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March 9, 2024
Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician
Jam, Jelly and Ketchup Processing Technician
March 9, 2024

How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

March 9, 2024

How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

March 9, 2024

How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

Brilliantly simple, absolutely delicious! Give it a try. Mayonnaise is so easy to make and yet tastes so delicious. Why buy it when you can make it in about 5 minutes. x

Find the recipe here:

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All the food made in this video was shared out and eaten among the very lucky Food Tube crew. Nothing goes to waste.

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  1. Man something here is just dead wrong. Theres no way you got 2 cups of oil in that bowl.

  2. @mummyjohn says:

    So it starts out thick, and gets thicker as oil is added? Mine is not thick at any point, it's basically liquid before a single drop of oil is added and nothing changes with the oil.

  3. I wonder why Jamie winked when he said, 'wrist action'?

  4. @dizzydino1 says:

    😊😊😊 wow, so easy ❤❤❤ thanx

  5. @longj0n says:

    Is it a closely guarded secret which oils to use? I used ev olive oil and the mayo was disgustingly bitter. The recipe just says "mixed oils". Which oils do I mix together and in what ratio so it don't taste like shite, please? 😋

  6. add this to spuds for a potato salad, yummo.

  7. Is the mustard important

  8. My arm didn’t get sore even once, made another 2 batches for my friends as well after I did mine

  9. @hilding2063 says:

    It worked, used Avocado oil to make it healthier than all the junk you get in the supermarket 🎉

  10. @winiver77 says:

    Yeh but which oil Jamie ? And I want to make it with an immersion blender !!

  11. What’s wrong with his hair, middle of hair transplant ?

  12. @rhiconic says:

    What was the oil.Can anyone help ta.

  13. a week????? eat it in max 5 days…….eggs……

  14. I made some now with macadamia nut oil, and I added almost a whole lemon, loads of Dijon mustard and curry powder! Omg it is the best flavour combination I’ve tried! Yummers!!!!!

  15. Wow so nice n easy ya a good teacher my friend love ya❤

  16. @rob2beExact says:

    Why is store bought Mayo only white? This is yellow 🤷‍♂️

  17. Title: How to make mayonnaise with Jamie Oliver

    me: I didn't know Mayonnaise contains "Jamie Oliver".

  18. @makokx7063 says:

    2 egg yolks can take anywhere from 500ml of oil to a pint. Pint = 473ml lol

  19. the only downer about learning how to mayonaise is the oily volume, ive put less oil in my car…

  20. @MrWrzaSQN says:

    Does whole egg give mayo white colour?

  21. people don't realize how easy it is to make mayo and you already have the stuff in the kitchen. Currently a jar of mayo run $5…it's ridiculous, for self doers like myself I just outright refuse to pay for that. It's crazy how the simplest things in the store like bread and mayo are outrageously overpriced. I can make mayo and bread from ingredients I always have on hand and homemade always tastes better than store bought. Corporations make a killing on these crazy simple ingredients. I need to start selling my mayo. As a hint try adding a tablespoon of pickle juice.

  22. @LuvHrtZ says:

    I've tried to do this twice, but with Stand Linseed Oil and no mustard (to use as a painting medium) and on both attempts it simply would not thicken.

  23. Just curious if it is turn out yellow ? as I thought mayonnaise does look white though! Just. To make sure I doing it in the right way ! Thanks !

  24. @moskito5864 says:

    and for HOW MANY OF YOU this worked at the first time????? be honest, i tried 2 times and messed it up

  25. @moskito5864 says:

    it doesnt matter how slowly i add the oil, i NEVER get this consistence, its ALWAYS too thin… fcukiamhatingit… 🤨😕

  26. Thank you so much, Jamie 🌞!

  27. How. about some beautiful organic home made Ranch dressing?

  28. What oil was that ? Can l use coconut oil?

  29. @joes5695 says:

    Cant you get food poisoning from raw eggs?

  30. I absolutely LOVE mayonnaise but can't really eat it that often unfortunately as it tends to give me dark thoughts 🙁

  31. 500ml to a pint ????????????????? 500ml is 26.82ml more than a pint when i went to school

  32. Awesome, I will give this ago!

  33. Why is store bought Mayo white?
    Yet, homemade yellow? 🤔

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