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December 17, 2023
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Making mango pickle with green mangos – best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season

December 17, 2023

Making mango pickle with green mangos – best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season

December 17, 2023

Making mango pickle with green mangos – best way to preserve mangoes for well after the mango season

Hi all
I am back with a much requested recipe – mango pickle! We used to have 5 mango trees in our small yard in Newlands West and in October/November there was always a bounty of mature but not yet ripening mangoes to use for pickle! Pickling mango was on of the best and tastiest ways to preserve the mangoes until well after they had ripened in December and January and all be eaten up! And the recipe is relatively simple but involves a few different steps!

1 kg green mangoes, cut and washed
1/2 cup rough salt
2 tbs pickle masala
1 heaped tbs pure chillie powder
1 tsp sugar
10 cloves of garlic
2 cups oil

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  1. Becouse the ingredient is pure masala and pickle masala and then when u put ur ingr in u say pickle masala nd pure chilly powder so what is it I thnk U for this lemon pickle I tried to find it every where.an so I want to make it. but I'm not sure of this pure masala thts why I ask if chilly powder is the same.thnx

  2. Should the pickle prices be a bit tough

  3. Please post sweet rice recipe.

  4. Thank you for this simple way off making this pickle I did try it once came out beautiful my boys loved it I told them I followed ur recipe they said it tasted better than the store bought 😅thumbs up to u aunt take care Maya. SA

  5. Thank u Maa 4 Tis recipe didn't hve pickle masalla u pickle looks delicious Shireen East London

  6. I just love your recipes

  7. @arung5307 says:

    Hello Aunty. I really like the way your videos are made to teach young generation the traditional recipes. A few years ago I attended a wedding in Durban and they had a pickle made of various dried fruit such as prunes, apricots etc. I would love to make this pickle but cannot find the recipe anywhere. If you do have the recipe please, please make a video.

  8. You are so blessed amma

  9. Hiiii lallie barbie…thanks for sharing a lovely pickle recipe…hugs n kisses Tootie(Anesha sis)shallcross ❤

  10. @Carene1610 says:

    Fabulous!!! Definitely going to try this. Thank you 😋

  11. Hellow ma'am it will cook after all preparing that pickled

  12. @lizalim5142 says:

    Hi! Can you tell me if the mangoes are spicy?

  13. @lizalim5142 says:

    Please write all your the
    Ingredients that you used. Thank you.

  14. @lolacel3277 says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipe.Pickled mango 🥰

  15. Hi do you have recipe for vegetable pickle?TIA

  16. Hello Ma'm. Nice recipe!! Can I use semi ripe mangoes? Thankyou.

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