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November 24, 2023
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November 24, 2023

How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide

November 24, 2023

How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide

November 24, 2023

How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide

How to Prune Tomatoes to Get MORE FRUIT | Tomato Plant Care Guide
There are 2 varieties of tomato plant:
determinate and indeterminate. You should only prune
indeterminate varieties, which produce new leaves and flowers
through the growing season.
Pruning helps your plant direct its energy
toward producing fruit
rather than producing more foliage.

Step 1 –
Removing the suckers
Find the main stem of your tomato plant. You can see that between the main stem and branches appear growths called suckers. Pruning tomato suckers improves the production and health of a plant. Suckers under 2 inches long can
be pinched off with your fingers. With larger suckers, use a pair
of clean pruning scissors. Try to remove the suckers
when they are small.

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Leaving them to grow will seriously
reduce your yield. Note that unpruned suckers produce
new suckers. So your plant will outgrow
its space in the garden.

Step 2 –
Pinching early flowers (optional)
Tomato flowers transform
into the fruits of the plant. Pinch off the first flowers before you transplant
the plant into the garden or final container. Pinching out the flowers early allows
the energy to be focused on the roots.

Step 3 –
Pruning off the lower leaves
Cut all the leaves that are pointing to
the ground or extremely near to the ground. So the soil diseases are not splashed
up onto plant leaves. Also prune yellowed leaves to prevent disease, impove the plant’s appearance. It helps the plant keep its energy
focused on fruit production. As the plant grow, prune it regularly
and keep the bottom 6 to 12 inches bared.


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  1. So y can’t I just prune the leaves that grows on my tomato suckers and leave the blossoms

  2. SE_me says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I’m new to gardening. This was helpful. My tomato plants are overgrown. They are producing tomatoes but I have never pruned (indeterminate)— Should I prune now? The tomato’s are just starting to come in— small and green (cherry tomatoes).

  3. Sinia Koveve says:

    Love it. Thank you for sharing

  4. Good sharing, pruning tomato

  5. kuratr says:

    Great video!

    So a tomato plant started to grow on my backyard, out of nowhere, which is pretty awesome lol Must have been a seed brought by wind or a bird. Anyways, since I don't know much about planting I just let it fully grow to see what it was like, only having put a little 50 cm stake on the main stem, but then I just let it grow by itself and now it's a huge bushy mess of 2×2 meters in diameter and almost a meter in height lmao. I never thought it would grow to be such a big plant. There are some tomatoes ripening and I've managed to eat one already. I've already saved the seeds and will try to save the rest from the other fruits so I can replant it. I was planning on growing a vegetable garden already so this was just Mother Nature surprising me, and also blessing me in a way ahah There's few fruits, because of so many leaves, but they measure around 4×4 cm in diameter. This video will surely help me after I germinate the seeds.

    Thank you!

  6. hazel king says:

    How do you know what kind of plant it is , prune or not prune ?

  7. VN Garden says:

    ❤ Thank you, very helpful content. Plant lovers will need it.

  8. Vape Girl says:

    What is the name of the song? Beautiful video

  9. Thomas W says:

    It depends on the cultivar…whether you should prune suckers or not. A relative gave me an unknown tomato plant that grew grape tomatoes. I let it grow wild in a 5-gallon bucket of my soil & now have several daily grape tomatoes!

  10. Dannyboy * says:

    How do you know what type of tomato’s you have if you should prune or not?? I didn’t read the packet lol

  11. blakespower says:

    I grow tomatoes so deer and hornwoms can eat the plants

  12. If you cut all the Bloom's off how will you get tomatoes

  13. Simple short video, straight to the point. I like it.

  14. Cindy Chen says:

    Very good video and helpful 👍

  15. Billy tyder says:

    thank you for this useful video 🙂

  16. Lily Roth says:

    Very useful, thank you 🙏

  17. Kuki says:

    I planted two of my larger suckers and now they are producing more tomatoes door me 🙂

  18. Good information about growing tomatoes. 👍

  19. Amazing🌱 😍❤🌳

  20. I did it its really worked, it is a great and unic tip💚💚✌👌

  21. This is outdated advice. Should never remove healthy leaves or side shoots. Side shoots produce most of the fruit later in the year,

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