Automatic Jam Filling Machine
Automatic Jam Filling Machine
December 17, 2023
Wonder Gel Stainless Steel Cleaner Tutorial
Wonder Gel Stainless Steel Cleaner Tutorial
December 17, 2023

Mango Pulp Processing Plant

December 17, 2023

Mango Pulp Processing Plant

December 17, 2023

Mango Pulp Processing Plant

Mango Pulp Processing Plant

We are supplying complete mango processing machinery on turnkey basis for the production of mango pulp, juice concentrated puree, as well as single machines to meet specific requirements
We can setup mango processing plant on turnkey basis where fresh mangoes will be processed to manufacture mango pulp, mango concentrate/Jam and mango Juice. Plant comprises following sections:

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Fresh mangoes would be received at reception section and passed on to the fruit washing and grading section.
Mangoes from reception will be washed in washing section to remove outer dirt and foreign matter from the fruit skin.
Washed mango would be feed to the inspection cum sorting conveyor where unwanted, damaged mangoes would be separated out manually.
Major Equipment’s:

Infeed Conveyor, Mango Washer, Sorting Table
Washed graded Mangoes would be passed on to the fruit juice extraction and processing unit.
From fresh Mangoes the juice will be extracted out in juice extraction system.
The outer skin, seed and fiber of fruits would be separated out from extraction machine and then disposed manually.
Extracted juice is passed to the heat treatment to avoid the quality degradation.
Again it is fine pulped in Pulper cum finisher to get finished pulp.
This pulp will go for further processing to Pulp Pasteurizer
Pasteurized pulp is transferred to a Pulp storage tank.
Major Equipment’s:
Mango Destoner , Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulper cum Finisher, Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulp Preheater (Shell Tube Heat Exchanger), Pulp Storage cum Balance Tank
For Mango Pulp and then it is mixed with sugar solution and all ingredients. Then the Mango Pulp is pasteurized and then allowed for packing.

Major equipment’s: –
Sugar Dissolving Tank, Sugar Solution Transfer Pump, Inline Filter, Blending Tank, Screw Pump, Paste Pasteurizer, Balance Tank, Transfer Pump (Lobe Type), Buffer Tank (Insulated)

Can Packing For Mango Pulp –
Aseptic Bag Packing For Mango Pulp
welcome to contact us to get more information. visit our website- ; Contact:; mobile- China Office: +86 519 83316686 ; Malaysia Head Office: + 601128105241 ; India Office: +91……………. ; Bangladesh Office: +8801911048757 ; YouTube channel- ; twitter: ; LinkedIn: ; Facebook:

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  1. Using the high efficient of mango destoner to improve the mango output percentage effectively.

  2. Good afternoon sir I would like to talk to you regarding aamki gutli can you send me your mobile number thank you

  3. @brabusmk says:

    Wonder how much a set up like this costs? 🤔

  4. @Monoceratis says:

    Plup FUCKED up Mango this set, actually crazy, the tech chases are like nothing I've ever seen before…

  5. This is sufficient for small planet….
    But I need one Barrel 😂

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  7. Pl send best offer for complete turnkey automatic plant for processing mango

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  9. @AZ_Sikhon says:

    Love 💕 from Bangladesh.🇧🇩🇧🇩💕

  10. USA BULLET. Zaheeru deen Babar Muslim Pakistani

  11. USA BULLET. Zaheeru deen Babar Muslim Pakistani

  12. USA BULLET. Zaheeru deen Babar Muslim Pakistani

  13. USA BULLET. Zaheeru deen Babar Muslim Pakistani

  14. Where this factory is located ?

  15. Can u supply Nagapattinam tamilnadu? 3.1kg tin, 10 or 20 carton, price please

  16. hi
    This is Nnadeesh from hyderabad and i am interested in setting up mango pulp unit , so i have been searching for machinery and can u give detail project for machinery

  17. I have ready setup for sale in Maharashtra with Farm and Plant 9892487624

  18. I am interested this project.

  19. This plant is in chittoor Andhra pradesh India.. But I doubt if uploader of this video is manufacturer.. Because we have many sophisticated manufacturers in chittoor Andhra pradesh India🇮🇳

  20. @pramod9155 says:

    We need totapuri pulp
    9825192367 kindly contact us

  21. Dear sir i want to set up a juice and mango plup plant for one of my client please contact me asap Rajiv Gupta bombay 9987574865

  22. @NR-mj8uy says:

    call me plz 9083805546

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  24. @amsdip83 says:

    This is a big set up, can you please send details for small scale production,

  25. @haojudy6032 says:

    We are bag in box filling machine manufacturer for 15 years with CE certification. competitive price with high quality, looking forward to work with you.

  26. @bhu123s5 says:

    Send details please

  27. Phone number please send

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