अचार Factory में ऐसे तैयार होता है | Factory Mein Achar Kaise Banta Hai | Pickle Manufacturing
अचार Factory में ऐसे तैयार होता है | Factory Mein Achar Kaise Banta Hai | Pickle Manufacturing
November 1, 2023
We Tried Every Hot Sauce from Hot Ones
We Tried Every Hot Sauce from Hot Ones
November 2, 2023

How to PRUNE + POLLINATE Any Tomato Plant | The Most Effective Strategies

November 2, 2023

How to PRUNE + POLLINATE Any Tomato Plant | The Most Effective Strategies

November 2, 2023

How to PRUNE + POLLINATE Any Tomato Plant | The Most Effective Strategies

Tomato pruning is the most controversial topic in gardening! Ask ten gardeners how they do it and you’ll receive ten different answers (at least). Luckily, a super-effective pruning strategy can be very simple and easy to learn. In this video, we’ll prune an overgrown tomato together and take the opportunity to talk about the how and why of each step in the process. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to prune ANY tomato plant for fantastic results.

We’ll identify the different types of tomatoes (and why that matters), how to locate and remove suckers, a special strategy for cherry tomatoes, and even how to easily pollinate your tomato plants for nearly 100% fruit set.

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Join us as we give this tomato plant a perfect haircut!

Tools You Might Need
Electric Toothbrush:

Pruning Research & Further Learning
Cherry tomato pruning field trial:
How to Plant Tomatoes for the Best Results:

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  1. Rory Goodden says:

    Ur not answering my questions. As said blight so can’t plant same planter so will plant in pots. Can I cage the Tom and put large clear plastic bag over plant cage to creat greenhouse affect to get less water on leaves but be able to clear bottom leaves and water from bottom. It will get max sun and heat. That should deter blight, Yes, and help grow my tomatoes as if in a greenhouse , your thoughts?

  2. GJS says:

    Your video is very informative for us newbies. It's good to know we prune cherry tomatoes different from large tomatoes.

  3. Judi B says:

    Can you grow a new plant from the suckers by putting them in a jar of water to allow roots to grow?

  4. Rory Goodden says:

    Watched again, minimal vertical height, can I Missouri prune Sungolds both main and sucker. Said before, blight so will be in barrels, does it need fertilizer, fish or what and when can you name two determinate maybe multi colour and red or your choice. Thx in Canada

  5. Linda King says:

    Finally, an informative video! So tired of trying to get information from gardeners who want to show you their house, sports, cars, boats, and RVs before they take it to the garden and give little to no information. We all appreciate you, and I have subscribed! You are the new go to.

  6. Rory Goodden says:

    When removing suckers on slicers your hand was in the way, sorry. Part on cherry toms great all I grow is Sungold and Brown cherry one plant each. Didn’t prune laid on ground got blight, rookie, so that’s for next year I’ll follow your advice. Do to blight next year growing in baskets with mulch, so much rain I think splashes the fungus aka blight from dirt to plant.

  7. How do I know if I have that type? I need help! It’s my first time growing. My dad told me about suckers

  8. I was learnt a long time ago that if you leave the bottom branches they can get diseased by touching the ground.

  9. About 35 years ago a market gardener taught me to let 2 stems to grow up on normal tomatoes so the same as here let the first lateral to grow up under the first flowers, he was doing this with all tomatoes.

  10. stephen says:

    Electric toothbrush tip is grt thanks 😊

  11. Mr Aloha says:

    Well explained, well recorded and straight to the point…thank you for going into detail

  12. As someone who loves to garden and fish, I found out that fishing line is the very best tomato cage you can use, and it’s invisible, which makes it even cooler

  13. Great information. I will be getting an electric toothbrush. Thank you!

  14. jl a says:

    Will removing leaf nodes kill the plant?

  15. Tina Munoz says:

    You are amazingly helpful. Please tell me what I can do to get my tomatoes growing again. They have stopped growing and are pitifully small. Much smaller than all the others around mine. I'm using a raised bed and pots with Miracle Grow potting soil. I have to haul water outside as there is not a water source near my apartment. What should I do?

  16. Shane Fadden says:

    Thanks so much. We have had a great summer of rain so everything is growing like crazy. It’s my first year and my plants are huge! So I appreciate the tips on taking care of these

  17. You were so right about using the electric tooth brush on top of the flowers. I have trippled my tomatoes! Thank you so much.

  18. I don't know why did you cut that branch which contain flowers … ❓❓❓❓❓❓Can you please reply for my question ❓❓

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