam Control: The vat features a pneumatic valve for steam inlet and a steam trap known as a “steam trap” for effective steam control.
  • Construction: The vat is constructed on a robust box profile platform, ensuring stability. An additional mobile platform allows operators to access controls safely, designed with a slip-resistant stainless steel surface.
  • Hygienic Design: A large-scale hygienic stainless butterfly valve at the product outlet ensures cleanliness and easy product discharge.
  • Safety Measures: The vat is equipped with a manhole cover and a safety sensor grid inside the cover, ensuring safety by preventing the operation of blades when the grid is open.
  • Ventilation: A ventilation shaft is integrated into the vat, featuring a perforated sheet to prevent foreign objects from entering.
  • CIP Cleaning: Two rotating head CIP (Clean-in-Place) balls facilitate efficient cleaning and sanitation.
  • Whey Evacuation System: High-capacity vats include an evacuation system that operates with a vacuum pump made of perforated sheet to remove whey automatically. This system ensures thorough whey removal after the mixing process.
  • Tilting Mechanism: To minimize product residue during discharge, a pneumatic piston allows the vat body to tilt forward.

Electrical Panel:

  • The electrical panel of the Cheese Vat boasts an IP 65 protection class and is mounted on the platform.
  • Mixer control is achieved through an inverter, enabling precise speed control.
  • Depending on customer requirements, the vat can be equipped with either PID control or PLC control.
  • For PLC-controlled vats, customizable recipe processes and automatic control options are available as per customer needs.

The Cheese Vat is a crucial component in cheese production, offering precision, efficiency, and safety. Its robust construction and advanced control options make it a valuable asset for dairy processing facilities.

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  1. Dimitris, Greece

    A solid choice, nearly exceptional.

  2. Michael, Lebanon

    Reasonable, but not quite hitting the mark.

  3. Sebastian, Syria

    Outstanding machinery, sets new standards!

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