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October 7, 2023
TOMATO | How Does it Grow?
TOMATO | How Does it Grow?
October 7, 2023

How to make pineapple jam | Pineapple processing

October 7, 2023

How to make pineapple jam | Pineapple processing

October 7, 2023


How to make pineapple jam | Pineapple processing

The video provides insights into creating pineapple jam suitable for both home consumption and business purposes. Pineapple jam offers an effective means to extend the shelf life of fruits, as it undergoes a cooking process with sugar until it reaches a gelled consistency, which is less firm compared to fruit jelly.

A noteworthy advantage of fruit jams is their extended shelf life, which can reach up to six months at room temperature, even without the use of preservatives. This longevity is primarily attributed to the sugar content, which acts as a natural preservative. The sugar helps lower the water activity within the jam, rendering it inhospitable for microorganisms.

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The video showcases the process of making pineapple jam and emphasizes that these jams are produced at the Food Processing Innovation Center-Davao, located at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao in Davao City, Philippines.

For those interested in such culinary endeavors or starting a business involving fruit preserves, this video serves as a valuable resource. If you find the content informative and engaging, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel for more insightful content. Thank you for watching!


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  1. hindi mo naa nasterilized bottle??

  2. hi,may i ask recipe of this?ty

  3. Akharn says:

    Any preservative required?

  4. Dadan Hedudo says:

    Hindi ba Yan mapanis

  5. Ilang minutes po ba papakuluan SA tubing after bottled?

  6. Ilang months po ba ito bago mag expire? What natural preservatives nilalagay nyo po para matagal Yung shelf life nya thanks po

  7. Hayrra Awang says:

    Sa pag gawa Po ba Nyan kung Anong timbang Ng punta ganun din sa sugar?

  8. Hayrra Awang says:

    Hello Po pwede mas ask ano gusto ko Po kasing mag start Ng business Pine apple jam , kung ano pong mga pwedeng ilagay na mga label

  9. Nakaka bili po ba Ng ganyang sticker for jam?

  10. Ilang kilo po yong
    Sugar na kailangan maam?

  11. morel kabisa says:

    I'm interested .. how can I contact you ??

  12. Gusto ko rin sana mag negosyo

  13. Pano po engredients bukod sa pinya

  14. Very nice, can you us the recipe with amounts of input and yield?

  15. Doc Jackal says:

    Looks so delicious. Do you sell them?

  16. Hi👍👍👍😭😭😭💓💓💖💖💓

  17. Papimoses says:

    What would be the shelf life?

  18. Rizza Delica says:

    Wala po bang nilalagay para hindi msira?

  19. Hello po, pwede mag tanong ilang weeks po ba bago masisira yang pineapple jam?

  20. Hello Po ilang ML Po Ang Bottle niyo at Magkano Bentahan niyo 😊😊 thank you po

  21. Madali lang pala to gawin..thanks for sharing po

  22. Aries Lopez says:

    Very , good.🙏🙏😎

  23. Mam anu po yong proportion nh pineapple and sugar?

    Then how many minutes po yong pagpakulo sa jam?

  24. ang sarap naman nyan kibigan pineaple sweet very yummy and delicious food love it.

  25. Farming tv says:

    Looks delicious nakkatakam

  26. Pepito Cajes says:

    Wow sarap nman yan.lob it.

  27. maldita says:

    hindi pa ako nakakatkim ng pine apple jam

  28. Gulyat Amor says:

    Thanks for sharing haha

  29. Mea Quila says:

    Dami naman po pineapple mo lods pahingi po hehehe,ang mahal po ng Pineapple dito kaya isa lang binibili ko.

  30. nora ogawa says:

    Gayan pala panggawa thank you for sharing lod

  31. Ms, lemon says:

    Yummy 😋 Thanks for sharing
    Pineapple jam

  32. ganito po pala paggawa ng pineapple jam 😍 ma try nga.. salamat sa video po 😊

  33. Wow ang sarap nman po ng niluluto nyo..more vlog po

  34. Cara's Tv says:

    Looks so 🤤 yummy 😍.

  35. Thank you for sharing your idea,it's really helpful I do the same !

  36. Hala ang sarap gusto ko to i tryyyyy

  37. Grace Ph says:

    I love it. Masarap yan lods, thank you for sharing. More videos to upload po

  38. Parang Ang sarap nito' matry NGA din

  39. Pagyamanin mo lang yan lods segurado maganda ang hahantungan nyan Basta ingatan lang ang puhunan.
    #zenaida vlog

  40. Looks yummy,..masarap palaman sa tinapay,,thanks for sharing this recipe.

  41. Kiyoshi says:

    Thank you for sharing. Ansarap naman nyan

  42. Thanks 4 sharing…mukhang ang sarap

  43. Sarap nyan idol luke and ardy

  44. Wow,than u po,may natutunan ako today.god bless po

  45. mikeperalta says:

    tnx po sa pag share makakatulong po yan lalo na ngaun pandemic.

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