Yummy Instant Noodles Chow Mein in minutes!!
Yummy Instant Noodles Chow Mein in minutes!!
December 10, 2023
Try my 3 ingredients Vietnamese mayo recipe!
Try my 3 ingredients Vietnamese mayo recipe!
December 10, 2023

Making Sauce from 600lbs of Tomatoes with Frank and the Pinello Family

December 10, 2023

Making Sauce from 600lbs of Tomatoes with Frank and the Pinello Family

December 10, 2023

Making Sauce from 600lbs of Tomatoes with Frank and the Pinello Family

Every August, Frank Pinello and his family gather in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to can the best summer tomatoes so that they have perfect tomato sauce all winter long. We tagged along and documented this long standing family tradition.

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  1. So whats the the quality of these like compared to “DOP San Marzano tomatoes?”

  2. Great video! Just wondering don't the bottles have to be boiled?

  3. I remember making sauce when I was a kid memories

  4. I watch this video constantly in August. Tha KS to this video my friends and I make tomato sauce every year. This year we're up to 3 bushels (150 pounds)

  5. I’m from an Italian family in NY and it’s been ages since I made homemade tomato sauce or been home for that matter-23 years. All my Italian family are passed away now but this video inspired me to revive the sauce and other recipes.
    Subscribed and thank you
    🇮🇹 🇺🇸

  6. @psrpippy says:

    I love this. An entire family working together. Brilliant.

  7. Australian wine ???? Really Frankie???

  8. What a beautiful family !!! My sinceres respects from Algeria to 18 AV people …

  9. The ladies in this family are so beautiful. Family time is the best time!

  10. @henri4356 says:

    Duuude Frankie’s sister is FINE!

  11. Beautiful guys. My Sicilian family does the exact same thing here in southern Australia. Bravo frank bouna Fortuna per lei e tua famiglia.

  12. just beautifully done

  13. Love to see it done without a waterbath/pressure cooker. That's how my gran always did it and that's how I do it. ♡

  14. @Scrapla1 says:

    My grandma use to grow basil on her balcony

  15. I would cut those tomatoes fast af boi

  16. @AndyB718 says:

    Sadly its a dying tradition in NYC as we all leave and head South.
    Good thing is the South will get the best food they ever experienced from New Yorkers.

  17. Fun family. Women from Italy and Cicily seem to stay beautiful all their lives. Diana is still very attractive. I'm going to eat more tomatoes.

  18. Speaking as a Sicilian, I'm so blessed to know this process from beginning to end! God Bless!🙏

  19. @yumlive5698 says:

    Very informative and fun to watch. Thanks to you and your family for sharing

  20. This video is everything glorious and holy. I love being an Italian.

  21. @maggieq091 says:

    What to do with the purée the machine spits out? Tomato paste?

  22. @dannylerch says:

    Frank is a TRUE pro. Making Tomato Sauce in a white T-Shirt.

  23. My family used to do stuff like this with cucumbers and making pickles for the year. Then my grandparents died and the family tore itself apart.

  24. Cool, tomatoes have one of the highest pesticides concentration, and these guys make a sauce of it without even rincing it …

  25. @ramz1455 says:

    Frank, will you do me the honors of being your Bro In Law ? 🙂

  26. @Cmon_Nah123 says:

    I love how frank and his family have traditions like this.

  27. I wanna do shit like this when I have my own family

  28. @camcorp says:

    still looks a little thin. i add basil and salt….great job

  29. The Mason Jar was invented in my hometown of Vineland NJ, South Jersey. Always remember that you people in NY. Up with the Eagles, down with the Giants!

  30. I can’t believe a native Italian would look at this video in its entirety, listen to the stories and traditions they have to share, and still claim that Italian Americans are “Just Americans”. Disappointing

  31. @k_jrin28 says:

    Food culture that involves families sitting down and doing things make my heart warm. Making tomato sauce, kimchi, dumplings, it’s so nice to have that “bonding” time between families.

  32. Nah, you HAVE to put the basil in the jar.

  33. @kaim3ra17 says:

    its always late night when i'm watching this shit, and i just ate and i'm still horny for this

  34. @draperwd86 says:

    3:25 cut all the bullshit straight to cooking….

  35. Did they water bath can the tomatoes? It seems like they skipped a step! Nothing like a little botulism to go with my tomatoes, lol.

  36. Can't believe that my man frank is wearing a white t shirt lol

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