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November 27, 2023
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Grow More Tomatoes NOT LEAVES!!!
November 28, 2023

How we jam: FigJam for designers

November 27, 2023

How we jam: FigJam for designers

November 27, 2023

How we jam: FigJam for designers

Join us for an inside look into how Designers across Figma use FigJam to be more generative together.

We’ll show you how we’ve integrated FigJam into our design process, including how we use Figma to create components that make our jams more productive. And we’ll share how we’ve used FigJam to diagram at different altitudes — from product architecture to individual feature interactions.

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Prepare for your next FigJam session with these resources:
Blog post recap:
Duplicate the Community file:

Figmates in this video:
Jenny Wen, Product Designer at Figma –
Keeyen Yeo, Product Designer at Figma –
Noah Levin, Design Director at Figma –

0:00 Introductions
0:58 Intro to FigJam, Jenny Wen
1:40 FigJam FunJam
6:29 Sticky Authors/Decision Tree
10:28 Curser High Fives, Keeyen Yeo
22:49 Design Manager Use Cases, Noah Levin
25:18 Hiring Kit
26:40 Critiques
28:00 Offsite Planning
30:00 Q&A

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Video Duration: 00:40:50

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  1. Are the figjams explained available to community? If so, how can I access them to check the ideas in action?

  2. while you guys create a figma and debate I would approve with the client and handoff the entire thing.

  3. Tom painter says:

    When I saw that you can create those templates! 😮🤯 #byeByeMiro

  4. I hate people doing vocal fry …

  5. porg says:

    8:36 Decision Tree: A great visual representation of a design rationale. If a feature get's questioned later on, and feedback comes in, you can revisit the reasons behind a decision quite well. Through it's hierarchical notation, you can also very well see, even if a certain aspect is pro/against something, that may be rendered moot, due to a higher level decision. Ofc the hierarchy of single decisions is made up by the design team as well, and may be questioned later: But overally it can be assumed that the hierarchy of decisions was made in good faith too, so one can rely on higher level decisions, and not spend too much with pros/cons of lower level decisions. Great methodology!

  6. What tool did you use for the HR Pie Chart ?

  7. Mønkey says:

    This was quite interesting walkthrough, thanks!

  8. Is Fitjam accessible for free users aswell?

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