Canning Tomato Sauce - 52 Weeks of Canning
Canning Tomato Sauce – 52 Weeks of Canning
December 18, 2023
eggless mayonnaise recipe in mixi - 4 flavours in 3 mins | veg mayonnaise recipe | eggless mayo
eggless mayonnaise recipe in mixi – 4 flavours in 3 mins | veg mayonnaise recipe | eggless mayo
December 18, 2023

Japan’s soy sauce maker ‘Kikkoman’ dominates global market

December 18, 2023

Japan’s soy sauce maker ‘Kikkoman’ dominates global market

December 18, 2023

Japan’s soy sauce maker ‘Kikkoman’ dominates global market

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Chiba (Japan), Dec 03 (ANI): Soy sauce is a universal seasoning loved by one and all. Kikkoman, a leading soy sauce company based in Japan is dominating the global market. It functions quite similarly to Japanese traditional food culture and ensures the natural brewing of Soy Sauce. Kikkoman sells Japan’s unique soy sauce as an all-purpose seasoning. In 1957, Kikkoman entered the U.S. market. Currently, it is operating in more than 100 locations around the world. Kikkoman advertised “soy sauce is all-purpose seasoning” in a TV commercial aimed at attracting viewers and emphasized the strategy of promoting soy sauce in local areas for consumers to actually know the taste of soy sauce. The company’s motive is to make good quality soy sauce which is consumed by many people all across the world. Made by natural methods, Kikkoman Soy Sauce is a quality product used in a variety of dishes.(SS)
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  1. I remember my first time having ramen as a kid and adding kikkomen soy sauce I always loved the way the bottle looked and have loved the taste of it ever since

  2. Kikoman soysauce in Australia is made in China does not taste the same as japanese made

  3. Totally drinking Kikkoman Soy Sauce while watching this!

  4. China Lily is way better soy sauce hands down.

  5. @laptop9441 says:

    This place has replaced your high quality content with cheap imitation.

  6. Best stuff on the planet.

  7. I only buy KIKKO MAN 😒

  8. 3:03 "made by natural methods" for a sec I heard meth heads, I'm like, What??

  9. IT IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!! at the same pricepoint or maybe a little bit above THERE IS A WORLD of soy sauces SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than this piece of horse crapola!

  10. There's actually a Kikkoman factory in my town in California. They supposedly picked it because of the water quality. All though the water here for 5 years or more tastes and smells like chlorine. Their soy sauce is top tier, but i prefer Yoshidas teriyaki.

  11. @Goldone99 says:

    Idk about any other soy sauce that one just catches on with me the best.

  12. @Goldone99 says:

    That's the 1st time I've seen a Japanese Last NAME with two or Fewer syllables.

  13. I literally have been putting shoyu on my french fries since I was a small child. It's better than salt, tho I do add a bit of black pepper

  14. Love Kikkoman terraykai & soy sauces 🙂

  15. هل تحتوي على الكحول؟

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