CFT Group Ketchup Production and Packaging Line for Casalasco
CFT Group – Ketchup Production and Packaging Line for Casalasco
October 5, 2023
How Tomato Sauce Is Made In Italy Regional Eats
How Tomato Sauce Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats | Food Insider
October 6, 2023

How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health

October 6, 2023

How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health

October 6, 2023

The post shares a video titled “How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health.” In this video, the topic of pruning tomatoes is discussed with a focus on maximizing yield and ensuring plant health. Here are the key points highlighted in the post:

  • Debate on Pruning: The post mentions that pruning tomatoes is a topic of much debate, indicating that there are various methods and opinions on the subject.
  • Types of Tomatoes: The video distinguishes between two major types of tomatoes – determinate tomatoes and indeterminate tomatoes. Pruning techniques may vary for each type.
  • Understanding Tomato Plants: The video aims to help viewers understand the different parts of a tomato plant, including stems, leaves, and flowers. This understanding is essential for effective pruning.

The post provides an overview of the video’s content, emphasizing the importance of knowing the type of tomatoes you are growing and understanding the structure of tomato plants for successful pruning. It suggests that viewers can learn more about these topics by watching the video.

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Overall, the post serves as a teaser for the video, offering valuable information for those interested in tomato cultivation and pruning techniques.


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  1. Any pruning methods you guys use that I didn't talk about? DROP EM BELOWWWW!

  2. Liz Xu says:

    Im sorry Kevin but once you cut off Medusa's head it doesnt grow back…. you're thinking of the gorgon or hydra

  3. Charlie Pugh says:

    Thank You. You're a very good teacher. I learned a lot. ❤

  4. Gator says:

    The sucker I have is huge…do I still cut it?

  5. Where did you get the cage?? Looks sturdy

  6. Exactly how I prune mine

  7. Iona N says:

    Great video, so helpful. Thank you!

  8. Keeping a couple of leaders specially when they already developed and grew flowers was a key info for me

  9. Zeek Israel says:

    i been cutting my Sun leaves 🤣

  10. Great video I'm watching from Scotland where it's rained most of this summer. I've tried to grow a few varieties so the pruning has helped.

  11. Thank you.. You've just described what I've already been doing in my tomato plots.. and both my determinate and indeterminate varieties have produced some monster slicers..
    To the noob, I'd reiterate your point on inspecting the plants.. Be vigilant in identifying sucker growth.. Pinching early solves a lot of 'would-be' problems before they have an adverse effect on the plant

  12. Carey A says:

    I’m pruning my tomato plants for the first time this year. Excited to see the difference it makes.

  13. Antikia says:

    I just pruned my out of control tomato plant and for some reason it only occured to me right after that maybe I should look it up as I'm hella winging this.

  14. If any of the leaves are growing down instead of straight up, should I cut it off?

  15. Нет слов, просто потрясающе

  16. Once a branch fruits will it fruit again and if no should we trim that branch off?

  17. You truly did a great job on this video. Enjoyed and learned till the last minute!

  18. AdrianeS says:

    Where did you get such a cool tomato cage?

  19. Applejaxs325 says:

    Very helpful thank en

  20. Deb R says:

    You are awesome!

  21. Where do you get your trellis' for your tomatoes??

  22. Navigator001 says:

    I live in the Philippines, every time I put my tomato plants in the sun for more than 2hrs a day, they die. My next batch, I will keep them in the shade 100% of the time.

  23. Tyler Idrogo says:

    Forgive me if someone already asked this question. I tried to glance through the comments first with no luck. Is there a specific name for those heavy duty cages that you are using? I’m looking for them online and have not come across them yet.

  24. OMG 😮I over pruned my tomato plants. Will they recover?

  25. Where did you get that cage?

  26. Good video man. God Bless

  27. Sarah Pedro says:

    Pleaase prune..last year I got a little tiny German Queen from WalMart. I didn't know about pruning. That thing was eight feet tall and six foot around. Tomatoes don't play.

  28. Back when I was in my 30s, I had several very large Beefsteak tomatoe plants in my garden. It came to the end of the season and temps were dropping, but my plants were FULL of green tomatoes. So I dug them out and tied a rope to the roots and hung my plants upside-down from the rafters in my garage! They continued to grow, ripen and produce fruit for months! I was able to pick tomatoes anytime I wanted to. 😋 Best year ever!!😂

  29. Sara Schmitt says:

    My tomatoe plants right now are about 5ft tall… they are so out of control. I need to prune them so they aren't as bushy and crazy

  30. Melissa Rain says:

    Thank you for making this wonderful video, I learned a lot.

  31. Fallleaves23 says:

    My tomato plants are over seven foot tall and falling over. I do have them all stabilized with five foot cages. My question is is it bad to cut the tops to take weight off?

  32. wfay1979 says:

    So, I am definitely late in the game for pruning as my tomato plants are about 6 foot tall. They are leaning over the other plants, how can I fix this without damaging the plant or should I just cut the top off so it can concentrate on the ripening the fruits?

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