How Apple Juice Is Made In Factory | Modern Fruit Juice Making Technology | Food Factory
How Apple Juice Is Made In Factory | Modern Fruit Juice Making Technology | Food Factory
October 26, 2023
What is Power-to-Liquid? The technology explained in a simple and short manner.
What is Power-to-Liquid? The technology explained in a simple and short manner.
October 27, 2023

Our new favorite and easy way to process tomatoes quickly

October 27, 2023

Our new favorite and easy way to process tomatoes quickly

October 27, 2023

Our new favorite and easy way to process tomatoes quickly

Playing catch up in the garden. Harvesting tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. sharing a few things we are going to try to improve on for the garden next year, as well as the new way we have been processing our tomatoes. Really makes canning tomato sauce a lot easier and getting food from the gaden to the table.

Big thank you to the viewers for this great tip!

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The tool we used for processing tomatoes:

My EDC Knife:

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  1. David says:

    You froze your tomatos?!? Idk if you know this or not…. But when tomatoes get to a certain cold temperature they chemically change and lose their tomato flavor. Even just refrigeration is enough to crystallize them and destroy the flavor. I won’t eat refrigerated tomatoes. Hope this might help. ❤

  2. The tomato processing starts at 9:20

  3. boddysurfer says:

    Useless video that has 10 minutes of crap that has nothing to do with tomatoes.

  4. beingsneaky says:

    Put tomatoe sauce through fine mesh strainer before putting in pot to heat it up.

  5. My Opinion says:

    What a freaking waste of time! I came here to see tomato processing. Not knife shopping or potato harvesting!

  6. Guy Dickhudt says:

    9 minutes to get to the tomatoes.

  7. Mark Sieber says:

    Your intro was too self indulgent. Quit after no content for a minute. Stopped after 1:13. Get to it brother our time is valuable,

  8. Im from Italy, we have the same kind of machine but its like 2 times bigger and it has got an electric motor, it can squeeze 200/300kg of tomatoes in an hour!

  9. nedthewino says:

    That sieve separates the pulp from the skins, you understand?

  10. Glad u got one of those strainers I’m 70 now but we borrowed one when I was 5 yrs old . It was our job to turn the crank , it worked great . Then my dad bought one . They were all stainless steel then and called squeezo strainer . Throw the waste on your mulch pile and you get hundreds of free tomato plants

  11. Jason says:

    You don't boil the tomatoes first to soften them?

  12. Spray your potatoes and all your vegetables with 100% cold press neem oil,it’s organic so no worries with harming your good insects,you will no problems with squash bugs potato bugs Japanese beetles.very versatile good minerals and kills bugs you don’t want..and I hope you ment straw and not hay..

  13. rennie rad says:

    Love your channel ❤👍 just subscribed and look forward to watching your video's.

  14. James Chupp says:

    Sorry, I see a lot of beneficial tomato sauce in the seeds and skin…. You could run the skin and seeds through a second time…
    But I blend up the skin and the seeds and heat it up a little longer… and the "grassy" taste goes away and I get a Lot Thicker Sauce!
    Of Course my mom strained the skin and seeds too when I was growing up.

  15. Good Day says:

    Why burn tomato stems?

  16. I love my mill. I cook my tomatoes first then cool to process. You will get thicker sauce and more tomatoe doing so.

  17. We took the crank handle off our mill and put a arbor on the threads and attached the cordless drill to it. It takes the work out of it.

  18. Rilla Felker says:

    Too much time spent on the Swiss Army knife. But the strainer looks good

  19. Brian Harris says:

    How do you tell when your auger baby watermelon is ready

  20. Tonya Perry says:

    You could have made multiple videos. Potatoes, onions, chickens, and purchasing a knife.
    The tomato process starts @9:15. Hence the title of the video.

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