Tomato sauce || no chemicals || lasts 1 year || no fridge or freezer storage needed
Tomato sauce || no chemicals || lasts 1 year || no fridge or freezer storage needed
December 14, 2023
Choosing The BEST QUALITY Mayonnaise At The Grocery Store
Choosing The BEST QUALITY Mayonnaise At The Grocery Store
December 14, 2023

Processing Tomatoes into pasta sauce and chili base!!

December 14, 2023

Processing Tomatoes into pasta sauce and chili base!!

December 14, 2023

Processing Tomatoes into pasta sauce and chili base!!

This is the campchef cooker I LOVE!

and the Victorio Strainer on amazon! if you live close to amish or mennonite storesI’d suggest checking their prices on victorio strainers!

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pasta sauce: (this is the exact measurements I used today)
1.cook tomatoes until soft,
2.cook together: peppers, onion and garlic,
3.put all veggies through victorio strainer.
add to tomato/veggie juice:
1 cup olive oil
4 small cans tomato paste
1 cup granulated sugar (i use stevia)
1/4 cup salt
1 TBS basil
1 TBS oregano
cook together until desired consistency.

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  1. I was always taught that you don't tighten the ring really tight so it leaves room for expansion? Have I been taught wrong?

  2. I was watching your second video was wondering where did you get your tomatoes press that run with a drill

  3. Just wondering if you could share the adds for the Chili base….. I love and completely enjoy your channel, I am adding your recipes and tips/tricks for canning to my personal home manual. I truly appreciate all you do. ✌🏻 and ❤️

  4. thank you so much for these videos. I enjoy learning from you!

  5. I don't remember seeing the other girl besides Hadassah. Another daughter ?

  6. I love, love your channel. I honestly do, you are such a breath of fresh air. You look like me when I am working, no make-up, no fancy clothes. Thank you for being real!

  7. Probably better you didn’t wear your running shoes because I don’t think pasta sauce is easy to remove from running shoes! Lol😂 Thoroughly enjoyed the video just wish it was full screen. But I guess there’s a learning curve to video recording(I have no clue). Was trying to figure out what the little guy was doing with the hose and stainless steel bucket and the stainless steel bowls all lined up in a row? Sure looked very industrious whatever it was! 🥰❤️🙏🏻🇨🇦

  8. @Karenlemley says:

    Do you have a bread machine also if so do you have a simple easy recipe for a sandwich bread i have a bread maker machine..

  9. @Karenlemley says:

    Watching another older video

  10. So would the next step be to water bath them or pressure can them? I am new at this and thought temps needed to reach 240 degrees to kill botulism spores? Does a boil get that high? Thank you SO MUCH! ♥️

  11. I just found your channel from Three River’s. I’m excited to follow you on your journey. This is my first year to can. We’re growing a large garden this summer. Looking forward to learning from your videos.

  12. What a great set up you have there!

  13. I've canned tomatoes with my parents for years. This past year was the first year we used a drill instead of cranking. I asked my dad why he never thought of that sooner. 😛

  14. @amitx57 says:

    And now I NEED a camp stove.

  15. @pastorpfp1 says:

    That is quite an operation! Is their sugar in that recipe??

  16. Great job Zimmerman family!!! LOVE your videos!

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