Quick Pickles - The Easy Way to Pickle Any Vegetable - And Make Them Probiotic Rich
Quick Pickles – The Easy Way to Pickle Any Vegetable – And Make Them Probiotic Rich
December 20, 2023
Modern Food Processing Machines operating at an Insane Level ▶3
Modern Food Processing Machines operating at an Insane Level ▶3
December 21, 2023

How to Save Tomato Seeds for Next Year

December 21, 2023

How to Save Tomato Seeds for Next Year

December 21, 2023

How to Save Tomato Seeds for Next Year

In this organic gardening video, Brian with California Garden TV shows you, step by step, how to save your tomato seeds to grow next year. You can easily save your seeds for growing next year by fermenting them.

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  1. @tms83226 says:

    Very informative video. Thank you so much!

  2. What percentage of home seeds germinate?

  3. There’s a type of Tommy Toes I’ve grown every year for 6 years. I never save the seeds though, there’s always a bunch that falls to the ground and rots, some will germinate and come up in a month and then some sit all winter on the soil and come up in late spring, I let em grow then gather however many volunteers I want and stake them out in my garden with my other maters.prolly the hardiest Tommy Toes I’ve ever had. The other maters like Beefsteak, early girl, better boys, etc never have volunteers come up.

  4. @kat3910 says:

    Wow – that was absolutely fantastic. I never knew how to save the seeds – I always used to just let them dry, like other seeds. Thanks so much for the info ~ I just subscribed!

  5. Not complete explanation but talk and duration to long, such a waste

  6. Thank you! I can not imagine a summer without black strawberry tomato plants! I will be using your method to keep this strain forever – with ❣️ from Montana

  7. Going to try this with a really nice big heirloom we got this year. May very well have cross pollinated but I guess we'll have to see. I don't see putting the wraps over the flowers and definitely not enough room to separate by 100 metres!

  8. @diablomom says:

    Great info. I’ve watched a bunch of seed saving vids and yours had info no one else gave. Thank you!

  9. @ben68442 says:

    I'll try your method
    I have in the past just spread the seeds from the tomato onto a plate and let them dry, saved them in a folded piece of paper and have had no problems with germination.

  10. Which seeds catalog do you get?

  11. Hi Brian,
    Just saying…Most tomatoes are self pollinating and will not cross-breed with others. It’s because the male parts (anthers) are fused together and insects can’t enter the flower. I've saved my own tomato seeds for many years and for many different tomatoes. I've never used an isolation bag and have never had a problem with unwanted pollen contamination!
    Otherwise a good video.
    Vic. Oxfordshire UK

  12. @chrisp7921 says:

    Very happy to try out the system. I did buy three different types of awesome tomato seeds online last year and would love to be able to continue to grow them year after year without being dependent upon purchasing of seeds. Thank you again.

  13. Works same with cucumber seeds😊

  14. Does the tomatoes have to be real red or would orange work

  15. I tried to save tomato seeds…some seeds did well but had some after taken the out of water membrane was stop in the seeds….what do I do to correct this? Really want to keep these seeds

  16. @mattd8784 says:

    Awsome thank ya Sir

  17. Fantastic video …. I’m a beginner and I found it very very helpful. I’ll be sure to follow you for future videos. Thanks again and have a great fall.

  18. @yes350yes says:

    I tried several bags on my two types of tomatoes and not a single tomato germinated with the bags and I had plenty of tomatoes otherwise.

  19. @jimsjacob says:

    Been composting table/cutting scraps in my planter. My girl inspired me with her fantastic results. This year a tiny sprig sprang up and I thought, “That looks like a tomato plant”. Turns out, it was. Don’t know what they are, but they are a shape that reminds me of a Roma tomato. At any rate, it produces the most tasty, sweet tomatoes. They aren’t that big, but boy oh boy are they good! I slice and just eat them with some Maldon Salt on them. That’s what led me to this video. I want to grow more than just this one plant and I have no idea if it’s a “hybrid” or not. Plan to proceed and I hope it works.

  20. Wow, cant wait to see what my beefsteak cherry tomatoes look and taste like☺️👍

  21. @b._.render says:

    Do pea pods need to be completely dry? The leaves are all dead and the peas are pretty mature and not sweat anymore.

    I’m going to dry out the peas and try it anyway.

    I have a tomatoe plant I will be using this video for Thankyou ❤

  22. @groussac says:

    Using the fermentation method you describe, I started saving tomato seed 3 years ago when a Big Boy volunteer impressed me with its will to live. Without any special care from me, it grew a thick stalk, and produced fruit weighing in at abt 1 lb each. I know growing from hybrid seed doesn't guarantee the same properties as the parent, but so far so good. This year (3rd generation) there was one plant with oblate fruit, but the rest were round like the typical Big Boy. I saved seed from the round tomatoes. Saving your own tomato seed is easy; it opens up possibilities unavailable in market varieties; it creates varieties that are attuned to your particular garden; and it saves money. I see tomato seed offered on line @ $3.99+ for 10 seeds. 10 seeds! That's 40¢ a seed! I know these guys have to make a living, but damn. The cost alone is incentive enough to start saving your own seed.

  23. @clarkl4177 says:

    😊not only valuable gardening knowledge, BUT ALSO a great reminder of our AMAZING creation! No way that plants "want to spread their DNA"–IT'S ALL been designed by the Designer of DNA 🧬

  24. @jackijax505 says:

    Will the seeds stick to the paper towel during the drying process?

  25. Do you have any extra seeds. Please and thanks

  26. @tiffany7023 says:

    1:24 Judgemental parent tone active!

    Don't worry about people saving their stash- I mean seeds. 😂

  27. @Doug306 says:

    A Blosom condom … cool

  28. I had no problem getting the things I needed in 2020 with the vid. Fast forward to 2023 and I spent 60 dollars on a garden that used to cost 15. And here I am

  29. Can you do this way with other vegetables

  30. Something I do when storing my seeds if I use a plastic bag is I put food grade silicone moisture inhibitors in the bag and they will absorb any more moisture that the seas my put out

  31. Yes, tomatoes can cross pollinate but 15 feet between plants should be more than sufficient for most of us- to keep the variety pure

  32. @sleverlight says:

    Having different varieties makes the plants immune to disease because if you have one variety and then it gets disease it'll spread real fast

  33. @sowertosow says:

    2 Peter 3:18 KJV

    But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

  34. Thank you so much for the video. I knew about letting them sit and ferment (I don't think you mention rinsing them in a sieve though). What I totally didn't think about, since last year was the first year I saved seeds (and so I don't know what my plants will turn into, although they germinated just fine), was that the pollinators will contaminate the tomatoes I want to keep the same. Great advice. I better go buy some of those bags.

  35. @smitty3881 says:

    What if you want to plant fresh seeds immediately? Do they still need to be separated and dried before planting?

  36. @TNACME says:

    What is the earliest I can plant a seed after harvesting it? Could I actually plant it 2 months later ?

  37. @AmieTat2 says:

    Can you use a dehydrator to dry the seeds out or should they just sit out and dry? Ty!

  38. Sticky notes are great to store them. (I usually put 10 in)
    Write variety and 'yr with Sharpie.
    Fold in half and staple sides 😀
    Keep for yourself OR pass or trade at that end of Feb. gardening gathering

  39. Stupid talking too much

  40. Just get to the point of the video faster….

  41. I use a plastic bag for my pumpkin seeds and i put the package gel packets in with it to make sure it stays dry

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