PrimoLinear V5 Food Weigh Filling and Packaging Machine
PrimoLinear V5 Food Weigh Filling and Packaging Machine
October 27, 2023
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The Quickest Homemade Pickles Ever | Refrigerator Pickle Recipe
October 27, 2023

KISSAN JAM? How is “KISSAN JAM” made in a factory?

October 27, 2023

KISSAN JAM? How is “KISSAN JAM” made in a factory?

October 27, 2023


KISSAN JAM? How is “KISSAN JAM” made in a factory?

Kissan Jam, like many fruit jams, is typically produced in a factory through a series of well-defined steps. Here’s a general overview of how Kissan Jam is made in a factory:

1. Fruit Selection:

  • The process starts with the selection of high-quality fruits. In the case of Kissan Jam, it is known for its wide range of fruit flavors, including strawberry, mixed fruit, mango, and more. Each fruit variety is sourced based on specific quality criteria.

2. Washing and Sorting:

  • The selected fruits are thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove any impurities, dirt, or contaminants.
  • The fruits are then sorted to remove damaged or overripe ones, ensuring only the best-quality fruits are used.

3. Peeling and Pitting (if required):

  • Some fruits, like mangoes, may need peeling and pitting to remove the skin and seeds.

4. Cooking:

  • The prepared fruits are cooked to soften them and make them suitable for mashing and further processing. Sugar and pectin may also be added at this stage, depending on the recipe.

5. Mashing and Blending:

  • The softened fruits are mashed to create a pulp or puree. Different fruit varieties are blended to achieve the desired flavor profile.

6. Boiling:

  • The fruit pulp is boiled to the desired consistency. This step helps thicken the jam and intensify the fruit flavors. It is crucial for achieving the characteristic texture of jam.

7. Flavor Enhancement:

  • Depending on the specific flavor of Kissan Jam being produced, natural or artificial flavors may be added to enhance the taste.

8. Quality Control:

  • Quality control measures are in place to ensure the jam meets the desired taste, color, and texture. Samples are tested to maintain consistent product quality.

9. Filling and Packaging:

  • The hot jam is filled into sterilized jars or containers. The containers are sealed to create an airtight environment, preventing spoilage.

10. Cooling:

  • The filled jars are cooled to room temperature to allow the jam to set properly.

11. Labeling and Branding:

  • The jars are labeled with product information, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and branding. The packaging also plays a vital role in promoting the product.

12. Storage and Distribution:

  • The packaged Kissan Jam is stored in a controlled environment to maintain its quality. Once quality checks are passed, the jam is distributed to retailers, wholesalers, and ultimately, to consumers.

It’s important to note that specific recipes and procedures may vary among different jam manufacturers. The production of Kissan Jam is done in accordance with quality and safety standards to ensure a consistent and delicious product for consumers.

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