Pickleball Paddle Questions Answered w/ Carl Schmits - Dinking Around Podcast - 53
Pickleball Paddle Questions Answered w/ Carl Schmits – Dinking Around Podcast – 53
November 20, 2023
Easiest Homemade Hot Sauce You Will LOVE!!
Easiest Homemade Hot Sauce You Will LOVE!!
November 20, 2023

Marinara from Scratch

November 20, 2023

Marinara from Scratch

November 20, 2023

Marinara from Scratch

#Shorts #Marinarafromscratch #marinara

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  1. MsKathiJo says:

    Love your content, Shereen ❤

  2. Tinaf says:

    Thank God no sugar!!

  3. Oregano? Making pizza sauce??

  4. you are definitely the stuff the stuff keep up the good work good work

  5. We make'da sauce!!! Don't make a mess! Keep stirring! Keep stirring Mangia, Mangia

  6. can you freeze the sauce for later?

  7. DL MANOLO says:

    MY GOD !!…why so much salt??

  8. First time watching your videos definitely going to make it today

  9. I literally wait anxiously for her to say “pepper.” She’s adorable ❤️❤️❤️

  10. So… Just a quick question, what other i can use to subtitude white wine..?

  11. If you need boning. Just let me know

  12. That sauce makes my mouth Water 😂

  13. I make mine too but I also remove the seeds

  14. New to your channel. I love it❤.

  15. Angelia Dewi says:

    can i skip the white wine?or is there alternatif for it?

  16. Dr B says:

    Hi Pat Gordon Ramsey just wants to take you out just to get some recipes💕💕💕

  17. lu chang says:

    Tried this and super easy and very good.

  18. Claud says:


  19. Finally, Somebody did it perfectly and not long like a movie. Thank you so much ❤ 🍝

  20. Todd Hefer says:

    God Bless in Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  21. reign kim says:

    Kousha swoult ✨💜

  22. LogicRules says:

    I always thought marinara means seafood

  23. Marion says:

    Right…. SAUCE NOT GRAVY!❤

  24. Lior Farkash says:

    You putting too many onions in the sauce vinny

  25. Tina T says:

    You should deseed the tomatoes by giving them a little squeeze. Seeds make the sauce taste bitter

  26. MIKE VALUSKA says:


  27. A DLS says:

    We’ll make it a sauce 😂

  28. A K says:

    Ur the best. Just opened YouTube go find this recipe and BOOM IT WAS RIGHT THERE. That’s not why ur the best tho. You just are

  29. Tarragon. Add tarragon and your sauce will pop. Trust me.

  30. Daniel Thomp says:

    Why salt on water bath??

  31. Hey! Remove the core….care to elaborate?

  32. Chris McNabb says:

    When making the X on the tomato…don't cut into the tomato, just run the knife along the skin. The tomato's won't soak up so much water

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