Romancing Ireland 3 - The Italian
Romancing Ireland 3 – The Italian
November 1, 2023
Mayonnaise Production With The PerMix PVC 500
Mayonnaise Production With The PerMix PVC 500
November 1, 2023

Process Millions Fish to make Fish Oil, Fishmeal,Fish Sauce – Fish Oil Production Process in Factory

November 1, 2023

Process Millions Fish to make Fish Oil, Fishmeal,Fish Sauce – Fish Oil Production Process in Factory

November 1, 2023

Process Millions Fish to make Fish Oil, Fishmeal,Fish Sauce – Fish Oil Production Process in Factory

Fish meal is a powder obtained after cooking, pressing, drying and milling fresh raw fish, while fish oil is a liquid pressed from the cooked fish. Both are produced from harvesting short-lived, fast-growing stocks of small, bony and oily fish for which there is little or no demand for human consumption. By-products or trimmings from seafood processing are an increasingly large contributor to fish meal and fish oil production. 

With excellent nutritional value and containing high levels of polyunsaturated fat, they are among the most nutritious and digestible ingredients for aquaculture feeds and species. As such, they are recognised to provide health benefits to farmed animals and to the consumers of these products. These marine ingredients are currently in good supply, but they are also in very high demand from multiple sectors which is why Skretting undertakes extensive ingredient R&D at Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (AI). In fact, Skretting is able to make feeds containing no marine ingredients at all.

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  1. Lee Jensby says:


  2. người ta tự nuôi cá rồi dùng nó để chế biến dầu. thế mà tui tưởng họ phải đi đánh bắt vất vả lắm cơ

  3. davidbwa says:

    I was hoping for more information on the actual process of producing the fish oil. You showed fish heads being ground up at one end then oil at the other end.

  4. TheGAM3R says:

    I like fish head than fish meat lol fish head curry is the best

  5. Xuân Hiệu says:

    Được Dầu Cá Thật Này Mà uống thì thích , Giờ họ làm giả nhiều lắm , bọn bác sĩ giả về tổ dân phố lừa người cao tuổi mời đi tham dự mình bị lừa mất 500 n đồng hai lọ một dầu cá hai là lọ ômegama cách đây từ năm 2010 ,

  6. После введения санкций они взревели и потребовали от правительства компенсаций. Им сказали, чтобы искали другие рынки. Ответ был такой: " Кроме России это говно никто есть не будет." Наверное, сами жрут. Ну и нам урок.

  7. Thanks you very much
    Super fine factory

  8. INO says:

    Полезный продукт 😊

  9. 111455 says:

    this is like the old stroggification video from quake but for fish.

  10. How do you make the flesh look pink in color?

  11. Bhima Sunner says:

    Actually u didn't showing the chemical prosses that show the world how much this healthy for humans 🤣

  12. FishinHank says:

    Fish farms are garbage…..friends don't let friends eat farmed fish

  13. What about the high levels of chemicals used(antibiotics) which can result in mutations in microbes due to selective pressures? What about the deleterious effect on the environment? What about the levels of residual contaminants in the Salmon?

  14. hushpuppykl says:

    Love grilled salmon head. Its just so good!

  15. Conveniently let out the industrial amount of antibiotics , hormones and pesticides that they utilize to grow those salmons

  16. At 8mins 20s shocking is it dinosaur actually? Its not Salmon right?
    Anyway the Fishes Flow at His Legs, Definitely All His?

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