Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way
Five Generations of Making Soy Sauce the Traditional Way
November 11, 2023
VEVOR Electric Tomato Strainer
VEVOR Electric Tomato Strainer🍅
November 11, 2023

mayonnaise production line processing machine filling line

November 11, 2023

mayonnaise production line processing machine filling line

November 11, 2023

mayonnaise production line processing machine filling line

If you want to learn more about our JPS vacuum homogenizer machine for mayonnaise, you can visit our website here:

Whatsapp/Wechat: +8618906171951

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JPS series Mayonnaise Vacuum Homogenizer is a professional system for mayonnaise and the other oil / water phase emulsified ingredients, according to the production process of mayonnaise, the stirring type of JPS series is more suitable for mixing products whose viscosity similar to mayonnaise. Emulsification is the core of the production of mayonnaise and JPS series, we adopt a production method based on the principle of on-line three-phase microemulsification, The oil / water phase is divided into small units, then met in the emulsifying function area, completed the complexation between emulsifier and oil / water emulsion. This design allows the designer to specify the partition of the functional area in the whole system, and better to adjust and optimize the whole manufacturing process. Such as in emulsion functional areas, JPS series strengthens emulsifying capacity, makes the oil phase to be emulsified into microscopic liquid drops and complexing with the aqueous phase and the emulsifier the first time so that getting a stable emulsion system of oil in water, thus solving problems like too wide oil droplet size distribution, poor stability of the product type, and vulnerable to the risk of oil spills etc., which easily cause by the macro emulsification method and mixing stirring modes that interfere with each other. In addition, JPS has the expanding ability of online continuous production.
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