The new all-round packaging system: Pack Feeder 5 and Pack 403
The new all-round packaging system: Pack Feeder 5 and Pack 403
October 27, 2023
फैक्ट्री में कैसे बनता है 'KISSAN JAM'?How is 'KISSAN JAM' made in factory?
KISSAN JAM? How is “KISSAN JAM” made in a factory?
October 27, 2023

PrimoLinear V5 Food Weigh Filling and Packaging Machine

October 27, 2023

PrimoLinear V5 Food Weigh Filling and Packaging Machine

October 27, 2023


PrimoLinear V5 Food Weigh Filling and Packaging Machine: Precision in Every Fill

The PrimoLinear™ automatic net weigh filler V5 is a state-of-the-art machine meticulously engineered to deliver precise and consistent filling of a wide range of products into bags, cartons, trays, boxes, jars, and containers. Here’s an insight into this exceptional piece of packaging technology:

Key Features:

  • Accuracy Redefined: The PrimoLinear V5 is designed to ensure unparalleled accuracy in dispensing and filling. Its advanced technology guarantees that every product is weighed with precision, eliminating variations in fill levels.
  • Versatility Unleashed: This machine offers remarkable versatility, capable of handling various product types and packaging formats. From bags to cartons, containers, and more, it adapts seamlessly to your specific packaging needs.
  • Integration Flexibility: PrimoLinear V5 seamlessly integrates with a range of auxiliary machines, including vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines, pre-made pouch filling machines, and container filling machines. This makes it a powerful and adaptable component of your packaging line.

Watch Videos:

  • Filling #smoothie ingredients into cups with V-mini
  • Filling #cookies into containers with V5
  • Weigh filling #vegetables with V5
  • Weigh filling #beans, #rice, lentils with V5
  • Weigh filling #snack food with V5
  • Weigh filling #candies with V5

These videos showcase the PrimoLinear V5 in action, demonstrating its capability to handle a diverse range of products, from healthy smoothie ingredients to snacks and candies, with precision and efficiency.

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Contact Us – Elevate Your Filling and Packaging:

Are you ready to elevate your filling and packaging processes to new heights of precision and efficiency? Contact us today to explore how the PrimoLinear V5 can transform your production.

Experience the difference in precision and reliability with the PrimoLinear V5. Redefine your product packaging for unparalleled success.


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