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Saline Solution Filling Machine Pharmaceutical Filler
November 25, 2023
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Canned pickled fruit vegetable making machine cucumber washing canning unit pickles production line
November 25, 2023

Intro to FigJam: How to brainstorm with an online whiteboard

November 25, 2023

Intro to FigJam: How to brainstorm with an online whiteboard

November 25, 2023

Intro to FigJam: How to brainstorm with an online whiteboard

Figma and FigJam are free to use. Sign up here:

FigJam is an online whiteboard for teams to ideate and brainstorm together. Purpose-built for the earliest stages of design, FigJam makes everything from discovery to design sprints easier and more fun — whether you’re working alone or collaborating with your extended team. Let’s see how we can use FigJam collaboratively in an online brainstorming session!

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Help center article:

00:00 Intro
00:23 Create a new FigJam file
00:33 Prepare a board for brainstorming session
01:45 Share and collaborate
03:33 Voting session
04:05 Prioritize ideas
05:18 Diagram with FigJam
06:00 Wrap up

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Fluffy by Smith The Mister
Smith The Mister
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Japanese sentences from デザイナーの英語帳 by Namika Haiji / 灰色ハイジ

Video Duration: 00:06:30

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  1. Figma says:

    Leave a comment to let us know how you use FigJam with your team!

  2. no way! if you already have some processes, it is not possible to work the way shown in the video. comment from Q4 2023. might valid for any timeframe

  3. EIBBOR2654 says:

    This whole video must have been done by a bunch of adult children that think and act like 10 year olds. Whoever did this video, they sound like kids playing in a classroom pretending they are adults. This figjam is just bloatwear I can't see any practical reason for this program other than having employees mess around all day and get nothing done, or for the radical left Marxist agenda fools to plan their next havoc session. But the millennial generation has no idea of how to actually interact with others face to face. Without texting or their cellphone they can't handle life. God help y'all when it all comes crashing down.

  4. this is just for planning? and texts?

  5. SuperMarioAI says:

    This is how team collaboration should be done, the last 25% of this vid is accurate af

  6. I wonder how best to signpost my (many) users to specific parts of the board. Does Figjam offer some functionality to index areas (I do have in mind something like the Outline in Mural)?

  7. @Figma – Awesome tool and great explanation video. Would you be so kind to share how the animation was created, or by whom? Thank you in advance. Best, Erhard

  8. Billy Balls says:

    I'm just hoping Adobe doesn't ruin Figma like they did all the other Adobe products.

  9. Paula says:

    I teach Spanish online and this saved my life🎉 I love FIGJAM sooooooo much ❤

  10. DenkePruefe says:

    Hi! Where is the version without music? I'd really prefer that…

  11. Natavee Chav says:

    Can use figjam in android mobile?

  12. Incredible tool! I couldn't imagine the potential of it until this video!

  13. Awesome, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. Hack0x90 says:

    Great tutorial, but "ooh …" sound kept repeating in my head 🤣

  15. Rixar13 says:

    Irish Honey Badger – Need emoji's

  16. gtx332 says:

    in English next time, please.

  17. I would love a more professional approach and fewer smilies or nice things. Stop trying to be cool. It is infuriating. Or create versions for mature people. How do you expect to gain market share from Miro?

  18. Aқcaқaл says:

    Miro is deleted. Now all we need is FigJam

  19. Excellent usability, will try out! 

    Does FigJam have a table component, like Miro? Great for usability test results when doing multiple tests. Post-its stay inside cells, duplicate rows and columns with template content, for example

  20. This tutorial is so fun and so informative! The animation is SO clean, and I love the example scenario used to show all the features and shortcuts.

  21. Qmagix says:

    This is a platform used by adult people, right?
    It sounds like you are explaining something to a kindergarten.
    I love to work with Figma, but this video is not looking serious to me, unless they are meant for a very young audience.

  22. Việt An says:

    Is FigJam still gonna be free in 2022 ?

  23. SABAQUACK says:

    Dear figma I have facing so many problems with your windows app. I had already made a legal complaint but the problem remains same please solve the problem.

  24. Ryzza5 says:

    Perhaps a future video can dive into that flow-chart feature in a bit more detail.

  25. env1ro says:

    Amazing tool, thanks! 💪❤️

  26. Julian Riise says:

    This is the way to do tutorials!! Go Figma <3

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