Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe |Perfect and Easy Mayonnaise |Commercial mayonnaise|Quick mayo recipe
Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe |Perfect and Easy Mayonnaise |Commercial mayonnaise|Quick mayo recipe
December 3, 2023
Digital Printing on Paper Pouches
Digital Printing on Paper Pouches
December 3, 2023

How to use a tomato press to take out the seeds.

December 3, 2023

How to use a tomato press to take out the seeds.

December 3, 2023

How to use a tomato press to take out the seeds.

( Ever wonder how to de-seed your tomatoes to make tomato puree or sauce? In this video, I am going to show you how to operate a manual tomato press. They are inexpensive. For more information about using this press, read here:

If you want to buy it, this is mine on Amazon: (It is an affiliate link.)

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  1. Mama would bring tomatoes to a boil …when skin splits…drain the tomatoes & place in a colander…& place on top of the pot cooked it…poke the tomato's with a 2 prong fork…tilt the colander on side of pot…the almost clear liguid that come out is amazing !…then in goes into the tomatoe mill (I've got that same mill, old one ) & the thickest tomato sause comes out perfect love your video's

  2. In Italy we take the seeds out before boiling them up… otherwise it becomes watery..we also remove the core as it's bitter

  3. Bought one after viewing your video. It arrives today and cannot wait to give it a whirl. Up to date have de seeded by hand and it is so labor intensive and time consuming.

  4. Thank you for your video. I was having such a hard time with mine so I went searching and found your video. I was using quartered raw tomatoes and it was so hard to turn the crank. When I saw what you were using, I pulled out my meat grinder and ground my tomatoes on the coarsest setting and THEN I put them through the machine. The difference was night and day. Thanks!

  5. Will this remove strawberry and blueberry seeds?

  6. I have one that was my in-laws. I tried using it after watching your video. Can you tell me why the skin and seeds didn’t come out? They were grounded up and the tomatoes came out very, very thick. I’m thinking I might have put it together incorrectly. Hoping you will do an assembly video HELP!

  7. Please do another video showing how to clean it and put it back together!!

  8. @wladosu says:

    how do you detach handle on your tomato squeezer? I attach mine and its working great, but now i want to

    disassemble it and the handle is just stuck, it wont go out?

  9. @CP-os1pc says:

    Put those tomatoes in a big pot and cook them down Wow outstanding

  10. I purchased this product at an Estate Sale, I should have checked the box to see if all the parts were there. Well all the parts were NOT there. all the inner mechanics were missing. Now what to do with it. I can not find replacement parts. It is a O.M.A.C. Gulliver tomato press looks exactly like the one you are using . Please if you can, help guide me to find the inn mechanism so I can use it. Otherwise it is useless and junk. Thank you , Suzanne

  11. Tomato seeds and skin are poison. They contain all the lectin.

  12. I just picked this up today at the Salvation Army. Less than $10. I don't have the C Clamps. Easy enough to get and maintain sterile… I am so excited.
    Thank You for this Video.

  13. @MrTarkus007 says:

    imagine doing 3-4 bushels with that my dumb wife bought 1 & believe me she didn't know what she was purchasing

  14. Hi, thanks ! This video was helpful, for I have the press without instructions!! 🙂

  15. @aggabus says:

    seed out and 7/18th's tmadr

  16. Nice kitchen cabinets and reno. Can you advise how easy it is to clean up liquids from the hardwood floor ? In the kitchen there's always things that get spilled, how do you protect the wood floor ? Oh, do you need to do multiple passes with the left over tomatos ? Also, do you prefer to boil the tomatos and then run it thru the press, or do you run it thru first and boil sauce afterwards ?

  17. I have a question, I just bought one of these however, it didnt come with good instructions to put it together and I'm really lost. ..can you walk me through that since it looks like you have the same one

  18. The tomatoes can be pre boiled and then run through the press and it is a lot easier. Once you have them pressed add back to the pan and simmer until the desired thickness is achieved.

  19. @MrNacho1946 says:

    I really would like to get one one those. The price is affordable and is stainless steel but, it looks very flimsy.  

  20. @Green-talk says:

    +Kj Joy, I hope you get this reply.  To answer your questions.  I cook my tomato sauce in a crockpot so that it gets thick.  (I take off the top of the crockpot so it slowly cooks down.) Usually this could take 2 days. You can use a pot too but it will cook much faster.

     My tomatoes are garden variety ones so they are very watery.  To make tomato paste, you just have to boil the sauce down until the tomatoes it is thick like paste.  I made tomato paste once.  You use a lot of tomatoes to make paste and honestly, I would rather have sauce instead since it uses less tomatoes.  I hope this answer helps.

  21. How long did you cook them?  How will you use/store this sauce?  Do you boil it down further?  Have you ever made tomato paste from the results of your press?  Thank you!

  22. Great video. I'll have to get one of those. :}

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