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The Secret Sauce – How Intellectual Humility Transforms Leadership
January 2, 2024
January 2, 2024

Popular Mayonnaise Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

January 2, 2024

Popular Mayonnaise Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

January 2, 2024

Popular Mayonnaise Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

Not everyone likes mayonnaise, but those who do know that the quality of the condiment varies greatly from brand to brand. The best mayo complements a sandwich or potato salad perfectly, but the worst mayo completely overpowers whatever you’re eating. Every recipe is a little bit different, and it’s those little changes that really make the difference, as brands like Heinz are miles away from something like Hellmann’s. There are also vegan alternatives to the condiment, and some are a lot better than others. Let’s take a look at the ranking of every popular mayonnaise brand, from worst to best.

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Miracle Whip | 0:00
Heinz | 1:02
Vegenaise | 1:54
Kraft | 2:47
Sir Kensington’s | 3:32
Whole Foods 365 | 4:13
Cains | 4:48
McCormick | 5:26
Earth Balance | 6:15
Duke’s | 6:58
Kewpie | 7:37
Trader Joe’s | 8:15
Blue Plate | 8:50
Hellmann’s/Best Foods | 9:25

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  1. @TBonerton says:

    I used to love miracle whip. Havent bought it in 5 years now.

  2. @Deathshack says:

    Miracle Whip literally says salad dressing and condiment on the damn label lol and Its great for making egg salad, chicken salad and macaroni salad. Mayo is good for other things. I prefer Miracle Whip for everyday use and Mayo more for recipes that call for it.

  3. @etkayn9882 says:

    I guess you don't know about lesieur 😢 unfortunately! I was waiting for it to be rated, for me it is the best ✨😶

  4. Ketchup shouldn't even exist. Along with heinz mayo. Hellmsman and dukes is a good brand. Kewpie is solid sugar and eggs and i do not get the hype.

  5. Just make it yourself at home is way tastier and cheaper. 2 Egg yolks , 1 Spoon of mustard and 200-300ml of Oil, salt. You just mix it with a mixer until it stays stiff. If breaks don't sweat just add another egg yolk and a little more oil. And if that happens often try to switch the mustered. The one you are using has probably higher water content. From this quantity should get you enough mayo to fill 2 helmans jars of mayo. The downside is that it doesn't stay for more than a couple of days becouse it doesn't have 10000 aditives and preservatives and you need to keep it in the fridge. The best thing is you can't customize however you want. Be imaginative. Add some herbs like chopped parceling, besel, oregano, mint. Maiby do you like to be more spyce so add some chilly flakes, or chilli oil. You can add condiment mixes like guram masala or curry powder or you can add smashed garlick. If you don't want a lot of mayo make it from just 1 egg and 150 ml of Oil and half a spoon of mustard.

  6. Been making my own mayo at home for decades. Easy and the best.

  7. @shakaama says:

    it's like 4 ingredients.

  8. Raised as a "Best Foods" boy, I want to try several of the mayonnaises noted herein.
    Next up: Trader Joe's Organic,
    next, Primal Kitchen Avocado mayonnaise.

  9. 5:30 "… like Old Bay …"
    Dear McCormick: PLEASE (please please please) DON'T mess up Old Bay. Please.

  10. 4:00 "Sir Kensington" … the logo is almost exactly the same as my local "Old English" dry cleaners. I hope there's no tie-in.

  11. 2:00 Veganaise. Humans are OMNIVORES. Get over yourselves.

  12. Oddly, I want to try a jar of Miracle Whip (which I've never had in 50+ years).

  13. Kewpie is amazing on Korean fire noodles!

  14. Miracle Whip is made by Kraft like it's own MAYO! Miracle Whip was first made during the Depression as a cheap alternative to MAYO! Sir Kensington's is made by Unilever? Earth Balance is owned by ConAgra?

  15. You must really not like Miracle Whip get the salad dressing you know not mayonnaise

  16. @Eric-hq2yj says:

    You put the best two on the bottom!

  17. For most of my life, I've eaten Hellmann's with no complaint at all, but the last few years, I've switched to Dukes, though it's often out of stock at my local supermarket, so I don't mind falling back on Hellmann's. Recently, for select dishes, I've started buying Kewpie, but I'm not at the point I'd eat it on a hamburger, or use it as a general purpose mayo.

  18. @mengelman2 says:

    Most if not all contain seed oils. I guess most people dont know about seed oils but stay awat from them if you want to eat healthy. Mayo is too east to make at home with healthy oils such as avacado

  19. Kraft mayonnaise for life

  20. Miracle Whip has added sugar. That's what is appealing..

  21. @ray7419 says:

    Kewpie mayonnaise is definitely the best.

  22. @pleroma5924 says:


  23. Unpopular opinion….
    Blue Plate is the 🐐 and always will be

  24. @glen1ster says:

    I like Miracle Whip.

  25. @djr2253 says:

    Blue Plate is the best

  26. Miracle Whip is bioengineered a lot of these companies are being shy about letting the consumers know about that they're selling garbage you have to use the QR code to see that it is garbage

  27. @tskav says:

    Heinz mayo was introduced in 2018??? Heinz made mayo as early as 1951… Google is your friend 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. @Murph42000 says:

    Hellman’s or bust!!

  29. Hellman, Kewpie, marie poppy seeds, key foods mayonnaise, are my picks.

  30. I used to buy the large Trader Joe's mayo until they discontinued it when socialism (but without the monthly paycheck) took over during covid-19. I can't wait until there's no bread.

  31. @matrox says:

    UPDATE: Hellman's just went Kraft mayo on us. About a year ago Kraft thinned out their Mayo, Hellman's just did the same thing and watered it down. No longer thick. I'm now buying Duke Mayo as they are not yet cheating us and their Mayo still thick.

  32. Mayo mixed with ketchup is the best.

  33. FUN FACT: The blue lids from Walmart mayo may be reused as lids for your Mason jars. Just don't use them for canning. OBVIOUSLY.

  34. Hellmann's is the best mayo

  35. @WV591 says:

    wish i had watched this before destroying my egg salad with Miracle Whip, that is one nasty junk. yes indeed discustingly sweet. nasty sweet.

  36. @leo-qu5jt says:

    Fun video guys!I like mayo very much, but some jars are not easy to open, I have a stainless steel jar opener named GTAGGEE, which can be easily opened

  37. from Boston, Cains for the win! Hellman's has bad ingredients

  38. Hellman's is the best hands down

  39. We are from Alabama! I'm not wasting my money on anything else other than DUKE"S Mayonnaise.

  40. I just bought Hellmans it’s salty idk how y’all consider it better than miracle whip

  41. Blue Plate is the absolute BEST. I’ve taste tested most of the others. You said it perfectly when you said Blue Plate could be eaten by the spoonful. I’ve done that. 😋

  42. I just heard of Duke's while watching "Better Call Saul." 😊

  43. Canola (Canadian Motor oil) 🤮

  44. Vegenaise is not inedible! My non-vegan family members have eaten it and say they can't taste the difference between it and 'real mayonnaise' (i.e Hellmanns' etc). Most vegan mayo is gross, but Vegenaise is the best 'dupe' I've tasted.

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