October 5, 2023
How do You Seal Food Products What is Used
How do You Seal Food Products [ What is Used to Seal Packaging] 3 SEALER REVIEWS
October 5, 2023

Mayonnaise from Scratch

October 5, 2023

Mayonnaise from Scratch

October 5, 2023

Mayonnaise from Scratch

#shorts #mayonnaise #mayonnaisefromscratch

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  1. Flora says:

    We’re can I find the crab cake recipe?

  2. Dibosh says:

    If you're going to seduce me at least let me take you out to dinner…

  3. HexIT says:

    Quit winking at me you scoundrel..

    I cannot cook with one hand.

  4. N N says:

    And making mayonnaise by hand whisking produces a dead arm… but, it's so worth it.

  5. Tell you what. You leave that necklace at the door. And woo boy.
    Ill help you find jesus and mayo.😂😂…
    Bad joke aside. Entertaining video.

  6. Mmmm mustard and mayo sandwiches

  7. winiver77 says:

    I keep failing I think it’s the blender stick I have ! It comes out watery ! No idea what I’m doing wrong ! 😮

  8. Do the eggs need to be pasteurized or raw?

  9. Angie says:

    How long will it last in the fridge

  10. I tried other recipe it was soup I tossed in another egg same super runny 😢

  11. Nofx_given says:

    Mayo recipe in a cook book for dummies

  12. tash tash says:

    hello, shereen, what oil did you use?

  13. J Dad says:

    What is your onlyfans account

  14. John says:

    I want to clone you devil woman ❤❤

  15. ohhh a reason not to use the zest..😂

  16. What the hell is going on with my Special Purpose! jk Looks delicious! 😉

  17. synaptic says:

    Has anyone actually tried the recipe? I can't get it to become thick no matter how slowly I pour, or what setting I've got my mixer to. It's so frustrating. I wish I didn't even try it, because I've wasted eggs and they're expensive.

  18. Etool435 says:

    Vinegar and lemon? Are they both flavor elements or do they have separate functions?

  19. what's wrong with her…

  20. This recipe is in her "cooking with Shereen from scratch" but it is included in homemade Caesar salad with garlic croutons recipe.
    The immersion blender recipe is in the second cookbook.

  21. Lori Pepito says:

    Woman….no offense …but you make this mayo look sexy!! Lol

  22. Thanks! Just noticed Hellman’s has a bioengineered notice on the label. Nope. No human fetal kidney cells for me, Hellman’s. Thanks anyway.

  23. T W says:

    Go slow… At high speed?!?!? Whah?!?! 🤷

  24. Ray says:

    Well damn. Isn’t she spectacular.

  25. "It's not hard"
    Well it is now….

  26. Mike Webster says:

    Remember that scene from Step Brothers at the Catalina Wine Mixer when the guy says to Brennan “If you don’t change your face I’m going to change it for you”. I feel like this about this lady for no reason at all I just don’t like to look at her.

  27. You can make some seriously clean ranch with this mayo now, too. It's the only way!! You'll never buy the nasty store bought again. I used to love store bought, just now I know what is in it.

  28. another hot chef ..

  29. Karome says:

    How long does it keep?

  30. Trisha Singh says:

    Please anyone Tell me if she used oil or not?

  31. EVE S says:

    First time I made this it was perfect 🙂 second time it came out a little watery… Wondering if it has to do with the eggs… Totally forgot to use room temperature eggs. Thoughts?

  32. Louis Flores says:

    love your expressive beautiful face and body 😎 cool…not to mention your spectacular recipes…very lucky family to have you around ❤

  33. Robert Pace says:

    I want to live next dor to Shareen

  34. GreenEyes says:

    Had anyone tried doubling this recipe? Thank you.

  35. Im gonna try this one, for how Long do it last after made?

  36. followed and didn't work. Not worth it!

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