Top 10 Best Liquid Filling Machine 2022 Best Liquid
Top 10 Best Liquid Filling Machine 2022 | Best Liquid and Paste Bottle Filler
October 7, 2023
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Process Mixer | Batch Mixer | High Shear Mixer | Batch Homogenizer – Multimix

October 7, 2023

Process Mixer | Batch Mixer | High Shear Mixer | Batch Homogenizer – Multimix

October 7, 2023


The Multimix Batch High Shear Mixer Series is a specialized mixing equipment designed for emulsifying and homogenizing oil and water phases to create a uniform emulsion without separation. It is particularly useful for efficiently dispersing ingredients like Carbopol without causing agglomeration issues known as “fish eyes.”

One notable feature of this mixer is its versatility, as it allows for the use of different mixing impellers, techniques, and requirements in separate mixing vessels, all using a single mixer unit. This flexibility enables the production of various batches and formulations.

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For instance:

  1. Batch A (gum dispersion with green color) – utilizes a high-speed disperser blade.
  2. Batch B (thick emulsion in red color) – employs a rotor/stator double vortex.
  3. Batch C (medium emulsion in yellow color) – utilizes a rotor/stator single vortex.

The mixer’s operation revolves around the precision-engineered rotor and stator with either a single or double vortex design, crucial for achieving efficient high shear mixing during emulsification or homogenization processes.

As the rotor rotates at high speed within the stationary stator, materials are drawn in from both above and below. Particles are subsequently sheared through the precisely engineered gap between the ends of the rotor blades and the inner stator wall. This process produces extremely fine droplets, a critical factor in maintaining emulsion stability.

For dispersion processes, the rotor can be easily replaced with a disperser blade. This versatile mixer finds applications in various industries, including the production of creams, lotions, gels, and the dispersion of substances like Carbopol or Carbomer.

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